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  1. We’re on board, I haven’t heard anything about a full refund. Where are people getting their information from? What I made of it is we’re getting refunded another day. I couldn’t hear the captain very well though so maybe I’m wrong??
  2. The staff are doing a great job. Everyone is wearing gloves and sanitizing literally EVERYTHING...arm chairs while people are still in them, garbage cans, railings, etc. They won’t even let you in shopping stores without sanitizing. Just my opinion but I kind of think it could have been a staff member. Just don’t understand how one person could get this many people sick. Seems more like someone didn’t wash their hands after using restroom and then contaminated a whole lot of food. I guess we’ll never know though
  3. Not a bad idea....maybe I can put all my onboard credit toward that??? 🤔
  4. This is just crazy. We’re hunkered down in our room because I’m so scared of getting sick. Captain says we’re all getting onboard credit. We already have onboard credit that we have no use for. Prepaid for everything before we got on the ship. Anything we can do about this? Is a credit possible? This is our first cruise in 15 years and will most likely be our last. Not just because of this, just realized we’re not cruise people.
  5. Awesome! And are small plates at vintages included?
  6. Thanks for all the great information! Quick question: I know we’ll get a $35 credit at À la cart restaurants. Is this per person or per check? And also is this a one time credit or can we go to one of these restaurants more than?
  7. I’d just like to confirm a few things: Is the food at Vintage and Sabor included in the ultimate dining package? And if so I know they pay up to $35 at certain alacarte places. Is that a one time deal or can we go to these places multiple times?And is that per person or the entire check?
  8. Interesting point about already paying for dinner in the MDR. This is a trip of a lifetime for us and I keep reading such bad reviews about the dining room food. Are the specialty dining restaurants worth the extra cost? My husband is a little disappointed we won’t be experiencing the main dining room aspect of cruising, but we’re huge foodies so specialty dining seems to be a no brainer if it’s truly tastier than the dining room. I did forget about formal nights and that chilled soup (!) Can we request lobster tails or chilled soup in a specialty restaurant if we know it’s on the main dining menu that night?
  9. I was hoping there would be a sale on the ultimate drink package today too, but looks like $49 a person will be the best deal
  10. Not sure if it was a computer glitch or what, but I was just able to book the ultimate dining package for $250 for our 7 night cruise even though it said $24 per person per day!! Any way couple questions: Is gratuity included in this price or are we charged extra when we dine? Also we have all of our entertainment booked and I’m wondering if we can book our dinners right now or do we have to wait until we board? If that’s the case is it fairly easy to get into restaurants on a whim or should we book everything on day one?
  11. Thanks for the tips! I sure appreciate it. We made reservations with Cortrans Shuttle Service for round trip service from our hotel, but I like this idea so much more!! So budget offers pick up right from the ship to the rental?
  12. Two quick questions: Thinking about booking a spa treatment and I’m just wondering if I can cancel it if a better price comes along? Also trying to figure out what nights to do specialty dining and the menus are up on the RC app for our sailing (January 6 on the oasis) Just wondering if those are fairly accurate or if menus could change without notice. I’ve looked on many different weeks and they all seem to be in the exact same order
  13. We have a late night flight the day before our cruise, so we’re planning on just staying close to the airport and using a shuttle service to get to the port the following morning. Our flight home isn’t until Monday so I was thinking it would be nice to stay in Port Canaveral Sunday rather than being stuck in an airport hotel the entire day. Any hotel recommendations would be great! Also how do we get back to the airport from there? Is Uber or a taxi service our only option or are there more affordable shuttle services available that would be willing to pick us up from the hotel? Thanks for your help!
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