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  1. Since we can’t get on a cruise ship, and will very soon have both our vaccine shots, we are seriously considering a trip to San Juan for end of February... any advice would be greatly appreciated! I am looking at booking the Marriott resort & casino... we have been to San Juan once on a ship.
  2. The sad thing about this is that Florida will remain on the mandatory 14-day self quarantine list. So, many people will not be able to cruise from FL, even if cruising resumes because they cannot afford three weeks out of work. I have a cruise out of Miami scheduled for November and even if it is not cancelled, I will not be able to go... I cannot spend two weeks at home after my vacation.
  3. Yes, we are on the anthem on the 29th too. I made final payment on Friday, and no one at Royal ever mentioned that the final payment had been extended. I had no idea until I read this post just now.
  4. I’m a spin instructor and have only ever made it to one class in ten cruises. The time just doesn’t work for me, and I am not rushing around to get to class... I do that enough in real life!
  5. We are also on this cruise. We booked the D-Day Landing Beaches (Full Day) at $98 per person on Black Friday. We were not really interested in the museum or the lunch, but I’m not sure how we are going to get through 10 hours without food...
  6. So can you use the OBC for casino booked cruises? I have over 200,000 points but stopped playing because I was thinking that it was pointless. We always book casino rates.
  7. Are you on the July 7 arrival of the Legend? If so, we are on that ship, too and I am looking at a 10:25 am flight leaving BCN to Newark... seriously considering it. Otherwise, we will end up staying another night in Barcelona, which we don’t really want to do. I keep thinking if we get off the ship and in a car by 7:30 am, we can get to the airport by 8:15 , leaving us 2 hours to get to the gate. If everything goes perfect, it can be done... but I’m not sure if I want the stress.
  8. How do you feel about a 10:25 am flight? We are on the Carnival Legend docking on Tuesday, July 7th. We don't want to spend an extra day in Barcelona, and we don't want to spend $2,000 a ticket... any thoughts? Are we cutting it too close?
  9. So, we’re on the Anthem next month... if I pack bottle water in my suitcase and check it with the porter, do you think there will be any problems? What if I pack my two bottles of wine, too? I would really rather not pay for it on broad, but I don’t want to lug it around for two hours until cabins are ready either.
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