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  1. I concur with regards to the storage, it was an area of concern. We also have 3 cases & around 70kg of luggage plus a carry on. Clothes for the Caribbean are still in one case under the bed and I've used magnetic hooks to hang dresses in front of the tv. We've found it very manageable. Likewise the bathroom, its not vast but perfectly adequate. I'm probably an average height and build but haven't had any issues with the shower either. So far the weather has been kind which is also very welcome.
  2. Purely in the interests of research 😂 we've been to the Brass Anchor and I can confirm there is Strongbow available on tap.
  3. We went to the YC stand/area but a shoreside porter had to load on to a trolley. They were separate from the regular shoreside porters. Just head to the YC stand first and they'll arrange the luggage for you.
  4. We embarked around 1.30pm and it was also very smooth. The Butler's weren't happy with the shoreside porters as they weren't allowed to touch our bags. All has been lovely so far and most importantly and exciting, we've met Bea 😁 Off to the M&M this morning.
  5. We are hamrag and Capt paced it out on his previous sailing for Bea, Cruisers6 and myself, it's 16 paces to the TSL. A shame you'll not be with us, we'll raise a wee glass for you.
  6. If I feel squashed I'll be nipping out to the TSL for a cocktail 🥂
  7. I'm attempting to modify my clip on parasol to fit the sunbed Cap't. It is a smidgen small, so DH has revised the bolt in clip section. A YC1 would be our first choice hamrag but the price difference for the YIN for our upcoming cruises was significant and would've stopped us booking. Hopefully we'll be fine in YIN.
  8. Hope you have a safe trip Bea. We're now in Dublin ourselves- see you on Friday in the TSL in New York 😍🥂
  9. Cap't thanks for the review, brought back wonderful memories of our Preziosa cruise and lined up my excitement for Mera on Friday. Glad to hear that overall you had an enjoyable cruise and found the secret lift to the spa! Fabulous photos too. Many thanks for the sunbed measurements, hopefully the same as Seaside. I'll find out if the adaptations work in 3 weeks!
  10. You have the YC package your cards will have YC on them, this will be sufficient outside of YC nothing needs to be added.
  11. So sorry for your loss, glad to hear you received excellent support at such a difficult time.
  12. We have laundry packages booked for Meraviglia (20) and Seaside (10), the wording is different for each ship on our tickets. I'll still be hoping to send items separately on our Meraviglia sailing.
  13. We've now received both sets of tickets for our upcoming Meraviglia and Seaside sailings, the tickets list the dimensions for YIN as follows; Mera - cabin 14.5mq - bathroom with shower 2.1mq Seaside - cabin 17.0mq - bathroom with shower 4.0mq It will be cosy for sure. I'm happy to sacrifice space to wash, it's only a few minutes of my day, in exchange for the benefits of YC. I may think differently on Friday 😂 If the bathroom size is an issue then a YIN isn't going to be a good choice for the OP.
  14. I think the storage is the only concern we have, probably lack of draws and shelves more than anything. I've all of our things ready today and as ever there's an awful lot! Feeling less confident in my storage solutions 😦 Although we'll be leaving the Caribbean part of the wardrobe and our NYC return clothes in the cases too, it's the mountain of miscellaneous items that normally reside in the draws which could be the issue. I'm sure it'll be grand 😄
  15. I've rarely seen any doors decorated on MSC, not sure if there's a policy but it's not a widely done thing.
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