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  1. Agree. Especially when approx 50% of the US is vaccinated yet a lot more than 50% are in our local stores etcs without masks. We are finally at a point where reasonable adults can measure the risk/reward of traveling, cruising, grocery shopping etc with or without a vaccine.
  2. Testing is also available at the airport.
  3. Interesting - when I look at PcPC it still says $125
  4. Wow! As a first time Crystal cruiser this is not sitting well with me. Between this and the ridiculous 3-day prior to embarking PCR test, I’m thinking of cancelling. I had a beach cabana booked and $750 is ridiculous. All of the cabanas have changed to totally bs pricing.
  5. I noticed that our itinerary has changed. Our stop in Harbor Island has been changed to Spanish Wells. Any idea why?
  6. I called them - it is not a PCR test and they could not recommend a location on Thursday for me to get one because they believe it would be unlikely that I would have results back by eod Friday (so we can board Sat.) I have to believe that this will be changed in the next 60 days....
  7. What do you think would happen if you are not staying at SLS through Crystal but staying next door at Rosewood? Based on how it is written, my husband and I would have to test on Wednesday (our travel day) I have checked Austin and Atlanta (our stops) and there are no locations avail for testing prior to take off. I know this isn’t your problem - hopefully Crystal leadership is reading these posts.
  8. I know Crystal doesn’t have to live by these new CDC recommendations but I sure hope they do for these summer cruises out of the Bahamas. https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/cdc-lifts-covid-testing-requirement-vaccinated-passengers
  9. We are in the same situation-we May cancel and just stay on land in the Bahamas. This is truly getting silly.
  10. I feel the same. I will be in the Bahamas 3 days before the cruise and I can only imagine how hard it will be to find a PCR test there. Honestly this is really annoying. I think the expense and trouble are ridiculous. I have fingers crossed that this will go away after the next round of guidance is released.
  11. I would agree with this logic if Crystal was more direct about vaccinating their staff.
  12. Understood. I am a bit nervous that IF one of their unvaccinated crew members were to test positive during my 7 day trip what impact would we see. If we were locked down, etc. I would think rather than avoid a potential outbreak with the crew they would mandate as part of employment contract. Especially now that it is more widely available.
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