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  1. Ah, I see. Sorry, we were on different topics in the thread 😣
  2. On this occasion it isn't about being subject to the laws of the country you're visiting, this potential disruption is down to Trump/USA changing the travel rules. Our cruise was also booked purely for the visit to Cuba and we'll be very disappointed if this cannot happen because the departure port is Miami and Donald has changed his mind this week.
  3. Precisely, not a restriction by Cuba on who visits, it's Donald that is deciding to restrict American's traveling to Cuba.
  4. I called MSC and we have had our passport dates added, however, when I look at our passenger data it still shows that they are invalid. It is all fine when I access our web check in area. The good news, DH is back to being listed as male 🙌 The UK Facebook forum suggests that lots of people are having issues too.
  5. On our Northern European/Baltic cruise last year the majority of men did wear suits or jackets on Elegant night, and trousers and shirts on the other evenings. If you wear a smart shirt and trousers it will be perfectly acceptable.
  6. Recent reviews, although limited in number, haven't indicated the majority of passengers were American. If Trump wishes to introduce changes such as these, do they not have to be passed and approved by the Government? I admit that I don't know the American process but do the Senate or who ever, need to agree rather than one person deciding on a whim to change foreign policy?
  7. Another view which may or may nor help: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/news/2019/04/18/usa-cuba-new-travel-restrictions/
  8. Very difficult decision for the cruise companies, a lot of passengers will be cancelling if the itinerary changes. If non US passengers are allowed to visit, it would make sense to continue and allow the US passenger the choice of cancelling or sailing without disembarking in Cuba.
  9. Oddly enough, MSC UK have just tweeted promoting this itinerary. I have responded to inquire how the itinerary can continue if DDH (Donald and the rude words I'm now using) has rescinded travel to Cuba from the US. I'll be surprised to receive a reply but thought it worth a tweet back. A very bad idea, unless they have information to suggest travel will still be possible 😕 I am possibly clutching at staws there, I know!
  10. There are a few postings from people on various forums, who have contacted their respective cruiselines and been advised Cuba will still be a POC. How, I've no idea. If that is the response from a Call centre, I'd be skeptical they yet have an actual position. There is a significant difference in changing a POC for a similar one in the same region, as you say Montego Bay to Ocho Rios or the recent Amsterdam change. Removing Cuba is a complete destination change. I did wonder if the departure port could be changed as it appears, it's travel to Cuba directly from the US that is the issue. And US citizens visiting for tourism purposes. As a UK citizen my ability to travel to Cuba isn't impacted, unless I'm traveling via the US. I don't think. All of the cruise operators and airlines must now be exploring the options in light of this announcement, hopefully, we will receive an update once they have clarity themselves. The MSC website is still offering the itinerary but there are no sailing dates after June, on my availabilty anyway.
  11. I thought I recalled you'd had a significant change of itinerary and cruise move experience. At this point, we've no option but to await a decision and see what our options are.
  12. There is clearly much disappointment and understandably so. I'll wait and see what the outcome is before we look at our options. As I only read this just before bedtime, I've not yet mentioned to DH, I couldn't face a long debate when we're not yet certain of the facts and choices. It's obviously way beyond the control of MSC, so I'm not sure how we'd fare with cancelling, as in the UK our deposits aren't refundable. I imagine there are currently a lot of travel operators in a state of flux with this news. I don't think we can take any responsibility for this one, I'm laying blame squarely at the door of Donald, who is a prize melon!
  13. We've not booked the additional flights and hotels yet Bea, so I'll wait and see what is happening first. We'd possibly consider cancelling because Cuba was the reason for booking. FG, I did appreciate that but somewhere like that isn't an incentive for most people booking this cruise. There is an alternative route which covers Belize, if the itinerary was switched to that, it maybe more interesting. Rereading the article, the May 2nd date seems to relate to another action not necessarily the travel. Although, it could be the way it's written. Our booking curse strikes again Bea.....
  14. Noooo 😥 I didn't see the date in the article in my panic, will keep our fingers crossed it isn't. It's the only reason we booked, certainly do not want to go to Nassau for 2 days.
  15. I am always unimpressed with politicians, I'll be even less impressed if they ruin my holiday 🤬
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