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  1. 10 hours ago, Ourusualbeach said:

    There is nothing in the FAQ’s that specifically state a reservation cannot be moved More than once before Aug.1.


    After Aug 1 it would be easier to cancel under the CWC and get a  FCC for the full deposit as opposed to moving it and paying the $100pp fee

    Thank you!

  2. 23 minutes ago, Ourusualbeach said:

    Currently you can only move deposits without penalty until August 1. 

    Thank you for providing the comment about moving NRDs without penalty until August 1. 


    Do you have any idea what would happen to the deposit amount if it was moved more than once?  That is, if I move a non-refundable deposit before August 1, I understand that I can do it without penalty.  What if I choose to move it a second time before August 1, will a change fee be applied?  Or, instead, what if I move it a second time after August 1, would the change fee only be $100/person, or would they do a look-back and charge $200/person?


    Thank you in advance for whatever light you can shed.  And I really appreciate the information you provide to so many of us.  As you previously pointed out, my Royal Vacation Planner may have misinformed me about FCCs; my RVP had no answer for the above questions.

  3. 5 minutes ago, orville99 said:

    Yes, we had a B2B the end of march and the first week of april, and cancelled them as soon as the CWC announcement came out. Since they were fully paid off, we got FCCs on both of them, and applied the larger of the two to an existing September 7-night cruise. When RCL enhanced the CWC program, we cancelled the September cruise as well. We took the original FCC and reapplied it to a 7-night Harmony cruise at the end of January 2021. We did the move using the online link. 

    Great to hear!  Usually the Royal Vacation Planners are pretty knowledgeable, but maybe not so much on this topic.  Thanks for the information.

  4. 1 hour ago, orville99 said:

    Had a completely different experience. Cancelled an April 4-night  cruise under CWC, and applied the FCC to a September 2020 cruise. Then cancelled the September cruise and was able to move the FCC to a January 2021 cruise.

    Thank you for responding with your experience!  

    Do I understand correctly that you cancelled the April cruise, not Royal?

  5. 35 minutes ago, Ourusualbeach said:

    Your vacation planer was wrong.  I have had a cruise with FCC applied and it was shifted no problem.  Even the FAQ’s cover this situation.


    What if my client used a Future Cruise Credit to pay for their existing cruise and now wishes to cancel under “Cruise with Confidence” terms?

    If a Future Cruise Credit was leveraged to pay for either all or a portion of the existing reservation, upon cancelling, the original FCC will be reissued at 100% of the amount redeemed on the cancelled reservation. The expiration date of the reissued FCC will reflect that of the original certificate or will be set 12-months from the cancellation date, whichever is further out.

    Thank you so much for your response, Ourusualbeach.  Your advice is always most welcome.  However, as to the FAQ cited above, I did not use a Future Cruise Credit to pay for my Arctic crossing cruise (i.e., existing cruise).  If I had, I would definitely say the above quoted FAQ would apply.

  6. On 5/27/2020 at 6:20 PM, denamo said:

    i was told once I use a FCC, I cannot move from that cruise.  Once it is put into place on a cruise, I'm dedicated to that cruise.  I cannot move it without losing it.  Example: If I choose to cruise in Oct 2021, then decide to change, I'm not allowed.  Incorrect information?  Would I possibly lose any deposit I had put down if it was a NRD?  No RCL special program such as Lift and Shift would be in use.


    TIA for input.


    I just spoke with my Royal Vacation Planner (RVP) yesterday about the options available for my Arctic Circle crossing on September 2, which has not yet been cancelled by Royal, and for which I have a $900 non-refundable deposit.  In discussing the various options available, the RVP made it very clear that if I chose the FCC option, I would only be able to apply the FCC once.  In other words, if I applied the FCC to a cruise, and cancelled or moved from that cruise, I would lose the value of the FCC under ordinary circumstances (i.e., if I cancelled or moved the cruise reservation, as opposed to Royal cancelling that cruise).

  7. 19 minutes ago, molly361 said:

    If you make a new reservation you can transfer the goodwill OBC to that booking.  Yes you can use the FCC on bookings that you already have  You would have to ask your TA about their OBC


    I had a booking that RCL cancelled that had redeployment OBC on it.  I made a new booking and then called and got the redeployment OBC put on it.  I am going to get a refund on the cancelled booking.  I was not asked if I was getting a refund or a FCC when I called. 

    Thanks so much for providing this new information!

  8. 18 hours ago, Ourusualbeach said:

    It depends on what the OBC was from.


    What will happen to my client’s onboard credit, now that their sailing is cancelled?
    Any CEL Future Cruise / RCI Next Cruise / AZA Cruise Again onboard credits will be re-applied to your client’s future reservation. Additionally, if your client has an onboard credit as a result of a redeployment, charter, or other goodwill gesture, it can carry over to their future reservation; however, if your client cancels, the onboard credit will be forfeited. Any promotional onboard credit will not be protected; Upon rebooking, your clients can take advantage of the promotional offer available in market at that time.

    Do you know if the reapplication of qualified OBC to a future reservation applies if you are taking the refund option as opposed to the FCC for a cruise cancelled by RCI?


    And, as others have already said, I so appreciate all the information and assistance you have been providing throughout this period.

  9. I am on the Brilliance right now, doing a 7 night cruise (unusual for Brilliance).  We are in Cozumel today, and, surprisingly, have to tender.  Enchantment and Symphony are docked.


    The Viking Crown Lounge is being used as overflow for the Diamond Lounge in the evening for this cruise.


