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  1. I also have a Bella inside cabin booked for that cruise and it was for the same upgrade offers as the fantastica inside. As as for the total for a YC deluxe I will have to look later when I’m on my computer instead of my phone. But since we have 3 cabins booked I never really considered YC since we want to spend time on the ship with the others we are travelling with. If it was just myself and DH it would be a different story.
  2. Gold is also supposed to include a free birthday cake. Does anybody know how you would go about getting it once on-board? Do I just ask in the dining room or do I need to go see the cruise consultant?
  3. I don’t have a strategy but I was emailed offers this morning for 2 of my cabins for my December 27th Divina cruise. My fantastica balcony cabin I was offered: $185 pp suite with panoramic windows $1090 pp YC deluxe suite $1750 pp YC executive and family suite For my fantastica inside cabin I was offered: $125 pp ocean view $545 pp balcony $905 pp suite with panoramic windows
  4. I have a Caribbean cruise on the Divina booked this December and it will be my 3rd Divina cruise in the caribbean. As for elegant nights there will be at least 2. There were 2 on our 10 day cruise, but I guess it is possible to have an additional one for an 11 day. For theme nights, there is a 70's night and Italian night but not many people dress special for it. There is also white night for the deck party, most people only dress if they are planning to attend. You won't be out of place if you don't wear anything special on those nights. I haven't cruised in YC so can't speak for any YC specific things.
  5. well we went ahead and ordered the premium plus upgrade. DH was really wanting some of the better quality whiskey. SO I guess in December we will get to see for sure if the pizza is included.
  6. I tried to search but I can’t get the search option to work properly from my phone and google wasn’t turning up much. Does anybody have info and menus on the Divina specialty dining. Galaxy sushi (I’m only finding the fusion menus) and the butchers cut (which I understand replaced eataly), and the chefs table experience. They are available for purchase for my cruise but it would be nice to know what they include especially since we don’t do fish or seafood.
  7. Even through a TA you should be able to get your docs. Do the web check in and then hit the button to request your docs and they should be emailed to you. I just got mine for my cruise in 87 days and I booked through a TA. It might also depend on your location and website I was using the USA site.
  8. It depends on when you booked and what the promo was at the time. If it includes the drinks on us package then you have to pay the gratuity on each drink you purchase. MSC changed drinks on us to the Easy package last year. With the easy package the gratuities are included and not extra. Even though MSC changed their packages the honor the package that was offered at the time of booking or purchase. You most likely have the Easy package but will want to double check your booking info. As for the Wifi, it comes with 1 wifi package per room when you book with the All In promo, so that allows 2 devices per stateroom. You will need to set up both devices using the login info for the primary guest on your booking.
  9. I’ve had no problem using the USA site for my dec 2019 booking. I booked before there was a Canadian site and have used the American one for my last 3 Msc cruises.
  10. That is earlier than I would be comfortable booking. There is just to much potential to go wrong. In the past I’ve gotten a room then a morning flight back to Canada the day after disembarkation because I’ve found the morning flights to be significantly cheaper at times so it more than offset the cost of a day and hotel in Florida.
  11. I know you said you already booked but you might want to check out the canbria. I’ve stayed at the one in Fort Lauderdale and the one in Miami. They have rooms with 2 king beds and a couch so depending on how your 5 people are you might be able to get away with 1 room instead of 2. I’ve also been able to check in early around noon at both of these. It was pricier but ive also stayed at the Marriott near Mimi airport in a 2 bedroom suite which also had a pull out couch so that might get you all into one room as well. Im also from Canada and travelled with my husband, son and mother in law so looked for options with 3 beds for us. We will be staying at the Cambria blue lagoon this winter when we go as a group of 5 because it can get us all in one room. Doesn’t have much close by but there is a pool and a restaurant on site.
  12. No it is no long bet possible on the Divina. We had been able to use it on our Jan 2018 cruise but on our January 2019 cruise it had changed and was no longer an option. It didn’t work very well in 2018 and you had to send messages using their site on your web browser and didn’t send notifications. You need actual internet to use iMessage or what’s app.
  13. Thanks Bea. I wanted to double check because January when I cruised fantastical with the deluxe package we were charged for room service items that had a fee with them. We tried ordering hot breakfast items thinking they would be included between the deluxe and fantastica. So so now with the new packages I was hoping to get clarification on what the food from room service clause in the description actually included. So it sounds like I should be able to order some hot breakfast items this time. Do you know if it includes pizza as well?
  14. Thanks. We have had pretty good experience with our cabin Steward on our previous two Divina cruises and have had no problem having our mini bar restocked. They did run out of whiskey towards the end of the cruise though but that wasn’t our cabin stewards fault.
  15. I’m not a huge champagne drinker but will enjoy a few glasses but my husband likes his scotch and we like the convenience of the mini bar so we are seriously considering the premium plus but was really curious about the room service food and wondering what would be included with this package when combined with our fantastica room.
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