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  1. We were late to order our free range heritage turkey from local barefoot hippy farmers, and thus had to take what they had, which was a 23# behemoth. This for my wife and I and our daughter, who is home for the pandemic duration. I thought it would be fun to try smoking this year, and thus violated the first rule of every piece of smoker advice I read about turkeys, which is NEVER cook your first one for Thanksgiving. Oh, well! Couldn't find anything that the bird would fit in and would then fit in the smoker, but final grabbed the oval Le Creuset pot and crammed the bird in breast down. 5
  2. Sorry to be late to the party, but the photo of a leafy vegetable? Bok choy. It has very distinctive heavy, ribbed stalk on each leaf. Great in stir fries, soups. The stalk part is typically not at all stringy or tough, and has a nice flavor. Easy to grow, and at least in our part of the planet, bugs don't bother it much. (Of course, we have 12 hens who patrol the garden, always on the look out for a bug to eat.)
  3. Ah, thoughts of Canada! Home of my father! Makes me want to have a big old plate of poutain! Excuse me while I put on my Mackinaw - just a tad cool here!
  4. We're pretty serious about cooking around here. We have quite a collection of Le Creuset, some dating back 25 years. They are a pleasure to use - good heat distribution, no TOO heavy, well made, good fit on the lids. Let's see, sauce pan (2 qt?) w/ lid, big saute pan w/ lid, deep oval roasting pan w/ lid, and three different pots up to quite large. (A few were gifts from family, the big ones don't see a lot of use, cooking for two.) Buy them on sale - not cheap, but will outlast you; so hand them down. Another thing we like is clay pots made by Emile Henry, also from France. The potato
  5. It is certainly a beautiful ship. We loved the Spirit (cruised on several times), and then enjoyed cruising on the Muse (which kind of built on the Spirit). Can't wait to be able to try the Moon. Beyond seeing the nice ship, it is worth watching these videos just to hear the very fashionable lady's Italian-inflected English. Makes me want to take a trip to the old-a country!!
  6. Happy Election Day, me hearties! I'd love to get back to cruising as much as the next guy. However, ASSUMING an efficacious vaccine is developed (still an if, but a few hopeful signs to date), it will take a while for the distribution and for the shots to trickle down to not only us geezers who like to cruise, but also to younger people (from all over the world) who staff the ships. And, once vaccinated, it takes your body a while to react and put in place the immune defenses that will (we hope) stop or control the virus in your system. Also, some vaccines will require two doses, spa
  7. Rather than just mope about the house, I've been reading my travel books!
  8. I did indeed get all my money back for cancelled NYC - Barcelona cruise on shiny new Splendor. Would have much rather had the cruise, sad to say. But, hey! Yanqui dollars!!
  9. Viola, Rome wasn't built in a day, and is really impossible to "see" it in a day. Better take your time and see a few things well, and enjoy yourself - soaking up the atmosphere - rather than rushing pell mell through a long list of places. Much depends on how you're getting around. Are you arriving by train? Can you walk a few miles, or do you need to taxi about? (Makes a difference.) During this Covid time, not sure how restaurants and tourist sites are working, but there are some must sees that could be grouped for a walk. For instance, Piazza Navona has several incredible foun
  10. Just to be clear, I won't work for just any old tiramisu. The stuff in Florence, near the Baptistry? Yup. Bologna as the sun is going down? You bet. A little cafe in Ville Franche, east of Nice, south of France? Okey dokey.
  11. Here now from the Science Pages: A recent study has determined that women who carry a little weight live longer than their spouses who mention it.
  12. Dearest fellow SS cruisers, My DW & I have done more cruising on SS than any other line, so this is sort of my home base. I have posted previously about how - when I first read about this pandemic (in December), then posted here in maybe March, that I researched and read up on AIDS. Another terrible plague, delivered by a virus, easily transferred between people. I noted that there was not then (and is not now), a vaccine for HIV. We may or may not get one for Covid. But, with AIDS we did get a work around, with an antiviral "cocktail" than had the effect of rendering HIV (and th
  13. Meanwhile, here in the upper left corner (Oregon) we are surrounded by huge forest fires, hundreds of homes are ashes, thousands of people rendered homeless, evacuation orders, rising death toll, and day after day, week after week, dense acrid smoke in the valley and all over the state - they say the worst air quality in the world. We would be so happy just to get a couple of inches or rain about now. So how about it, Alabama & Florida - can you spare a few trillion acre feet?? We are used to being the part of the country that is sort of benign - no fire ants, no tornadoes, no hurricane
  14. Oops! Don't push the tab or it posts your post! Fernet Branca - in Italy, in the town squares, those old geezers playing checkers and pétanque, - they're drinking Fernet Branca. This protects them from anything - tastes like creosote and milk duds, but proven effective! I'm a Fan! Negroni - I defy a Coronavirus to live in a body which has received a good watering with a nice, strong Negroni or three - from a European bartender who knows what they are doing. Fuhgeddaboudit! Retsina - Finally the national drink of Greece has its' day in the sun! I knew there was a reason thi
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