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  1. In all of your posts all you have done is complain and question truth with what you have “heard”. You insisted information that was correct isn’t correct which it was. You have said multiple times what a disaster it was for ALL yet you seem to not acknowledge those of us that had no issues. NCL is a wonderful job on their first post pandemic sailing. For us it was perfection especially for their first cruise out! sorry you are so negative
  2. Ummm. We were at 50%. Whoever wrote 4000 was incorrect 100%. also we did have our tests at the Marriott which is what you quoted me as incorrect information. I feel that should you have put in a bit more research you would not feel so let down. My party and I had an amazing trip!
  3. Yes. There were many complainers on this trip which my only complaint
  4. Btw. I love the bliss. Zdravko is the GM at the moment and he is awesome in keeping a ship tightly run!
  5. We did do a slot pull it was a 30 dollar but in. Sadly we walked away with only 13 bucks each but we had such a good time. I gave away some little prizes. The casino gave us some bottles of wine to give out also. It was a blast!
  6. Since aug 7 they have since updated the experience honestly I was tested and on board within a hour. So not everyone had this experience
  7. Thank you for that information as soon as I recover from my jet lag and time change difference I may look into it. Although most know me by minnievanmommie on cruises. Lol
  8. I love Silas but I also love Alvin and Jacky! Deepak is the best but so is kivanc and Zdravko and Roland. I think we are all in good hands!
  9. One of the wonderful things about cruise critic is the ability to meet people and greet them! Over the decades I have run many meet and greets. This was by far the most fun and energetic and upbeat meet and greet ever! The crew and officers were sooooo excited to be back at sea. We even made up some swag for them to show them our appreciation. We had a poster made and we all signed it for the crew! We had a lovely gift exchange as well! Great trip and great meet and greet! NCL provided their BEST hors d’oeuvres , flights of beer snd cocktails and the DJ! Thank you Cruise Critic and NCL!! IMG_2232.mov IMG_2238.MOV IMG_2231.mov IMG_2239.MOV IMG_2240.mov IMG_2241.mov
  10. We went on the whale watching excursion. It was lovely. Met right outside the ship and went right on board! Excellent trip and saw a lot of whales. They dropped us off in the shopping area. We walked around there snd took the trail back. There was a free wifi in the area of the camp fire and Resturant. Then we took the gondola back to the ship and got ready for dinner. It was lovely!
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