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  1. Seriously? Trump has ordered all Americans to return home or face staying where they are for months. No one should consider a holiday' at the moment.
  2. Princess Cruises cancelled for 60 days
  3. Assume you have been tested to discount Corona? Would imagine cruises terminating in Venice now will be rerouted? Latest news re the cruise ship off California docking in Oakland was that 2 passengers tested positive another 18 or so were crew. Regardless of the bargain prices of cruises and the fact they have casinos on board it would take a real gambler to take the risk at the moment. We rely on the honesty of others and that whoever took them to the port or airport is clear etc etc.
  4. I would suggest by April disembarking in Italy would be impossible or unwise.
  5. Yes good old air conditioning! Many a summer Florida holiday spent walking from a sauna into a fridge and vice versa. A wrap is also useful to cover bare legs in skirts if the temperature/AC drops.
  6. thanks. To anyone else reading our cruise had a duty free order form but no actual shop. There was a 2 for £20 offer on Beefeater, Bells, Smirnoff Red, Napoleon Brandy and Bacardi ltrs but didnt take up due to weight in luggage or lugging in hand baggage especially entering Doha airport transit.
  7. 7pm would be too early if returning from a trip or a day lounging so 10 sounds good. Could always check out the first half hour to see if worth it:)
  8. Hi strange request but does anyone have a Duty Free price list for spirits on Fred cruises? or specifically Glenfiddich 1 litre single malt 12 yrs old ish? cheers 🙂
  9. Well we dine at 8.30 pm so if there is anything we may like to see that doesnt fit in we can always buffet but mainly these shows are to pass the time. Will pass on any phone app i hate them with a passion as a necessary evil that hate my fingers and dont play ball..... 7.30 pm isn't too early luckily and we can then eat at leisure. thanks
  10. Given the set evening meal sitting times what time/s are the evening show entertainment? On previous cruises with free seating there have been 2 shows a night so just wondered how Fred worked? thanks in advance.
  11. Maybe Sir Cumference will return and update the forum on how the cruise went for anyone else preferring solace?
  12. We have a real dilemma on our forthcoming cruise we board on Halloween!!!! so will there be a Halloween theme, a Brexit theme? (oh we can only hope) or the British night??? Will be great fun to see vampires with union jack waistcoats! At least now it is very easy to get a haul of cheap lightweight themed items for a bit of fun you might not indulge in in daily life via the internet. Why on earth moan or have a dig at any themes or special entertainment on cruises (or at any camp or package tour for that matter)? it is perfectly achievable to miss it all, dine in the buffet and find a quiet corner. Tour companies could save themselves a lot of grief and expense by laying on no entertainment whatsoever least it offends someone. Then there is gearing entertainment to 'old people' that frequent cruises? Todays 'old people' have record collections with the Beatles, Stones, Who, Pink Floyd etc. Do we look in the mirror and see 70/80 or a 16 year old still? You are as old as you want to be.
  13. with more all inclusive cruises trips to ports are usually bottled water and local beer. After a huge breakfast we are not hungry until evening meal. Our day trips have provided drinks fruit or some kind of packed lunch/lunch depending. The lobster tail on a catamaran was a let down though.
  14. Although annoying you have to consider how much time you actually spend looking out the window. In the morning you are in a rush to get to breakfast, get a good spot on deck for a sea day or get off for a trip. Often by the time you get back it is dark! Yes prices change but sometimes they are selling off more unpopular cabins due to location etc so a new bargain may not be one really. Sometimes a free upgrade on board may again be to a cabin in a more dodgy location not a selected midships of choice...
  15. Maybe for the future they should consider a smoking side and non smoking side. Those that do smoke often have no idea how it can affect non smokers...even getting in a lift with a smoker who is 'nose blind' like the ad 🙂 Sadly the tightening up of smoking rules is a double edged sword as we encounter smoke less and less when we do it has a much larger impact and smokers roll their eyes and think we are overreacting.
  16. Oh and another i discovered; Shoes / sandals that fit at home in the cold will end up too tight after a long haul flight and sunny climes. If they fit snugly at home leave them there and take/buy looser ones!
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