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  1. That Northern Lights Guarantee could be important. Solar Cycle 25, lasting through 2030, is predicted to short on the types of solar activity that causes auroras.
  2. Yup. Both definitely within the MEO footprint. The other issue is that there are only a limited number of slots on the "O3b" constellation (the particular set of MEO satellites with the spiffy uplinks). There are only «mumble» O3b's above the horizon at one time, and only 10 dishes per satellite to point at a ship or an Earth station. Do a 'ping' test, and if you're seeing >400ms, you're on a GEO satellite, not a MEO. Bummer!
  3. Observations don't mean much unless you specify where they were made -- within 48º of the Equator (where fast-uplink satellites are available) or not.
  4. For Stockholders' and Military OBC, there is no "exchange rate" involved. Carnival specifies different amounts of SOBC based upon a cruise's onboard currency (e.g. US$ 100 / AU$ 100 / GB£ 60 / € 75 for 7 day voyages) and Princess awards MOBC "equal to the SOBC for that voyage". https://www.carnivalcorp.com/static-files/50351a91-4dc0-4f6b-bfec-684647e6129f
  5. Understand, there are two issues here. A minor one: Will the cruiseline (rightly or wrongly) confiscate the item? A major one: Will this be the voyage my surge protected device catches fire?
  6. Two simple facts: • Not all surge protected power strips are marked as "surge protected", and at least one brand that was marked as "cruise ship safe - Underwriters' Laboratories Marine 1449" did have surge protection. • You cannot tell if a power strip is surge protected without opening it up and looking to see if it has any MOVs or not -- not that the average cruise ship employee would recognize a MOV. If it looks like a power strip, don't be surprised if a cruise line "errs on the side of caution". Get an extension cord that looks like one. Or a power cube like Ken'
  7. Keep in mind that one of the venues in which those drinks are being sold and served is the theatre, where the drinks are passed to a customer several seats out of reach.
  8. The servers' tablets show the pictures of the folks in the area. They click the picture of the person whom they're serving the drink. ...or, apparently, the picture of someone else. 😒
  9. At 179 days out, OceanReady shows both my info and my DW's info. Interestingly, though, it shows us both as "Personalizer INCOMPLETE" although Personalizer itself shows both of us as "complete". Glad there's no lives depending upon that software. 🙄
  10. Sorry, no. Got my refund and considered it quits until I heard other stories about Emerald's internet. Incidentally, as testy as the IT guy was, there was a passenger utterly incensed at all the folks "giving him grief".
  11. Seems nothing, but nothing, on Emerald has changed since last December, including the manager's attitude. I even have a picture of a "Satellite internet is very slow due to the ship's geographical position" sign posted in her Internet Cafe on Dec 15, '18 while deep in the O3b constellation's footprint.
  12. Sky was supposed to get MEO-uplink antennae last October. But, in addition, she had to get a slot on the "O3b" satellites and actually point her new antennae at them. Sounds like one or the other didn't happen, leaving her with oversold and overloaded uplinks. Sympathies, and now you know why IT folks talk about the "(b)leading edge".
  13. ...or just turn "high accuracy" off for a higher accuracy location. 😉
  14. About what you'd think. A year out, it wasn't as clear that Thomas Cook was going under after 150+ years in operation as it was a mere 70 days before. But Brits with (ABTA protection) got their money back. North America customers (without) did not.
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