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  1. you might want to look at a rental car. You can catch a shuttle from POM to the airport car rental place with your luggage. You can store luggage in the car. Do whatever for the day. Book your room where you would like (we stayed near airport) then in the morning return the car to the airport and go catch your flight.
  2. I have stayed at runway inn. It was noisy and not the most comfortable but it was clean and cheap with shuttles. I have also stayed at Cambria Blue Lagoon, it was much nicer, much more comfortable, the hotel shuttle will take you to restaurants or shopping or anywhere within a 3 mile radius of hotel. They have a cruise shuttle which we have used I think it was $10 pp but last time we just used Lyft it was cheaper and more convenient.
  3. We were there on January 6th on the Divina and I was pretty disappointed in the stop. I understand that it is new and MSC is still trying to figure things out and it will take time for the vegetation to flourish. The day we were there it was windy which made it cold, it was to cold to swim and people were using towels as blankets and lounging fully clothed on lounge chairs trying to stay warm. I realize that the weather is not controllable however it didn't help our experience. We rented a cabana four our group of 7 people and it was way on the other side of the island, about a 20 min walk and the train didn't go there as it was across the bridge. Bar service was awful. It took over 30 minutes to be able to get a drink, the blended drinks were not properly blended or cold and weren't even drinkable (we tried a pina colada and strawberry daquerie and neither were drinkable). We switched to beer thinking this would be easier but even this took over half an hour to get and the bar tenders were having issues ringing it up on their system for inventory control. The menu advertises local beer, we asked for one got a very confused response then we were asked if we wanted bud or bud light. When it was time for lunch we had to walk back over to the other side as there was nothing on our side of the island near the cabana except for yacht club options, which were were not a part of. Food truck served up some cold and soggy burgers that were pretty gross and undercooked pasta salad. We tried to go to the buffet but it was over 30 min line to even get into the buffet. We stayed till early afternoon (mainly out of a feeling of obligation especially since we had paid for a cabana) but couldn't get back on the ship soon enough. The sand on the beach was very rocky and shelly and in the water (we did dip our feet in) very jelly and unstable. They cancelled the junkanoo parade and encourage passengers to watch the lighthouse show from an open deck onboard the ship. We did this but they didn't turn off the music onboard so it competed with the lighthouse show. All in all between the beach, food, and drink service we found ocean cay very disappointing.
  4. When booking make sure to do the math. for my upcoming cruise it was significantly cheaper to do the one perk booking and then select add all 4 perks then it was to do the 3 perk booking and even cheaper still than doing the 3 perk booking and adding the 4th perk. However my deposit was nonrefundable.
  5. Today was an exception. This is my 3rd Miami cruise on the Divina. My first cruise embarkation was delayed because the ship had stopped in Colombia on the previous cruise but I think embarkation had started by about 1:00 that cruise. I’m sure videos of the chaos will be showing up on YouTube in the coming days as people were yelling and screaming, chanting, fighting and almost rioting. It isn’t the norm and was exceptionally bad and chaotic.
  6. Room service is only continental breakfast. No hot food items unless you pay for them. We are driving so didn’t miss flights but the delay will probably add an extra travel day to our drive. Some people missed flights and I’m sure some cut it close to make them. Especially when people doing express walk off some were still trying to get off the ship at 11:00 am.
  7. You should be able to order that however no guarantee they will get it correct if it isn’t a standard menu item. The MDR was only open for breakfast on sea days on the Divina last cruise
  8. We were supposed to be off the ship at 8;00am. We didn’t get off until 2:00. It was the worst disembarkation I’ve experienced and I’m not new to MSC. There was no organization or directions It ended up being just a long queue. There were punches thrown multiple times between passengers as people were in line for hours and a second line formed so it was chaos were they merged. There wasn’t enough staff to control things and police and border guards came on-board to help control things. It was not a good situation at all. I understand that customs was slow and that is out of MSC’s hands, but the passengers made things worse and MSC did not have things setup properly so the poor crew members were stuck in a no win situation.
  9. We were there until 11;00 pm. They cancelled the Junkanoo parade because of weather but they did the lighthouse show.
  10. Yes we were in OC last night. But we also had Columbia on our itinerary. So customs is very slow. Hopefully on the 12th things are quicker for you.
  11. To anybody embarking today on the Divina be prepared for delays. Disembarkation is very slow. It’s 10:30 am and the self disembarkation group is still waiting to get off the ship. They haven’t started calling colours yet.
  12. Hi CTL, I have not sailed on the Meraviglia or had the super family plus cabin but I have sailed on the Divina with my teenage son who was in a cabin with my MIL so can answer a few of your questions. Embarcation: in Miami you arrive fo through security and then check in where you are given a number. This is tour boarding group number so you wait until your group is called and you board together. Check in together for all 4 cabins and you will be able to board the ship together. Onboard account: once on-board you register your credit card in a kiosk to activate your on-board account. At this point you can also register other people (your kids) to your account. Do this with you sister and brother in law so they can assign their kids to their account. Also as a FYI on the Divina they used to offer a teen card. For $50 it gave $60 worth of credit and turned the kids cards into a prepaid card. This allowed my 12 year old son to but what he wanted or play in the arcade since we didn’t worry about him losing track of what he has spent and giving us a large bill for arcade games. Not sure if they offer on the Meraviglia but depending on the kids ages you might want to look into it. OBC: it isn’t easy to move OBC from one room to another however since it should be for the booking when you link the on-board accounts together the credit transfers with it. So you should be ok where it would be complicated is to try and move from your sisters room to yours. If you login online to Msc website it should show you the OBC and who it is attached to so double check now and have your TA make any corrections if needed. keys: once on-board is you are changing who is sleeping where guest services should be able to print new keys so that everybody can get into where they sleep. As for being able to access all 3 rooms you will have to leave connecting door open because your key will only allow access to your room. Otherwise depending on the age of the kids just keep one of their keys with you so you can get into their room. Dining: size your reservations are linked you should be assigned a table together hopefully that helps a bit.
