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  1. In my case, I had booked through a TA. I emailed them and asked if it was available on my sailing and they checked and were able to add it. If you booked directly through NCL, I am sure you could call them as well to have it added.
  2. I'm glad it could be of help! When do you cruise? While, like you, I am excited at the prospect of no (or lesser) waits, I am a little concerned it will be so new that NCL employees will not know how to properly provide the perks offered,
  3. Thank you for the information as well as looking into my past posts to give the most relevant information! I also assumed my experience would most closely resemble that of the Latitudes guests, and I am eagerly waiting to see posts from some of the first users of this program to see if NCL staff at the ports and on the ship will be trained on it and have some clue of what it is when we arrive!
  4. Going out of Port Canaveral at the end of November and have priority boarding, tendering, and disembarkation for the first time (but I am not in the Haven). How do these work? How do I know where to go or what time I can board the ship? Thank you!
  5. I know this might not be a popular post-but I just took this offering. I am usually super frugal so this is unlike me but in my situation, it seems helpful (if it is run well by NCL seeing as it is a new program). My reasoning-this is my SO and I's big yearly trip so getting on and off the ship with no hassle would be ideal. We have one tender port which I heard can be a nightmare on the Breakaway so it would be nice not to deal with that. I also am surprising him with an aft balcony so being able to have a hot breakfast in the room a few mornings sounds really nice. My main concern, since the program is so new, that no one will know about it and I will have to argue for all the benefits I paid for.
  6. So I found out NCL is rolling out a new program to the Breakaway and Sun to test it out before going fleetwide. According to the description it includes: Priority Security, Check-in and Boarding Tender Priority (Off the ship) Priority Debarkation in Home Port Daily Complimentary Standard Room Service Breakfast Menu $50 Spa Credit (Services on port days only) Canapés (Day 2 of cruise) Eligibility: All booked guests are eligible except for: Guests in Haven staterooms & Owners Suites Platinum, Platinum Plus and Ambassador Level Latitude guests Limited availability: 25 cabins per sailing Pricing: $69 per stateroom for voyages 3-5 days $99 per stateroom for voyages 6-9 days $149 per stateroom for voyages 10-15 days $199 per stateroom for voyages 16+ days I was able to sign up for it through my TA. Anyone else hear about this and planning to take advantage? I am really hoping, with it being a new program and all, that I will actually get the benefits promised!
  7. I just bought the new priority access through my TA as well. Excited if it works out well but, like you said, a little nervous since it is a new program how it will be arranged so we actually get the benefits!
  8. Thank you for the info! We are going to spend so much time out there!
  9. I am on the Breakaway the second week after it moves from Miami to Port Canaveral. Just curious if this would coincide (generally) with any staffing changes? Does it effect service at all?
  10. Thanks for all the info-that's what I was hoping to hear 🙂
  11. Thanks for these pictures! Since I'm on deck 9 on the Breakaway, I assume mine will be identical to these. Could I ask what specific cabin yours was? Also, my only concern is that some people say they could hear noise from Spice H2O parties in the evenings; was that an issue for you?? Thank you!
  12. I love that we are both surprising our SOs! I can't wait to see the look on his face
  13. Debating on upgrading-wondering what drinks you got or got to try that you would not normally have had if you opted to upgrade to the PP beverage package.
  14. I upgraded our cabin for our Nov/Dec sailing to an aft balcony, deck 9 on the Breakaway a few weeks ago. I am surprising my SO with the upgrade so I can't talk to him about it but I am so excited to experience it that I need some discussion about it! Tell me your experiences (good and bad)! Is it as awesome as it sounds???
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