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  1. Bag of laundry two free dinners with bottle of wine, concierge service (which we never use) and a happy hour or two. Which used to be nice when you had to pay for your drinks. But now drinks and up charge restaurants are included now if you pick them. But on ncl the 7 day cruises are 3 upcharge restaurants for “free”. Plus the two dinners for platinum, so there’s still at least one day in MDR, buffet, or pay. Laundry sometimes is worth it. Lol.
  2. Hi folks. Same here. Platinum on NCL. Got Black Status, called them back after I got the Status March email. Got the 5% off and acknowledgment of the perks that come with it. Looks to be basically a free upcharge dinner for the most part since we booked the yacht club on the Seaside and that itself comes with the best perks for sure. Not sure how long they will keep this up. Seems to cost them a lot of money. But certainly made us switch to try them out. The entire process took about 2 weeks.
  3. We were on the Jade DOS and the Getaway OS in the Haven this year on ncl. I know they changed the total amount “included” as you have to select it and it’s only 3 nights. But with our status we also got a certificate for Bistro and Cagneys. So 5 nights were “included”. I was just curious if we can on YC. Many many very positive reviews. Can’t wait and of course the comparison while on board.
  4. Excellent review. We booked her too in the YC. Question for someone. Are the “upcharge” restaurants included in the YC fare? Or are they charged separate? We are totally new to MSC and use to the Haven on NCL (11 cruises on ncl) Sounds like YC is just a touch above Haven, but the Haven rooms include all the upcharge restaurants as well. Is this the case on MSC?
  5. Just booked the grand suite myself for the quick 2 day. Miami, Coco Cay, Miami. Does anyone know if you get the same perks on these short cruises and the longer ones? I think the free drinks are good so is it worth the drink package if we drink while chilling. Does the drink package work on coco cay? What about VIP tender. How does that work? We can “cut line” like on NCL?
  6. We just booked it too. The grand suite. Where can I find the perks that go with this suite? Looks like there’s is no butler like other suite class ships. Any suggestions? Is there a thermal spa with separate men’s and women’s areas for steam room and sauna? Any restaurant suggestions? Is that wave rider thing easy (and fun).
  7. Excellent. I guess you figured it out.
  8. Thank you. We booked the Yacht Club suite and daily pass to the thermal suite is included. I was just not sure if there is a men only sauna to steam room inside the locker room. Trying to get aquatinted with the ship. First time on MSC.
  9. Thanks everyone. Looking forward to trying MSC. Booked YC suite. Hearing mixed reviews overall, but mostly positive for YC. Truth be told we have been spoiled and used to the Haven on. NCL ships. Taking a leap of faith for sure. Also I haven’t been on here for quite sometime and having a hard time finding information. I was used to the old way for sure. Cheers to all. Happy sailing.
  10. Does anyone know what the status match would be for a platinum on NCL what that would equate to for MSC. I just signed up for their status match promotion.
  11. Is there a separate steam room for men and women on the nsa seaside? I’m a little confused on some posts here. I think the spa has them as co-Ed. But off the gym in the men’s chaining room. Is there any sort of spa areas for men only?
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