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  1. Well, to be honest, I've been to Rome 3x, Pisa, Florence, the Louvre (took a pass on Mona Lisa), walked under the Eiffel tower. My point in flogging my miss-the-top-3 thang was to say that while Venice is a wonderful and mysterious place, I'd venture a guess that a large percentage of folks that cruise in or out of there did NOT visit Asolo, Ravenna, Bologna, Parma, Verona, Padua, Vicenza, etc.. Venice gets a lot of bucket-listers, who want to check the box and tell their friends they've been there, and maybe buy a mask. Instead of fighting the crowds past the endless shops selling cheap tc
  2. Back in the day, Oregonians were worried (justifiably, as it turned out) that we would be overrun by immigrating Californians. (Don’t Californicate Oregon) Our famous then-Governor McCall said “By all means come, visit, but don’t stay.” Interesting, desirable places can be "loved to death”, Venice being probably the best example, although most tourists don’t want to move there. Elsewhere in these august forae, I have expressed my wife and my strategy, which is to go to a popular place, and avoid the top 3 things. All the tourists taking selfies will be there, you’ll still see lots of grea
  3. Am I serious??!! Is the Bear Catholic? Does a Pope poop in the woods?
  4. Well, there is one obvious solution which hasn't had much discussion. Venice should add a mooring tower for landing large dirigibles at the current cruise port, which has all the infrastructure needed. Ships can go to Marghera, or Ravenna, or Trieste, off load their human cargo (carry luggage to or from Venice or airport by truck), and the pax are loaded on said dirigible (suitably designed to satisfy the most fanciful Venetian aesthetic), and they are quietly whisked to (or from) Venice. Still use the airport, travel to and stay in Venice, just outsource the big ships to other ports, and p
  5. Yes, a mess it is. Venice is improbable from the get-go; early inhabitants of the area, in order to avoid attack from the never-ending marauders coming from sea and land, took shelter on the sand bars or whatever describes the low-lying ground just above the usual level of the Venetian lagoon (that is now Venice and the various other islands), and decided they presented a more secure place to live and raise a family than the mainland did. As any person has seen who has cruised in the Mediterranean or Adriatic or Atlantic coast of Europe, or probably most of the rest of the world that develop
  6. Bit of a sticky wicket! I can certainly sympathize with the folks in Venezia who don't want big honking ships full of clueless tourists barging up the Giudeca. (And the videos of a MSC ship crashing into a river boat tied up along the canal did not help!) All those old geezers with shorts and ugly legs!! However, all those tourists arriving on ships empty a LOT of folks in Venice, AND - Venice has made a major investment in an excellent cruise port, the people mover, and so forth. If you have cruised into Venice in the past, enjoy your memories! Hard to know what will happen,
  7. Well, for my birthday (July 4th), I procured an 8# rolled pork butt, gave it a rub, and deposited it in my Cookshack smoker (made by good ole boys in Oklahoma, by cracky!) at 11pm on the 3rd (with three chunks of hickory), and slow smoked it overnight for total 16.5 hours at 215 F. Meanwhile, I made my traditional 4th pink potato salad (mayo based, with lots of extraneous veggies - the pickled beets make it pink), daughter made a spicy hot slaw, I made a bean salad, she made birfday cupcakes for me, and we had a lovely dinner in the lovely Oregon cool evening air. All was washed down with Or
  8. Crater Lake in Oregon is indeed a thing of beauty. Mt Mazama was the huge shield volcano that collapsed in a no doubt spectacular event (not that long ago) when the magma withdrew from below it. For weirdos that are intrigued by such geological history, you can buy books such as Roadside Geology of Oregon, that tell you what you are looking at. Central Oregon is full of volcanic landscapes. I had the pleasure of making two circumnavigations of Crater Lake during winter, on cross country skis, doing snow camping. (3 days total, 2 nights camping. It was spectacular, memorable.) One night,
  9. Well, since we seem to be talking about inspiring lyrics.... I have instructed my DW that upon my expiry date, I want the first album by Quicksilver Messenger Service (1969?) played in its' entirety. I found it engaging, elegant and inspiring, still among the best things that came out of SF in that era. One of the songs that had lyrics (they did a number of purely instrumental songs (well reviewed by Downbeat, I might note)), I found especially touching - a song between friends & lovers, encouraging the other to set aside negative emotions and let their natural love light shine thr
  10. This discussion reminds me of one my rare appearances in the New Yorker cartoons:
  11. To cruise, or not to cruise? That is the question - Whether ’tis nobler to dine in Atlantide- Or suffer the contamination of buffet serving utensils in La Terazza; To wash hands and arms against a host of infective troubles at sea, And by such hosing - end them? Therein lies the rub. So, as I fumble with my hand sanitizer - I say “Out damn spout!" What fools we mortals be!
  12. Chinook, Flying Fish, Needlefish, Grouper, Roughy, Goldfish, Trout, Silverfish, Sucker, Cod, Sturgeon. Makes me hungry!!
  13. Well, I know that wearing clothing is strongly encouraged on the ships.... If you are combining a cruise with some before and after mucking about, may I suggest what we do, which is to use a service like Luggage Forward (or Silversea's version of same), to send a bag or two of nicer clothes for your cruise. You don't have to deal with it before the ship (it is there waiting for you), and as soon as you disembark, the bag(s) go back home. The best of both worlds. Part of what is nice about a ship is that you don't have to schlep a bunch of bags around. So, ship your extra duds to the sh
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