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  1. This. Labadee is absolutely stunning, especially if you do the zip line. The view from the mountain top looking out over the private beach is fantastic
  2. I just love being out and about. Going anywhere, doing anything. I wanna go everywhere and see everything haha. Sitting at home doing nothing has been so boring!
  3. Was supposed to do Odyssey back in February for my birthday that had both stops along with Jamaica, would have been my first time on a Quantum ship too 😞
  4. I'll be on the next one, leaving the 22nd.
  5. I'm hoping they extend it too, haha. I'll have 2 sailings that already qualify (5 day solo and an 11 day) ...but if they do extend to say, year-end, I'll have a third (an 8 day... so 16 points, would be a nice Halloween treat)
  6. I've done the Promenade room once, on Mariner. I liked it. Looking down below was nice, the extra little seat area was nice, and it was fun watching the street party down below on one of the nights. But as said before, be mindful of the windows haha, people down below can look up and see you as well!
  7. Haha, I wasn't being so serious about it but I've seen some people in person acting pretty snooty over their C&A status like it was actually important.
  8. I've never had to call for my solo points to double but they do seem to take longer to show up, not that I cruise so often it matters if they arent there within 3 weeks, haha.... although I did book a somewhat lame 4 day to bank of the double... double C&A points and it will get me to Diamond sooooo I guess I can be lumped into the whole new money club with C&A and still be looked down on from the legacy Diamond, Diamond+, and Pinnacles...with their pins on. Never gonna be one of them, oh well.
  9. Orlando here, I've done 3 sailings out of Tampa (Vision, Empress, and Rhapsody), somewhat limited on destinations but the price can sometimes be lower than PC if you just wanna get away. My last sailing (Rhapsody Jan 2020) and next sailing (Brilliance Jan 2022) are actually both from Tampa, ha, with the next being a 5 day, 2 port to Mexico, trying to bank on that double C&A point promotion (should get me to Diamond in time for my Bermuda sailing!)
  10. January 25, 2020 on Rhapsody out of Tampa with stops in Honduras, Belize, and Mexico.
  11. Brilliance of the Seas in 287 days... Lets see how this goes, since my last 4 bookings have been canceled 😐
  12. ....302... if this booking isn't canceled like my last 3 have been. 😐
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