  13. Hi riredsox, I have cruised MSC a few times however not in YC however my understanding in in YC you have access to anything in the YC bar which includes champagne by the glass. Outside of YC on the rest of the ship you have the equivilent of the premium drink package which includes drinks up to $12 (wine and champagne by the glass up to $12 is included)
  14. Yes you are able to order multiple items for each course. However your waiter may bring you both dishes at the same time instead of one after the other especially if the others at your table have ordered less.
  15. Hello, I am getting ready for my upcoming Divina cruise and am trying to determine how many formal nights there are going to be. Last year on my 10 day cruise there were 2. This year I’m doing an 11 day cruise (over New Years if that makes a difference) and am finding conflicting information of 2 and 3. I can’t find an answer on the MSC website all I’ve found is that 7 day cruises have 2. So I thought I’d see anybody had current info in how many to expect.
  16. On one of my bookings I can’t access the web check in when logged into the MSC account. I need to logout, then go to web check in and login with just my booking number and name. This made it possible to get my documents. This is for the USA site. My other account and booking it is working properly.
  17. Wait the Divina has hidden plugs in the head board? This is news to me. I’m about to do my third cruise on the Divina next month and didn’t know about this plug. What type of cabin were you in? To OP you shouldn’t have any problem with port security. My husband and I both have cpap machines and always carry them on. As for water we’ve just used bottled water for our cruise and then cleaned out the sediment with vinegar when we got home after our cruise because it was easier than carrying water. But I have seen people carry water in with them for their cpap. We bring a an extension cord and find a way to run it so that it isn’t a tripping hazard especially in the middle of the night. So we use magnets, picture frames etc to hold the cord or run it along the floor tucked into corners around outside of room. You won’t need a note from the doctor you will be ok.
  18. MSC changes time as required onboard so that ship time is always local time.
  19. Since you booked through a certain they need to contact MSC on your behalf as they are now your travel agency for this booking. With that being said yes you are able to purchase drinks in advance and doing so saves the 15% service charge that you will be charged on-board. Are you looking to purchase a package outright or upgrade your current package (not sure if your booking has the easy drinks package included or not). The Canadian MSC website is really new and MSC isn’t known for great IT, their existing sites have a ton of issues so I’d imagine it’s the same for the Canadian site. I’m Canadian as well but booked prior to the launch of the Canadian site so my booking is on the US site. You can see if it will let you login there but more than likely not. My suggestion is to put together a list of pre cruise purchases you are interested in since you are having difficulty doing it online. Then call that agency and speak to a supervisor if necessary and have them call MSC in your behalf to get the items added to your booking. As an FYI I don’t think we are allowed to mention travel agents or agencies by name here so I didn’t name them in my response. You may want to see if you can edit your original post to not include the name.
  20. Yes, those are covered with the deluxe drinks package as you can see from the comparison chart. https://m.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Assets/2018 Drink Package Comparison Guise with DRINKS ON US.pdf
  21. I also have a Bella inside cabin booked for that cruise and it was for the same upgrade offers as the fantastica inside. As as for the total for a YC deluxe I will have to look later when I’m on my computer instead of my phone. But since we have 3 cabins booked I never really considered YC since we want to spend time on the ship with the others we are travelling with. If it was just myself and DH it would be a different story.
  22. Gold is also supposed to include a free birthday cake. Does anybody know how you would go about getting it once on-board? Do I just ask in the dining room or do I need to go see the cruise consultant?
  23. I don’t have a strategy but I was emailed offers this morning for 2 of my cabins for my December 27th Divina cruise. My fantastica balcony cabin I was offered: $185 pp suite with panoramic windows $1090 pp YC deluxe suite $1750 pp YC executive and family suite For my fantastica inside cabin I was offered: $125 pp ocean view $545 pp balcony $905 pp suite with panoramic windows
  24. I have a Caribbean cruise on the Divina booked this December and it will be my 3rd Divina cruise in the caribbean. As for elegant nights there will be at least 2. There were 2 on our 10 day cruise, but I guess it is possible to have an additional one for an 11 day. For theme nights, there is a 70's night and Italian night but not many people dress special for it. There is also white night for the deck party, most people only dress if they are planning to attend. You won't be out of place if you don't wear anything special on those nights. I haven't cruised in YC so can't speak for any YC specific things.
  25. well we went ahead and ordered the premium plus upgrade. DH was really wanting some of the better quality whiskey. SO I guess in December we will get to see for sure if the pizza is included.
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