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  1. Cape Liberty is the port we usually set sail from. Following Google Maps to the dock is easy enough. Roads right before the dock entrance can get rough - seems like permanent construction. But doesn't take any extra time. They have ship signs (directional arrows) up all along the route as you approach the dock itself. Parking is easy and right next to the ship. Sorry, I can't remember costs. We really like this port.
  2. We will be in Bermuda in June on the Anthem. We were thinking of renting a pontoon boat and doing some snorkeling. It was brought to my attention that the water temps may not be suitable for snorkeling. Does anyway have experience renting a platoon boat? If so, advice please. And can anyone comment on water temps in June.
  3. I imagine it's very expensive. I was just looking forward to seeing something new. Well at least the headliners will rotate.
  4. Just booked our second cruise aboard the Anthem. This is the first time we booked a second cruise on the same ship. Looks like the main show three years ago (We Will Rock You) is still the main show now. How often do they change up the entertainment? I was hoping for a new show. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. I was thinking they may need to find a place away from the cabanas to snorkel. I don't think that will be a problem. I hope the cabana is worth the cost. Seems to get good reviews.
  6. Does anyone have a current map of Cococay?
  7. We are sailing on the Grandeur in July 2017. Just booked a private cabana on Cococay. Thought it might be a nice way to spend the day. My boys will love the snorkel gear. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. I have read some reviews on Cruise Critic and it seems all over the place on what you get, some say fruit tray & champagne, others say they didn't get it. I keep reading that they are offered to suite guests first and you need to reserve them once you get onboard. I was able to book one through my cruise planner.....did something change? Also, how do we go about reserving a specific number cabana? :confused:
  8. Can anyone provide some examples of entertainment/shows? I know it's not the bigger productions, but I'm trying to get an idea of what to expect.
  9. Quick question regarding entertainment on the Grandeur. We are sailing this summer and thus far it is the smallest ship we have been on. This is the first ship that I will be on that does not have "big shows". I'm concerned that there will not be a lot of night time activities. We like going to shows and are perfectly content sitting in a bar and listening to great live music. We do not like the casino so that's not an option. For anyone who has sailed on the Grandeur please tell me what you did at night for fun.
  10. Has anyone taken water onto Grandeur in Baltimore recently? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. I read the post and thought it was a good idea, so I checked into the pricing for one night at Comfort Suites Paradise Island. It didn't seem to bad (~ $300/night) then I saw the small paragraph with all the additional fees. They added about $200 onto the one night room rate for my family of 4. :( Atlantis will probably be a pass. I think my teen boys would love the water park, but the cost is really high.
  12. I do feel it's an industry wide issue. I know it has been for RC. Each cruise we go on I feel the food is a little more disappointing. It used to be we did specialty dining to get better quality, but now even they are not the same quality. What a shame.
  13. On the Anthem we had virtual balconies. I enjoyed the room. It was my first time in an interior room. Usually my teen boys are in the interior rooms across from us (we are in a balcony). Their room always seemed closed off. But they are never it in except to sleep for a few hours. The VB didn't make me feel as closed off from everything. I really liked it in the morning as it helped me recognize it was light outside and wake up. It's true it has a slight glow even when it's turned off. I left the curtains open and it served as a nightlight. My boys pulled the curtain shut.
  14. We love the 9-night cruises as well. New England/Canada was 9-night and port heavy. We all had a blast. We were in Bermuda on the Anthem June 16'. So this will be a repeat. We will have to find something new to do. We too will be there over a weekend. Sad, that seems like a waste - you can't really experience it fully. That may be a good day to stay on board and relax. In Nassau someone recommended going to one of the resorts to use there amenities. I looked at Atlantis....it's $$. My DH and I actually like playing Trivia. ;) I was concerned about the show because most other ships list their main show on RC website (ex. on the Anthem we saw We Will Rock You). There is nothing on the RC website that states what the Grandeur has. We may do Giovanni's Table on one of the formal nights. Had dinner there while on the Liberty (watching the murder mystery) and we enjoyed it.
  15. Hello cruisers. I have a few questions about the Grandeur OTS. We will be cruising on her July 17'. My husband and I travel with our 2 teenage boys (17 & 15). To date, this will be the smallest ship that we have cruised on. I chose the Grandeur for this cruise mainly for the convenience. We live in PA so Baltimore is only about 2 hours drive. Way cheaper to drive when all 4 of us are traveling. My heart was set on the Harmony. :( But ~ I have been reading lots of reviews and am really excited for the Grandeur. My boys go to the teen lounge the first night and we barely see them the rest of the vacation. We see them when we arrive at each port, as they are happy to explore with us, and dinner. They have a great time! My husband and I enjoy all the shows, "watching" karaoke, relaxing by the pool and enjoying the cuisine. Every other ship we have been on has had all that we needed for a wonderful vacation. My concern this time is with the size of the Grandeur, will we be disappointed? So my questions.... 1. Has anyone been on the Grandeur with teens (that utilize the teen program)? If so, did they enjoy it? 2. With the passenger capacity/size of the Grandeur being smaller, does that mean there are not a lot of teens on board? 3. All the other ships we sailed on had a main show. Does the Grandeur have a big show? How is the entertainment overall? 4. I see lots of other reviews.....but not many for the 9-night to Bermuda-Bahamas. Has anyone sailed with that itinerary? 5. We did OV Deck 3 Forward (almost mid). I'm ok with OV, but Deck 3 is the lowest deck we will have ever been on. Feelings on my location? 6. On the 9 night cruise anyone know which nights are formal nights? Any other advice or tips is much appreciated. Thanks!!
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