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  1. In CT we are opening with phase 1 only. Otherwise stay at home and wearing masks are the norm.
  2. What has Celebrity done to their website??? It is so hard to use now. When looking at tours, the screen skips around and it takes forever to view all the tours in each port. Never had this problem in May!!! You have made it worse rather than better!!!
  3. Oops, error! We arrive in Aqaba on May 7, 2020 and are overnight. Can't seem to find a price for Petra that makes any sense! Does Jordan Horizons include the prices listed to the different sites?? Right now I am booked on a ship's tour solo since my hubby can't walk all the distances. Thanks!
  4. Also looking for a private tour with less walking as hubby uses a cane and doesn't want to hold anyone up. We were also told about Jordan Horizons. Any info on this tour would be very helpful. We will be visiting this area May 6, 2020 and are overnight in Aqaba. Thanks!
  5. I could finally post in the roll call!!! Thanks for all your help!!!
  6. Yes, that is the last time I could post. Other posts do not post!!! I just sent an email to Help email!
  7. After Saving is shown, it goes back to Submit Reply. Very strange!
  8. Ok, I click on Submit Reply after typing up my post and then it showings Saving. It never posts.
  9. I am trying to post a message. I just tried again in the Celebrity Reflection roll call of Nov. 5 and posting saves but doesn't post. It appears there are others in the website having the same problem!! Thanks for all the right wording. Sorry for the confusion! Happy New Year!
  10. I should add it is Celebrity Reflection, date Nov 5, 2019.
  11. I am using the main Cruise Critic page, boards, then to roll call forum. I am trying to post in Celebrity Reflection. Don't understand why I can't post in this roll call!! I did post a couple of posts but now I can't. I have no trouble in Azamara or Celebrity Solstice. Hope this is clear!
  12. OK, it worked here! Can't understand about the Reflection roll call!! Happy New Year!!
  13. I am posting in the box below the postings. Have no idea about the little message icon. Where is that??? I go to Celebrity roll calls and click on Reflection. I am only having trouble with this roll call. I can post in Azamara and Solstice roll calls without any problems. Any ideas what is going on with this one??? Tried to figure out how to delete cookies but had no luck!! Thanks for any help.
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