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  1. Enjoy!!!! Thank you for posting updates, BlerkOne! 🙂
  2. Well, when/if she decides to do it, she'll be a terrific mum!
  3. Yum.... Bang Bang Bonsai Roll!! (Visual: me drooling like Homer Simpson over a donut.) Agreed: very tasty!
  4. Really sad to see the old gals go, but this announcement takes some of the sting out of it. I'm very excited to have the Radiance, although as mentioned, I'll miss the choices of two sets of 3 and 4 day cruises.
  5. https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/mumbai-port-assists-crew-during-coronavirus-crisis-and-remains-busy
  6. I cancelled my shore excursions and Cheers on 3/20 and yesterday and today received credit back on my Carnival Mastercard. Just an FYI, once a dispute is filed with any merchant on any card, you can't use that card to make future purchases with same mechant. So you might now have a Carnival Mastercard that will not be able to charge Carnival product with.
  7. Sharon is on the cruise and confirmed they are doing PV first, then Cabo San Lucas.
  8. Thanks for asking this. I was thinking about this today as well, with my upcoming Panorama cruise. Nightclubbing on the ships is one of my favorite late-night activities and I hope the atmosphere continues with these new, non-dedicated dancing venues.
  9. I haven't been able to login for two days. Attempts and then times-out.....
  10. I have my two so far -- November and December. Very easy and I had the electronic card in minutes. Add your desired credit card to Paypal and then choose that as your payment source when paying AARP.
  11. I'm sailing on Inspiration 12/16/19 and have not received this email......so far!
  12. I haven't done it, but totally enjoy seeing the groups that do!
  13. Inspiration has the new deli menu. It also featured some daily off-menu specials, such as the chicken tikka masala on baguette. Enjoy!
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