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  1. UK passengers reported receiving emails regarding Northern Europe sailing cancellations today.
  2. Sadly not. Although after having a sort out around the house recently I think I could possibly open an online store myself. Lots of toiletries, hats, ships and slippers 😁
  3. When you register your CC after boarding it will ask you if you want to cover all of the occupants of the cabin, if you select yes, that's it set up as your default. If you don't then the charges and OBC would be separate and you'd have to ask to have it combined as above poster did. We've always registered one card, all occupants and everything is covered with one invoice and payment, which combines any OBC.
  4. The buffet always has hot dog sausages with the hamburgers but I've seen various varieties separately around the buffet.
  5. All charges are added per cabin, although you can get a breakdown per person. In your scenario above, no, you wouldn't owe anything.
  6. grandiosa, unfortunately I can't recall where I saw it now. It was within a news story on a UK news outlet. I did find another story via Google https://www.worldofcruising.co.uk/travel-to-spain-cruise-ship-ban-extended/
  7. Tourism is easier on land based holidays as not everyone arrives at the same time or wishes to leave the hotel at the same time everyday, as you do on a cruise. Hotels don't have hundreds of people with excursions either. Spain will apparently review their no cruise ship policy in 2/3 months.
  8. I realise until anyone actually sails we'll not know the impact to your cruise experience but this doesn't conjure up the images of the relaxed cruise experience we enjoy. Unfortunately I think these types of safeguards are going to be required for quite a considerable length of time 😕
  9. I'd say that's a very wise decision. A lot could improve in Florida in the time to September but if you've to make a decision now, it's certainly the safest and gives you peace of mind.
  10. Italy and Spain still have an indefinite ban on cruise ships sailing or visiting, although they're reopening for land based tourism for EU countries.
  11. I'd be very interested to know what they'll offer for your changes. We received nothing for our embarkation port changing to a different country and several POC countries being changed to alternative ones. We had just 2 weeks to rearrange our flights and hotels!
  12. We had significant changes to our itinerary in February, embarkation port and ports of call, whilst they updated the itinerary we had GTY001 shown as the cabin No. Once they had finished the changes our selected cabin reappeared.
  13. IIRC the area that you're referring to, non YC guests can access the lift lobby area but to access the YC cabin corridor there is a door which can only be accessed by YC guests.
  14. I wonder how realistic this is, for cruises in South America to commence at all this year? The WHO published the highest daily increase in cases today, the countries with the highest cases were USA, Brazil and India.
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