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  1. I will be on this cruise and have done it many times. Agree with others - expect fall weather and possibly some rain. A light sweater at night and a long sleeve pullover during the day. Also bringing a wind breaker hoodie this go round. Only once was the ship rocking and rolling to the distress of the blue cards. I always bring my bonine just in case. I wear long athletic pants during the day and dress pants at night.
  2. My experiences have been the same as mentioned above - * when a change is not posted a call will get it corrected * I often get multiple changes before departure * I check fares periodically. * once the change resulted in too short of a layover and I switched to a diffferent airline. Overall after rebooking two times on the anytime fare before final payment the cost was lower. i have been a fan of ez air since my first cruise. Our connecting flight to Vancouver was seriously delayed with about 40 passengers on the flight. Princess held the ship, rushed us from the airport (including passengers that had not paid for a transfer) expedited customs ( I did not even realize we had gone through customs) bearded us into the wheelhouse for muster, and as soon as that was finished the ship left port. That was my first experience with Princess and it has kept me as a loyal customer since.
  3. The best bread pudding is served when they have English pub lunches usually on sea days. There is usually one German themed buffet with a variety of sausages and other foods. Shrimp cocktail is always an option in the MDR but haven’t seen a lot of shrimp in the buffet. If they make shrimp scampi in the buffet it is really good but have only seen it a couple of times.
  4. You raise some good points. Personally shared values are important to me as an investor and as a customer. The alignment has not been always perfect and there are times when a company hits a road bump and I can either sit and watch how management handles things or sell. In many cases those road bumps are buying opportunities. Carnival was one of my first stock purchases and has generally been a good performer. Although I was disappointed with management’s failure to appropriately address environmental shortcomings threatening company operations in the US - my hope is that it will become a leader in this area. I typically follow Warren Buffet’s advice when investing - historically strong companies, good dividends, competitive moat, and has hit a snag that has caused a significant price dip, and hold a long time. Carnival pretty much checks all of those boxes.
  5. The stretch class is free - you just sign up the first day. Unfortunately the quality varies but it is a good alternative if you prefer something lighter than Zumba. The two occur at about the same time.
  6. I noticed prices out of Seattle have been holding up better than prices out of Vancouver. Noticed that next year there appear to be more departures out of Seattle.
  7. I also had the unfortunate experience of being diagnosed as pre diabetic bordering on diabetic before my last cruise and found myself trying to figure out how to make drastic lifestyle changes while being surrounded by temptation. i made significant progress on the start of my recalibration on my cruise. Breakfast - three pieces of smoked salmon, egg white omelet with veggies, muesli. lunch/snacks - shrimp salad or vegetable salad at IC. dinner/large lunch - vegetables at the buffet and seafood - shrimp, calamari steak. desert - princess does not make very appetizing sugar free deserts so I cheated but only had three. main dining room - only ate there 3 times - embarkation lunch is good without desert - filet and shrimp appetizer. Always enjoy the filet on formal nights. crown - sea bass other modifications - increased steps to a minimum of 6500 a day - used cross trainer in the gym. WebMd offers a daily diabetes newsletter that has a lot of good information. Weight seems to be the biggest issue in my case so I am on a pretty strict diet that has a good chance of putting the diabetes in remission. i also have one glass of one on cruises but don’t drink normally and just water otherwise. After losing about 35 pounds many of the symptoms improved dramatically. At 45 pounds now and 30 ponds to go - 20 to a normal BMI. Good luck - I found a cruise with all of the choices and activities was a great place to contemplate and experiment with lifestyle changes.
  8. Agree it is at a good price for those wanting the OBC. It could go lower but the dividend has gone up a couple times since the last time it was at this price. If it tanks due to a one time surprise even I would certainly buy more.
  9. I sailed on the Sun last year and there was a lot to like. First, history - when it came out it was the world’s largest ship. Given it is now one of the smaller ships it had a number of nice food venues. Also, the atrium was larger than on some of the larger ships allowing for a lot of seating for evening entertainment. For some reason the Vista lounge seemed to have more evening high quality entertainment and was much more comfortable than the Princess Theatre. All of those nice touches for the Aussie market - the grill, NZ ice cream. It just seemed less crowded than other ships and the staff was great too. I believe it is due to be transferred to P&O but could be sold.
  10. You should just call the TA. I generally take the transfers because the Princess team takes such good care. Although it would be less expensive and about as easy to take the light rail in Vancouver for some reason I enjoy the transfer experience that always seems to get me boarded in time for embarkation lunch. As for Ft. Lauderdale you could walk to the pier although it would be a long walk and probably not the safest in traffic. There is just something nice about starting a cruise while being met at the airport.
  11. We were told on one cruise that Princess has a special licensing agreement with Zumba that allows Princess to offer the classes for free. Apparently the licensing has some rules and I suspect there might have been an issue with having a certified instructor. The classes are very popular and the relationship between Princess and Zumba seems to be a win win win.
  12. I’ve been surprised by the offers but sensed it was going to be a soft season. International travel is down to the US (it is having an effect on Vegas room rates). US travel abroad I believe is down as well. Canadian travel to the US is down (we has a lot of direct flights from Canada to Las Vegas). There are also signs that higher debt loads by those younger is having an effect on travel. My projection is that for the next couple of years - those with cash in the bank, watch for deals, time, ability and willingness to travel will see some really good deals. The Alaska deals popping up are really great.
  13. Lately I’ve experienced the hours to have been 12 to 130. The sliced filet mignon with the shrimp avocado appetizer are my favorites.
  14. I would also appreciate your tips especially on Viking since I will be doing my first river cruise with them in November and would like to do more.
  15. I have seen some good deals popping up lately including for Alaska. Prices have been dropping for May/June cruise on both Princess and Celebrity. I suspect bookings are dropping - the economist in me is seeing signs of a worldwide slow down - vegas bookings are down, FedEx is seeing a drop, and cruise prices are starting to drop (also more casino offers and I don’t gamble much). My sense is there will be some decent deals to be had over the next year if you have flexibility and track your options. I’m hoping for a deal in July or August to Alaska and those are rare. As a back up a Trans Pacific on Celebrity.
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