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  1. Perhaps you are correct. She was not married until 1941 and often mentioned the group that she travelled with during that time frame. Thank-you for your reply.
  2. My Mother sailed the original Queen in 1930 to England and I treasure a small red carved wood box she won in a bridge game on that ship. It fascinated me as a child and I still have it; although I have never sailed Cunard. Anyone have treasures of old Cunard cruises?
  3. I too am contemplating a Princess cruise after several years away; new ways are a sail; so much so that I am looking at other cruise lines in order to avoid the high tech streaming of passengers. I do not want to be tracked with a button to go to dinner. Travel companions are tough to find at our age. Who knows. We could drop dead at check in. Who is going to press the medallion button then.
  4. Very reassuring indeed. Even as a senior traveler, I would still like to be able to have my own night cap available in my cabin. Some cruise lines absolutely go nuts if you want to bring on your own wee stash for personal use.
  5. As I look at the cabin amenities on Viking Oceans, It appears that only penthouse and above are entitled to alcohol in their staterooms. As a solo traveler, I may not want to relax in a lounge by myself. What provisions does Viking have for those who might want a mini bar of their own in their stateroom yet prefer to have a deluxe veranda cabin.
  6. Did Star in Feb 2017. It was wonderful. Our last cruise with Princess. Worst part was the flights in and out of South America. Will never forget the wildlife and the Falklands. One other thing, a bartender that could make a guiness stout with a black rum taste like soda water. Big mistake. Big Huge mistake. Glad I did not have to drive back to my cabin.
  7. I love to sew so LovetoSew was my cruise critic name. Every cruise was an excuse to find that unique fabric store in Japan or France or England for that special piece to take home and sew up. Many memories. I can hardly wait to get cruising again.
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