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  1. I am cruising with several family members and all the ladies would like to get their hair done together.  We would like to do this on our first sea day, but when I try to book all of us at the same time, the booking page on the website won't let me.  If I book one of us for 2:00, it shows that time is not available when I try to book the next person....even if I try to do a different service.  I know there is more than one hairstylist in the spa.  Does anyone have some advice??

  2. My group is interested in doing a murder mystery participation activity in New Orleans.   We will be disembarking on March 21 and had thought to spend a couple of nights.    I have read several reviews, but they are conflicting, and when I go to the websites there is no Murder Mystery listed, just menus or catering info.  Can anyone give me information on this type of activity in NO?  Thank you very much! 

  3. I plan to fill the clear glass Christmas ornaments about 1/3-1/2 full of sand from the different beaches. With a cute little tag with the location on it.

    I brought back a water bottle with sand and ocean water for my kinders to look as last year. I had several students who loved to shake the bottle and watch the sand settle. They loved hearing about the "big ship". I have already told this years students that I'm going in March!!

  4. I see on the carnival freedom there are 2 dining rooms. What's the difference? Can I pick where to eat? I assume the same food is served in each...posh is closer to our stateroom, but chic is not that far. Does anyone have any information for me about them? Thank you :D

  5. Who is the current chef on the Freedom?


    When did Carnival last change the Chef's Table menu. We last had it in August 2015. Same one for the thrid time. Anyone able to post the current menu?


    Thank you in advance.


    Where can I find out more a about the Chef's table? I don't know anything about it. Only been on one cruise as an adult, but looking forward to cruise number 2 in March. On the Freedom

  6. Thanks for the tips, ended up with 2454. Part of me wants to call about 9200 though because that is incredible.


    I'm March 2017 we will be in room 2434, I'm interested to see how your trip is and if you hear a lot of ding room noise

  7. I will be sailing on the Freedom in February. I've gotten conflicting information on whether they still have the fish & chips restaurant, or if it's been replaced with a BBQ place. Maybe you could report back and settle the matter...


    And if you could find some way to post pictures of the MDR menus, that would be great...


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    We will be on the Freedom march 11th...7 days. I'd love to see the main dining room men use as well :). I'm loving this message board

  8. Does the Carnival Freedom offer cake or cupcake decorating classes like RCCL? I wanted to do it on our last cruises but they were sold out way before I could even get to the line to register. Wondered IF it was offered on Carnival and HOW one can get it booked (ahead of time would be even better)?!


    I would also like to know about this or any other cooking type classes....I have a budding chef on my hands :)

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