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  1. Thank you for providing the comment about moving NRDs without penalty until August 1. Do you have any idea what would happen to the deposit amount if it was moved more than once? That is, if I move a non-refundable deposit before August 1, I understand that I can do it without penalty. What if I choose to move it a second time before August 1, will a change fee be applied? Or, instead, what if I move it a second time after August 1, would the change fee only be $100/person, or would they do a look-back and charge $200/person? Thank you in advance for whatever light
  2. Great to hear! Usually the Royal Vacation Planners are pretty knowledgeable, but maybe not so much on this topic. Thanks for the information.
  3. Thank you for responding with your experience! Do I understand correctly that you cancelled the April cruise, not Royal?
  4. Thank you so much for your response, Ourusualbeach. Your advice is always most welcome. However, as to the FAQ cited above, I did not use a Future Cruise Credit to pay for my Arctic crossing cruise (i.e., existing cruise). If I had, I would definitely say the above quoted FAQ would apply.
  5. I just spoke with my Royal Vacation Planner (RVP) yesterday about the options available for my Arctic Circle crossing on September 2, which has not yet been cancelled by Royal, and for which I have a $900 non-refundable deposit. In discussing the various options available, the RVP made it very clear that if I chose the FCC option, I would only be able to apply the FCC once. In other words, if I applied the FCC to a cruise, and cancelled or moved from that cruise, I would lose the value of the FCC under ordinary circumstances (i.e., if I cancelled or moved the cruise reservation, as opposed t
  6. Thanks so much for providing this new information!
  7. Do you know if the reapplication of qualified OBC to a future reservation applies if you are taking the refund option as opposed to the FCC for a cruise cancelled by RCI? And, as others have already said, I so appreciate all the information and assistance you have been providing throughout this period.
  8. I agree. We did the ship's tour a few years ago. Lots of time to explore on our own. Very moving. Great French guide.
  9. I am on the Brilliance right now, doing a 7 night cruise (unusual for Brilliance). We are in Cozumel today, and, surprisingly, have to tender. Enchantment and Symphony are docked. The Viking Crown Lounge is being used as overflow for the Diamond Lounge in the evening for this cruise. There have been a variety of entertainers in the Schooner Bar. Classic sing-along with the piano, instrumental only with just guitar, just piano and also strings trio. The Christmas decorations were finally set up yesterday into today.
  10. I'm the person who reported that I booked the May 28, 2021 BI cruise. I have the confirmation, but the cruise's lack of appearance on the website has me wondering. Prior to my booking the May 28 cruise, the Royal vacation planner listed at least 5 dates for 2021 BI cruises. I believe that I have only seen two different dates show up on the website for the 2021 BI cruises, and now there is only one showing. I agree that it is rather confusing.
  11. With regard to the May 28 2021 British Isles cruise on Jewel - I have not seen it on the website today. I happened to be on the phone on another matter with a Royal Vacation Planner this morning when all the British Isles cruises were released to that department.
  12. Just booked May 28 2021 British Isles cruise about 90 minutes ago.
  13. aruss - I apologize for grabbing your statement to quote, but I wanted to get the word out to those who may not be aware with regard to some of the possible limitations of trip insurance in this instance. It is being reported in several postings on the roll calls for the cancelled Oasis cruises that various trip insurance policies do not consider cancellation of a cruise due to damage as a covered event. I was rather surprised to read that, and went back to my policy's certificate, and it is likewise. I had added the "cancel for any reason" coverage, so I presume my non-refundabl
  14. The Vision concierge lounge was open only to Pinnacles and Suites on our November Panama Canal cruise. We read that some cruises prior to ours, and some cruises after ours, had a similar limitation.
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