    There have been a variety of entertainers in the Schooner Bar.  Classic sing-along with the piano, instrumental only with just guitar, just piano and also strings trio.


    The Christmas decorations were finally set up yesterday into today.

  10. 1 hour ago, Ashland said:

    Someone posted that they booked it already...It keeps disappearing on the website...I called about the July 15, 2021 and that booked up for GS/OS ..so lost out on that one...I asked about the May 28, 2021 and they said it wasn't available to book yet...so confusing!!!!

    I'm the person who reported that I booked the May 28, 2021 BI cruise.  I have the confirmation, but the cruise's lack of appearance on the website has me wondering. 


    Prior to my booking the May 28 cruise, the Royal vacation planner listed at least 5 dates for 2021 BI cruises.  I believe that I have only seen two different dates show up on the website for the 2021 BI cruises, and now there is only one showing.  I agree that it is rather confusing.

  11. 3 hours ago, Ashland said:

    I can't seem to find this cruise...I saw it a few days ago but it keep disappearing !!!

    With regard to the May 28 2021 British Isles cruise on Jewel - I have not seen it on the website today.  I happened to be on the phone on another matter with a Royal Vacation Planner this morning when all the British Isles cruises were released to that department.

  12. 8 hours ago, aruss said:

    Fortunately we have trip insurance, so I think we'll be ok, and I don't mind going on a different cruise or a land vacation, but it's the only week we can go so if we aren't on the Oasis I really need to start planning something different.

    aruss - I apologize for grabbing your statement to quote, but I wanted to get the word out to those who may not be aware with regard to some of the possible limitations of trip insurance in this instance.


    It is being reported in several postings on the roll calls for the cancelled Oasis cruises that various trip insurance policies do not consider cancellation of a cruise due to damage as a covered event.  I was rather surprised to read that, and went back to my policy's certificate, and it is likewise.  I had added the "cancel for any reason" coverage, so I presume my non-refundable costs will be covered (albeit at less than 100%).  My non-refundable costs are minor; there are other posters, however, who have significant non-refundable costs that in certain instances may not be covered even though they have insurance.


    I am learning a lot through this process, and just wanted to pass on to others what I consider an essential item to know when you are exploring the purchase of trip insurance.


    And to aruss and all others with future cruises on Oasis, I hope your cruises go as planned and that you have a wonderful time.

  13. 1 hour ago, Ashland said:

    I believe there have been a few recent posts that said the rules for who can use the CL on Vision has depended on C&A level numbers vs Suite's can change from cruise to cruise. Yes or No ?

    The Vision concierge lounge was open only to Pinnacles and Suites on our November Panama Canal cruise.  We read that some cruises prior to ours, and some cruises after ours, had a similar limitation.

  14. 3 hours ago, island lady said:


    Yikes...hope that is not what we find when we get there two weeks from now.  😮  I will come back to this thread after I board, and post what I find.

    I hope all goes well for you.  We just sailed on the November 11 Oasis cruise, and I have never seen the lines as long as they were last Sunday (I hadn't sailed the Oasis in two years, so that may have something to do with it). We arrived before 11 am, and the security line was already extended into the parking garage down to the car entry and pick-up lanes.

  15. After much fear and trepidation (I've been following this thread for weeks), I finally started the check-in for our May 15 British Isles cruise. I went through my husband's account, because I have not been brave enough/had enough time to see the state of my account on the new website.


    I used my husband's Mac and was able to print the luggage tags (through the e-Docs) on Google Chrome, but received an error message when I tried to access the Check-in function.


    I then switched to Safari, and was able to complete Check-in, and print the Set Sail Pass.


    It dawned on me later that I was not asked about arrival time at port. This could be because we have flights through Air2Sea, though we are arriving earlier than the cruise day, and do not have transfers through the cruise line for either direction.

  16. JS Perks on Rhapsody:



    Priority check-in and boarding Tea kettle and coffee maker

    Bathroom amenities


    Extra C&A point per night

    Silver Seapass card


    Though we checked in with the Suites, we did not have priority boarding with a Junior Suite on Rhapsody out of Tampa. Since boarding was just about to start, and I knew we wouldn't have long to wait, I didn't think much of it.


    When we arrived home, I was curious, though, and double-checked the junior suite amenities (and I just now did again) on the reservation website, and priority boarding is not mentioned when looking at the full details section for junior suites, at least for the Rhapsody.

  17. I never had the problem of less points, as the OP did.


    However, I did have the issue cited above of points not increasing after taking a cruise. Since my husband and I are linked, the points showing for me on the website increased appropriately; however, it was not until I contacted C&A about another issue, and they stated my total number of points, that I realized my points had not been credited.


    I then checked my Cruise History and saw that a cruise was missing. C&A investigated this issue, and replied that my name had been misspelled in some record. It was not misspelled in the cruise documents, etc.


    Anyway, lesson learned - always check my cruise history after I have taken a cruise to make sure it is recorded. And, as mentioned above, copying the cruise history is a great idea, as well.

  18. I have never considered using Air2Sea previously, but the current threads on the topic resulted in my researching flights in connection with international travel for an upcoming cruise. I really appreciate everyone's insights.


    Two questions that I have after looking at the site link above:

    The site mentions a $25 non-refundable service fee per guest for international flights. Is this already included in the prices when I look at the flight options on Air2Sea?


    I see options for both non-refundable and refundable fares for Premium Economy. The price for the refundable option is not much more than the non-refundable option, which is surprising to me. Are there any caveats with booking the refundable option, outside of the $175 service fee that would be netted against the refunded portion if I cancelled the flight?

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