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  1. MysticMelody

    water in November and sea sickness

    Bellyflopchamp (funny name) and all others thank you so much for your suggestions. I ordered a lot from amazon. :) I really hope we will not use it. But i would rather be prepared. :)
  2. MysticMelody

    water in November and sea sickness

    Hi, I just ordered sea bands and Bonine and Dramanine (went overboard) little bit. But Just in case I want to be prepared
  3. Afternoon everybody , we are sailing in 3 weeks to Bahamas (Breakaway nov 12). I sailed before on (RCCL) and I was sea sick for 1 day (not a pleasant experience). Now, we are sailing with my parents ( 70 y.o) and my daughter -7 y.o (they are first timers). Background: My mom has never experienced sea sickness in her life. However my dad is a different story (he gets car sick quite often). My little girl has never sailed before. So I am concerned about sea sickness among my family. What can I do to prevent it? in my elderly dad and my 7 y.o daughter? Pills, patches? There are multiple options which one works best for you? BTW: My parents are staying in a mini-suite Mid ship. Deck 13. We are staying deck 12 mid ship.
  4. MysticMelody

    water slides for kids on Breakaway

    Thank you :) Family slide looks like it is acceptable. Personally I do not like slides but I promised my little one I will be taking rides with her.
  5. Hi, we are travelling in November from The city (Florida/Bahamas) Breakaway. I saw multiple pictures of the water slides but they seem to be awfully high for my soon to be 7 year old daughter. Is there any smaller water slides for kids her age?