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  1. Many thanks to all who responded. Whether it is tux or a dark suit, i will make sure that I meet the dress code!
  2. My wife says the same thing. We are ballroom dancers and spend a lot of time at formal dances with formal wear, so i do not mind wearing a tux. It is just that a tux takes up a lot of luggage space. Thanks for your response. I think you have persuaded me to take a tux. Reg
  3. For anyone who has been on one of the QM2 Canadian/NYC cruises recently, what was the breakdown between tux and dark suits on formal nights? I took one of my tux on an QM2 crossing two years ago, but my wife points out there were many guys in dark suits on formal nights. Thanks for your help.
  4. Many thanks for your responses. Navy, looks like you are retired USN. I only had one Navy ship as a permanent duty station, but spent time on some 11 others during Reserve training.
  5. My wife and i are booked on the September 8 cruise from Quebec to NYC. We want to spend a few days in Montreal first. Anyone know if there is direct bus/van, etc. service from Montreal to the pier in Quebec? Thanks.
  6. Great! and thanks. We've been on the QM2 before and enjoyed dancing in the Queen's Room and will look forward to it again. Reg
  7. My wife and I are booked on QM2 September 8 from Quebec City to New York. We are ballroom dancers and are looking forward to dancing in the Queen's Room. We just received our booklet from Cunard, and it is not clear that the band will be playing in the Queen's Room each night or even that the room will be open to dancing.each night. Can someone who took one of the QM2 Quebec/New York cruises last fall confirm that on your cruise the Queen's Room was open for dancing each night. Thanks.
  8. Good point! We would not do well with International Style. During our last QM2 cruise, the pros were New York City based, and, of course, had no trouble with American smooth, but maybe they were the exception. Thanks for your response.
  9. Thanks, this answers the question. If the hosts cannot accept payment, we would not want to ask them for lessons. This is a seven day port intensive trip, but the Cunard agent said that there are no dance pros on any cruises seven days or less. That certainly was not true in May, 2017, so we are hoping the agent was wrong. Thanks again for your response.
  10. Thanks Daisy, yes, we were surprised too. Hopefully, the Cunard agent was wrong. Agree that not all the hosts are great dancers, but most we have seen are better than we are! So, maybe lessons from one of them might be a good thing. Thanks for your response.
  11. This has probably been answered, but, if so, i cannot find it. We are scheduled for a seven day cruise on QM2. We have been told by Cunard that there are no pros to provide dance lessons on seven days cruises. Was surprised to learn that, but we are wondering if the dance hosts will provide private lessons? Thanks!
  12. Is there room and music for ballroom dancing on Princess ships? Other dancing? Thanks!
  13. Is there space and music for ballroom dancing on Princess ships? Thanks!
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