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  1. reedl

    Cuba sailings

    On the form here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cuba/content/uploads/2017/04/Cuba.Guest_.Cert_.Final_.pdf What have people been selecting? Or do you need to fill this form out?
  2. reedl

    Where to stay Port Canaveral

    I always have a rental car and stay in the Orlando area before cruises. The drive from Orlando to the port is not long, and then I drop the car off at the rental location near the port. A quick suggestion. Drop your luggage and family off at the port and then return the car. That way it is just you taking the shuttle back to the port. It is much easier than carrying your luggage on the shuttle.
  3. It is usually in the large multi language book in one of the drawers. Or on newer ships, you can order on the TV.
  4. The cruise lines can charge whatever they want. You can decide to pay that if you want. If they cannot sell the ship out at the price they are charging, they will lower the price. If they do sell the ship out at that price, the price will not go down. They are a for profit company, not a charity. They have no interest in giving away anything for less money than they can extract from everyone. If they could charge $5000 a day for a cruise and people would pay it, then they would charge that amount. It always amazes me when people complain about the price of something and compare what they paid for the service/item previously and wonder why the price went up.
  5. reedl

    Diamond 140 Milestone

    Darling Husband will be 18? Do you mean DD?
  6. reedl

    Making phone calls-Voom

    Most devices do pretty much constant data connectivity. Things like getting email, and WiFi Calling have heartbeats which transmit data on a regular basis. So I would not worry about the disconnecting issue. To test WiFi calling, set your phone to airplane mode, and then re-enable WiFi when you are home. After you have connected to your local access point, you should be able to make and receive calls. If that works, then you can use voom to do the same.
  7. reedl

    Boarding time at Fort Lauderdale

    Wait a minute. Aren't those 'old hags and screaming children' going to be on the ship for the entire cruise? Or do you lock yourself in your cabin for the entire cruise?
  8. Do you absolutely HAVE to print the Setsail pass? No. It is not required. But if you do not print it, it adds a few minutes to the check in process. Now imagine if everyone did not print it out and there were 20 people in line in front of you. That extra 5 minutes could add significant time to the check in process. Imagine you are standing in the waiting area, and you can see the beautiful ship, but it will take you longer to actually board. I just print it. It makes things smoother and easier.
  9. Do not discount the idea of renting a car. Car rentals in FLL are not expensive, and then you can sightsee and see a lot more than what is located near your hotel. You can even rent two cars. One for before the cruise and one after. Pick up the car at the airport, and drop off near the port, or use Alamo which has a free shuttle to and from the port.
  10. reedl

    sim card

    But you need some sort of internet connection to use any of these apps. There is nothing 'magical' about these apps. So either way you end of paying. On the ship you would need to purchase the internet package, and in port, you need to find a Wifi access point that is not overloaded. If you find yourself travelling a lot, I would recommend either tMobile, or Google Fi. Both have very good roaming agreements. I have a Fi phone which charges $10 a gig in about 145 countries. It does not work on the ship, but works in every port.
  11. Maybe the Captain had to use the "little captain's room"? :)
  12. reedl

    Self inflicted bad experience

    Here is what I usually do. I do not use the spreadsheet or anything like that. When we book a vacation I use a large mailing envelope (think 9" by 12" envelope) into which I put everything we will NEED for the vacation. Things like passports, tickets, luggage tags, etc. That stays in one place and a few weeks before we leave I check to make sure everything we need is in the envelope. When I check the envelope, I also pack the daily pill containers with medicines. That goes either into the envelope, or my carry on if it is on the dining room table. On the day before we leave, I transfer that envelope to my carry-on directly. I do not remove anything. As has been posted by others here in this thread, all I really NEED is documentation, credit card, boarding passes, etc. I can purchase clothes, food, and pretty much anything else I need. But another thing to think about having is a passport card. You can board a ship with just that, and it stays in your wallet as it is the size of a credit card. That would have made the whole forgetting the passport issue in the OP's post a total non-issue.
  13. reedl

    Crew Gratuities

    Anyone who has your card can get an approval to be able to charge your card at any time. This is common, and happens all the time. For example in the United States, when you pump your own gas and use the card reader on the pump, it gets an approval for $100 or so so that you can pump up to $100 of gas into your car. After you finish the transaction, there is a second step which finalizes the transaction to actually charge you the amount that you purchased. The approval is typically removed at that point. With credit cards, unless you are near your limit, there is no problem with this as it would lower your available credit, but that is usually not an issue. If a merchant gets an approval, unless it is finalized, the approval drops off within a week or so. OTOH with Debit cards, if you get an approval, the amount of the approval is no longer available to you in your checking account. This is why I never use a debit card for purchases. Every cruise I have been on, the cruise line gets approvals at the end of the day for the amount that you owe them. An interesting thing has happened to me. I bought some tires at Sam's Club here in the States. I also paid for the installation when I purchased the tires, but their system cannot handle that so every six months I get a $60 authorization on my credit card even though I am never charged. I have tried to get Sam's to stop doing this, but their system is messed up. I cannot dispute it because it is not a charge, only an authorization. So, what you are describing is not a scam at all. As long as you were charged the correct amount, then everything is fine.
  14. reedl

    Recent Cruises who play Craps

    On my early November Serenade cruise, the craps table had a lower limit of $5. But the single odds (unless you put $25 on the pass line) was the real killer. I would have made a bunch more money if they had 3-5 X odds.
  15. reedl

    Global Entry at Port of Miami!

    I do not know if the Nexus card will help at all in Florida. The Nexus card is for US <-> Canada transport. I have gotten conflicting information about whether it is also good for global entry in the rest of the US. Some people have told me that it works for all Global Entry. Others have said it only works for Us <-> Canada travel.