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  1. Its "The Signature Beverage Package has a retail value of US$50 per guest per day, including service charges, a daily limit of 15 beverages, which includes all beverages priced at US$11.00 or lower. Guests must order beverages one at a time and must be 21 years or older for alcoholic beverages" We are going in June, just for the cruise part and it would be 40 dollars more for us.
  2. My last cruise on Nieuw Statendam had one the cabin.
  3. Ours was changed too. Haven't done much research on the ports yet. I am glad to know that there is a ferry if we wanted to go to the original port.
  4. I waited a day and saved $200 and have $400.
  5. I saved $200 and got $400 obc for my cruise in Dec. It is before final payment, but a savings is a savings.
  6. I saw this. I will have to pay $30 more for $400 obc.
  7. I have been looking at different ships on different lines for a couple of weeks. The more I learn about the mega ships, the more I do not want to go. I am not interested in ice skating or bumper cars on the ship. I like to relax on a cruise. So no, I would not enjoy that many people on one ship.
  8. I was on NS in March and it felt crowed to me, even up in the Retreat. NA was great to me and a never felt crowed.
  9. I sailed on both and like NA more than NS. I felt NA had a bigger room. Both had smoking in the casino, but a non smoking day (on a seven night cruise). The balcony felt the same size. I liked the Retreat better on NA than NS. I was happy that I was on the NA before the NS.
  10. We booked it for the week back in August. I didn't see any poker tables.
  11. Thanks I will. It has a bit busy since I got home.
  12. Nieuw Statendam 3/17-3/24 Pre Cruise Hotel: Ramada by wyndham fort lauderdale airport/cruise port We drove to Fort Lauderdale the day before we left and stayed at Ramada. It was ok. It was dated in the bathroom and a bit dirty for my liking. It was a quick drive to the port, so that is a plus. I will be looking for a different place to stay for the next cruise. Port drop off and parking We drove to the port with my parents. We left at 10:20 and for to port 4 and arrived at 10:45. We dropped of my parents and luggage to check in. We parked and they went in to check in. Found a spot quickly and took the stairs to check in. Check-in We had a small suitcase and a carry-on bag with 2 bottles of wine. Everything went through without a problem. We got in line to check-in. While standing in line we were given a number (16) to board. With a quick check in, no need for new pictures, we were off to sit and wait for our number to be called. Getting on Board Boarding went by quickly and we were on our way to deck 6. We took the stairs and got to our room quickly. The room was ready when we arrived. Room 6161 We noticed that it was smaller than our room on Nieuw Amsterdam. It was clean and neat. Overall the room was fine, and we learned how to move around without getting in each other’s way. We had the mini (smaller than Nieuw Amsterdam) fridge clear out. It could easily fit two bottles of wine, a liter of water and a shelf to fit desserts. I liked the balcony and the chairs reclined some and had a foot stool. The bathroom was just fine. I felt there was plenty of room to store items. I did notice in my parent’s room that could be shared with the room next to it was louder than our room. Retreat I learned of the Retreat from this board. I don’t think I would like to cruise if I didn’t know about the Retreat. We booked two, 13 and 14, because we had four people and the family one was booked. After seeing the family one, I am glad we got two. They family one is smaller than Nieuw Amsterdam. We went up to the Retreat and they had us in one cabana. I had the printed reservation and the email to show the guys. After much discussion we were able to have our two cabanas. There some other issues that followed by others, but things worked out. Now my complaint about the Retreat. One cabana had 4 to 7 people in it every day. They would close the curtain when they were all in there. They would spread out to the loungers, even one day drying their underwear on them. I thought each cabana would only hold two people and that is why we booked two. Food We mostly ate at the Lido. Everything was fine, we found something to eat. We at the Pinnacle for lunch. We had a free meal there. The reservation card was in our free tote for the first night on board but didn’t see it until the next day. We went to change the dinner to a lunch and the hostess said that she needed a manager’s approval and stop back later. We stopped back later and were told we didn’t need a reservation. Later to find out we needed one (my dad helped us with this). I called to see what the dress code for men at lunch and were told pants and a white undershirt. The food was fine. Billboard Onboard We went here for the pianos. The guys were great. The schedule was set up so you could hear and or see (depending on your seat) into the Rolling Stones Room. I didn’t notice smoke form the casino. If you want a straw for your drink you need to ask for one. Also, some nights they had some appetizers sent up in the corner around 7. Casino I like casinos. We go to Vegas once a year and have a large casino near home. This casino is small. Yes, there is smoking, but I understand that I am in a casino. We broke even with slots and tables. Ports The ports were great, even though we didn’t get to HMC. My favorite was St. Thomas. Disembark We were in group 2 pink. It was quick and got us through fast. There was a shuttle to take us back to port 4 where we parked. The shuttle didn’t wait for it to be filled to take us to the lot. We took the stairs to the car and left to go home.
  13. Thank you. I loved the Retreat on my first HAL cruise. We have 13 and 14. Couldn't get a family one.
  14. Did you have a Retreat cabana? If you did, did you notice if the "walls" can be rolled up to make one big cabana out of two?
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