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  1. I was just talking to my grandma about jamaica since they went there last year. She said that when they were on the bus some of the local people swarmed there bus and she had her window open alittle and they were like "take picture, take picture" so she did using her own camera and they demanded $20. She didnt give it to him so the guy tried to take her camera away and when she pulled it out of there reach she said someone yelled out "stab her stab her". She said the same thing happen when she was in a shopping area and a guy on a donkey was there. She gave them her camera to take a pic of her and my grandfather and the guy refused to give her the camera back unless they gave them money.
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    Formal Night

    What is acceptable for guys to wear on the formal nights? I was gonna get my bf a dress shirt and tie but will that be enough? Or does he have to have a suit?
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    Adventure ocean program

    I would love it if u could get me a copy of that....My little brothers are gonna be there all day prolly...They did a disney cruise and they absolutly loved it. Wiltedflower9@hotmail.com