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  1. A poster did a live from Grandiosa thread for the sailing in September, which should come up in a search. I'm sure that she posted a list of the excursions.
  2. Approval is only for residents of Japan though, in the same way only Schengen resisdents may sail on the current Mediterranean cruises. Although things can change a lot and you may sail, I'd set your expentation level to low unfortunately.
  3. It states no jeans but I've never seen this enforced on non formal nights.
  4. It's the Easy package included with Aurea. You can pay to upgrade if this doesn't suit.
  5. You'll need to make your spa reservation once onboard, yes, you can do this on embarkation day.
  6. We all certainly hope so. Although rolling out the vaccine to millions world wide isn't going to be a quick process.
  7. I can empathise with your pain. Our embarkation port was changed from Shanghai to Singapore earlier this year. Fortunately, our airline was able to move us onto a flight to Singapore instead. We had booked the flights independently too. We didn't receive any gifts or compensation for the change. As suggested above, I'd look if there's a flight from Barcelona to Genoa or Milan. Nice may also be an option and then the train to Genoa.
  8. MSC Cruises has suspended sailings of Magnifica from November 8 to December 18 after new restrictions on travel in France and Germany, two key markets. Grandiosa will continue and extend its sailings in the western Med until March 27. The MSC 2021 world cruise has also been cancelled.
  9. Although the CDC haven't extended the no sail order and admittedly, I've only read the summary of the conditional sail order not the whole document. It sounds as though it will be a lenghty and intensive process to comply, understandable that a lot of precautions need to be taken but to actually resume sailing. In reality it means this will not be imminent?
  10. Some cruises have been cancelled for next year already, many of the longer cruises, so final payments not required. With the shorter cruises for the Med or Caribbean for example, they aren't yet cancelled as presumably MSC do not know the feasibility of these cruises going ahead. A tough call in many circumstances, passengers want to know where they stand and not pay their balance but cancel too soon and the cruise might be able to sail and passengers are unhappy they miss their trip. Decisions should be made in a timely manner though, agreed. Unfortunately, at present
  11. Some European Countries have introduced additional restrictions which prohibit their residents from traveling to Italy, and therefore those people cannot book or sail imminently. MSC have not paused sales or sailing for regions which are permitted to do so.
  12. Christmas will certainly be very different this year, unfortunately. We would normally have my family visit but not permitted this year. I'd so hoped it would possible by then as I've not seen them this year, since last Christmas as it happens. We're all healthy and well, my family and friends, we have comfortable homes and food, and I'm grateful for this as many are less fortunate. It doesn't prevent us all from feeling and experiencing sadness though.
  13. Sounds perfectly festive to me. If those types of things were planned, the answer to your original question is that a lack of children wouldn't impact the Christmas feel of a cruise IMO. Obviously it depends on what makes a person feel festive. The HAL activities you described and enjoyed I'd avoid as it would detract from my festive enjoyment but not having those events could detract from yours.
  14. We've never been on a Christmas cruise so have no idea of the festive program offered but our own personal festive season feels festive enough but doesn't involve any children's activities. I just wondered why an adult only ship wouldn't feel festive. Presumably they would run a festive program which is aimed at adults. If you've booked an adult only cruise it's Presumably to avoid children focused family type activities?
  15. Why would a Christmas cruise onboard an adult only ship have any impact on Christmas feel?
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