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  1. So we actually got married on the beach in St Thomas. The officiant of the wedding asked a random couple on the beach to witness the wedding. She happened to be the same lady who wrote this article. She works for NBC
  2. Oh yes there were complainers who were so upset about this. Made me sick listening to them. I just walked away. Celebrity even refunded the guests 1 days cruise fare to everyone. Not that I expected that to happen. We were given the opportunity to donate that money to the relief fund. And that’s exactly what we did. This is the least that we could do to help.
  3. Update on our current Equinox cruise this week. Just found out we are not going to Nassau for our last stop tomorrow. We are being re-routed to Freeport to bring 10,000 meals plus relief supplies to the devastated areas. We are not leaving the ship, so it’s like another sea day. The main thing is that Celebrity is doing what they can to bring some bit of relief to the Bahamian people during this tragic time. We are totally behind this decision of theirs happy we are doing what we can to help. ❤️
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