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  1. "If it's free on the internet, you [and the content of your docs] are the product being sold"
  2. That's a tad misleading. 😞 "Dollar" might not mean what you think it does. On Santa Clarita-controlled cruises, it's the US$. On Chatswood-controlled cruises it's the AU$, which runs about 75% of the US$. Were there were still cruises controlled by Princess UK, SOBC on those would be £150, £60, and £30, respectively
  3. The ship's internet doesn't care how long a text is or has been "pending" it's just sending and receiving TCP/IP packets. Your cellphone provider may or may not. Ask them. The person sending the text is likely to get confused/frustrated if the text remains "pending" for more than a few minutes. Tell them what's going on ahead of time.
  4. The issue, as discussed a long while back, is that folks often forget to blank out their stockbroker account number. Since email attachments can theoretically be looked at enroute between your computer and Princess' computer, there was a legal opinion that email posed a risk to them under Frank-Dodd. For the lawyers out there. It was Princess' Legal Dept's opinion. I have none, IANAL.
  5. Times change. At the time, there *was* a such a requirement, and I even quoted for you from the [since changed] Medallion FAQs showing it. ::shrugs:: Now? I'd not normally expect a visit from Security for shielding a Medallion. But if they still send MOB alerts to the Bridge when a Medallion disappears from a weather deck, and you made a habit of waiting till you were out there to put yours into an anti-RFID wallet? Yeah, you'd probably get a "please put it away first or wait till you come back inside" visit.
  6. ::nods:: There's a reason that "leading edge" is often spelled "bleeding edge".
  7. Stuff happens. Stopping to rescue a sinking fishing boat, searching for a man overboard, "propulsion issues", fog, or just new regulations on slowing down to avoid whales. Leave a generous pad of what-if time, or make it Princess' problem with EZ-Air.
  8. With a 4-device package, you receive a login that works for 4 devices simultaneously. If whoever buys the package logs the other's device(s) in, the system doesn't care; and it's apparent that "4" was chosen so cabin-mates could each do phone and tablet.
  9. Haboob

    C C dining?

    Yeah... "not" was missing 🙂
  10. Haboob

    C C dining?

    You can turn CC dining into AT dining simply by showing up at the same time each day -- well, except for sitting in the AT dining area and occasionally (usually?) waiting for a seat there. 😉
  11. If a Medallion was last detected on a weather deck, it either was tossed overboard (which will earn a chat with Security) or carried overboard. The idea is to avoid "Well, the last time anyone remembers seeing him was yesterday evening at desert". Search time is the major expense.
  12. Make that multi-million dollar, then remember that Medallion is being developed for the entire Carnival Corp & PLC fleet (http://ocean.com), and their 10 brands have had something like 130 MoB incidents since 2000 -- well north of $50 million when you include the costs of having to stop and search the sea for folks who hadn't been seen for 12 hours. Nevermind the bad press or the chance of saving a few of the folks who survived the fall itself.
  13. ACK! Well, besides being S of 48º, the ship has to actually aim their antennae at the faster satellites -- D'oh. That `ping` time is typical of speed-of-light up to and back down from a satellite in GEO orbit. The `ping` using the "O3b" satellites in their lower MEO orbit is about half of that. More likely explanation, then, is that they couldn't get a booking on an O3b until the 4th.
  14. Yup. I would also assume that if he needed defibrillation at sea, he would likely not still be on the ship when it docked.
  15. No great surprise here. North of 48º latitude (Southampton-ish), satellite uplink bandwidth is up to 10x more expensive, so the money we pay for internet packages simply does not buy as much of it. The problem isn't aboard the ship so a cable rather than a WiFi link will not help (except for helping him by getting you to go away). What the internet manager is implicitly admitting is that the ship is now too far north to use the low-cost satellites in Medium Earth Orbit over the Equator, but after the 4th you'll be far enough south again to switch back to those "good" satellites.
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