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  1. My Wife and I are booked on Anthem of the Seas sailing from Cape Liberty on March 1, 2020. This will be our 4th cruise on Anthem. I have always booked our cruises by picking our own Stateroom. The savings was just to much to pass up on this cruise by allowing RCCL to pick our room. I booked GTY for a balcony stateroom. I realize that nobody has a crystal ball and can say for sure but what are the chances we get an obstructed view balcony. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you for reading.
  2. My mistake. I meant 1986. Thank you for catching my error.
  3. I’ve searched and searched again and can’t find anything. I’m aware that the Ship Mate App shows lots of old itineraries but I’m talking old and they don’t go back that far. In 1976 my family embarked in San Francisco on the Royal Princess (I think) on a 10 day Glacier Bay Cruise and I’m trying to find that itinerary. I know we stopped in Vancouver, BC (the Worlds Fair was going). We went to Ketchikan, Juneau, Glacier Bay and Sitka. I just can’t remember if there was anywhere else. Any ideas out there where I can find this information? Thank you.
  4. Please allow me to add my name to the list of folks thanking your for this post. I came here to write one myself on this subject and there was yours. I purchased our deluxe drink packages of a May 2019 sailing several weeks ago. Received the Black Friday notice of Buy One and Get One 50% off. Called in to change and learned what was explained here in the post. I DO NOT CARE what anyone says. It may not be a lie but it is HIGHLY DECEPTIVE. Shame on the RCCL Marketing department!
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