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  1. Not a problem. As a guest of The Retreat you can have the bed made as you wish. If you don't like the way it's positioned they will likely turn it for you, if it's not attached to the floor. You will be contacted by your shoreside concierge a couple weeks out from the cruise and you can make the request at that time. It should be as requested when you board.
  2. Solstice was the only Celebrity ship for New Zealand when we did the 12 night cruise in January of 2017. I just checked both Eclipse and Edge for January 2023 and their sailings are flopped as of now, with Edge showing in the Caribbean and Eclipse in New Zealand. I think it's just a matter of time until the changes are made and sailings are correct for the intended itineraries.
  3. I haven't seen anything about a second ship being assigned to Australia/New Zealand. Edge is slated to sail there for the 2023/2024 season, I believe. Is there any indication that passenger interest is high enough to support two ships on similar itineraries?
  4. That has been our experience, as well. One of our last cruises in Royal we had three nights booked at Murano. After the first experience there we cancelled the other two and we treated like 'Royalty' at Luminae. And, the meals were just as good. Our last cruise to Alaska aboard Millennium we hit Tuscan the second night and it was a dud. Stayed with Luminae the rest of the cruise.
  5. Book a Royal or Penthouse and you can eat at any specialty restaurant every night, with no additional charge. Or, you can eat at Murano every night and become a fixture there.
  6. Thanks, Jim. I was curious about the higher ceilings. I just read about them earlier today and was curious how that happened. It now makes sense. I was curious if anyone might say something about being directly under the X Club or down the hall from the Sky Lounge. It's good to hear that the hallway apparently breaks up some of the noise. Any thoughts about the teen club overhead? Interesting about the bathroom window. Not a problem unless we're in port, I suppose and even then there wouldn't be much that could be seen. We are typically at Luminae as they open. We eat early and might see a later show. I think the restaurant manager can make a huge difference in how quickly tables turn. If we run into a problem we may just book Murano or another restaurant, instead.
  7. I was curious about that. We normally book a suite with a double sink bathroom, such as a Royal. We got a good price on this stateroom but we may move up to a Royal before the cruise. We don't have friends, so that part is not a problem. 😄
  8. Thanks, George. I appreciate your feedback! I am hoping to hear from someone who has booked the Signature Suite on Reflection (the only ship that has Reflection and Signature suites). So far it seems to be escaping those who have done so.
  9. This is the result we were all expecting from Celebrity, I think. Thanks so much for sharing a great outcome!
  10. There must be someone who has stayed in this suite class. Anyone? Buehler?
  11. We've booked a Signature Suite on Reflection for a March sailing. We normally book aft suites and lower decks, sandwiched under and above other suites. If anyone has experience with the Signature aboard Reflection I would appreciate feedback. Most importantly, would you book a Signature Suite again?
  12. At this point I really think of it more as a play book due to the constant changes and 'what if' situations. I'm fairly sure executive managers are watching situations constantly and making the 'best guess' play for tomorrow or next week. I can assure everyone here that any information offered by any agent, whether land based or sitting aboard ship, is nothing more than a guess and should NOT be taken as factual. Passenger load will only increase as C-19 infections decrease and C-19 vaccinations increase. Parents will need to have their children vaccinated (12 and under) as quickly as possible to minimize the spread of C-19. Those adults who are not yet vaccinated need to be positive role models and do so. It's a health issue, nothing political about it.
  13. Only ONE of many good reasons to NOT sail with Carnival. (Snoot factor five).
  14. Not likely. The Move Up program takes care of filling any higher level staterooms and that leaves more lower level rooms available that can be sold, within the % level allowed, of course.
  15. We had 6145 booked on Millennium for the 30 July cruise from Seattle to Alaska and return. Then we got the Move Up invitation and I bid on Celebrity Suite, Royal Suite, and Penthouse Suite, hoping for the Royal. Unfortunately we got the Celebrity Suite (7140) and endured it for the week. Never again. Next time I will skip any opportunity to cruise in a Celebrity Suite (first world issue, here). The one positive about it (okay, two) is {1} the central ship location and {2} the floor to ceiling windows to the balcony. I didn't find the balcony too small, as some folks have written. The dining area was nice and the closet was nice. The bedroom was crowded and the bathroom is horrendous, as is the gray on gray on gray decor. The decor has no life and it's dismal. I just wanted to get out of the stateroom and go looking for some sign of color and life. It was like living in a black and white video, with shades of gray here and there. Blah, to the extreme. If anyone has a lower body disability of any kind, DO NOT book the Celebrity Suite if you wish to shower or bathe during the week. Or simply plan to find a shower elsewhere on the ship. The jetted tub/shower is raised at least six inches off the floor, making the step-over height about 24 inches to get into and out of the tub. Not good for anyone who has problems with their lower legs or hips. Not to mention the damn toilet is right there, as well. Don't waste a dime on the Celebrity Suite, honestly.
  16. Holy smoke. 202? I wonder if they were handed a very long oar when they boarded?
  17. I thought we had been cruising a long time. But we started in the 2000s.... you are a veteran!😎😂
  18. Just to mention, without naming, is against the rules? Curious.
  19. Agreed. We had a similar situation for our 30 July cruise to Alaska aboard Millennium. We had a really nice S1 (6145) reserved and then did a Move Up bid for a Celebrity, Royal (our real choice), or Penthouse. We got a Celebrity stateroom (7140) which we both disliked due to the stateroom layout, decor, furniture and that gawd awful lifted jet tub/shower combination. What a mistake that was for us. I will say, however, the midship stateroom was very stable with almost no movement, forward or to side. I'm sure we will give Move Up another shot, but we will be much more careful.
  20. Holy smoke! You turn 66 and can still drive to the port? Impressive! 😎
  21. The performance document doesn't list anything other than some paint repairs and mechanical issues that need to be resolved. No mention of refurbishment of any kind. Don't expect any of the Revolting process until sometime in 2022 at the earliest, depending on increased profits as passenger count increases due to a decrease in new C-19 cases.
  22. I would be on pins and needles. Just saying... 🙃🤪
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