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  1. I know! I was really surprised. I was just planning on paying so my SO could experience a balcony for the first time and then the rep came back on the line with all of these offers!
  2. Always booked sail away and always received great rooms-of course that could be luck but the gamble to save the money to spend on other things is worth it for us!
  3. Echoing what another post said-if it does not matter to you either way, put in a bid you are comfortable with and just see what happens. If you definitely know you want the balcony experience, watch the pricing of your sailing and call in to upgrade your room if a balcony prices at something you are happy with. That's what I just did for my Thanksgiving sailing. The price to upgrade was only $100 more than my bid so I thought it was worth it. Little did I know, I would also get the promotions that came with it so I ended up with the dining package and $200 OBC. I did not get to pick my balcony (so you have to be okay with taking that chance) but ended up getting assigned a great midship balcony (which was technically an upgrade from what I bought because I should have had a forward hull balcony)