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  1. Fun video, looks like you all had a blast. I was on the same cruise with my mom and sister for a girls cruise and we enjoyed every moment. Still wish we were back on GSC, that was the most perfect day, wasn’t it?!
  2. In a balcony room on the Sun last week. Low volume hair dryer unit attached to the wall above toilet (bring your own), coffee maker on desk, no robes.
  3. I just returned from a 5 day cruise on the Sun and I definitely recommend the MDR over the buffet for lunch. The buffet is very small and very busy during peak hours. On embarkation day the buffet was slammed at lunch but the MDR was quiet and peaceful. We found the food and service to be just fine in the MDR except for the last night. I was a bit weary of the conflicting reviews on the Sun, but by going into it not expecting the newest, greatest ship I was pleasantly surprised. We enjoyed our cruise, loved the Sun and would do it again in a heartbeat. Have a great cruise!
  4. When I log in to the website I see it on the Vacation Summary listed under Offer Upgrades. It didn’t list this way until after the change was announced. If you don’t see it anywhere on your account no harm in calling to get more info. If you used a TA to book, have them do the work for you.
  5. I’m interested in this as well. We booked the Sun 9/30 cruise in June before the announced change. Our vacation summery now lists the “Adult Beverage Package” listed for all 3 adults. There is the option to upgrade to the premium package for a small fortune which is not even close to worth it for us.
  6. Thanks for the review. Looks like a fun weekend getaway. I’ll be sailing on the Sun in 7 weeks and can’t wait to experience a smaller ship.
  7. I just made reservations for MTD for our Symphony cruise in April. I only had 6:30 and 8:30 to choose from as well. My past cruises have offered times as early as 5:45. I’m hoping that as the cruise gets closer more time slots will open up so I can modify our reservations. Same thing happened when I made the initial MTD reservations for our December cruise. Within a few weeks of making those I was able to modify to the times we wanted. Just keep checking your cruise planner and most likely you will be able to grab the times you want.
  8. I see it for our September 30th Sun sailing under the Onboard Packages tab. All 3 of us now have the Adult Beverage Package.
  9. Thanks for the tip. I checked when OP first posted and it was still $57per day for our Symphony cruise, I checked again a few minutes ago and snagged it for $18. Unbelievable. Sure wish our Brilliance cruise in December would drop to that too. I noticed that the confirmation email listed it as “Deluxe Beverage Package Special Offer 21+“ instead of “Deluxe Beverage Package 21+”
  10. These guys are great. We’ve been out snorkeling with them, but they also offer scuba for all levels of experience. https://www.stthomasadventures.com/scuba
  11. I booked a villa this morning for my upcoming girls cruise with my Mom and sister celebrating our Mom’s 75th birthday the end of September. I am over the moon excited now after seeing the pictures.
  12. My husband gambled maybe $100 on our Allure cruise a year ago and nothing on our Oasis cruise in December. That said, he got the interior room for $250 offer. We live in SC and always drive to FL but even with a great deal, not sure we could justify sailing an old ship where the kids would bored to death. (They have only been on Allure) I did book an NCL Sun rock bottom deal for not much more this past weekend for a girls cruise to celebrate my Mom’s 75th birthday in Sept, so at least the whole Cuba cruise fiasco was of some benefit. At least drinks are included on the NCL Sun. Now if Royal would offer that perk included in the price my husband might reconsider slipping in a cruise on Royal this summer.
  13. Great review so far. We’re sailing the same itinerary on Symphony next April. We booked 16 months in advance and the time is just dragging! Looking forward to the rest of your review. Oh, and I agree, I really wish they would have kept the Champagne Bar, it was our favorite place for dessert (Tiramisu and Chocolate Martinis) on our Oasis cruise this past December. I have no desire at all to visit the Bionic Bar...
  14. We were in 14272 on Oasis this past December and had no problems at all with noise from above. It was assigned after booking a guarantee so I was a bit nervous, but we ended up enjoying being so close to pool deck. We honestly never heard any noise at all in our cabin when the balcony door was closed. The structural wall on the left side of the balcony was annoying, but we loved the extra shade the overhang provided. Here’s a pic from inside the room. Have a great cruise!
  15. Thanks for taking us along and for the great review so far. My hubby I are will be sailing Brilliance in December (without the kids,) on a rare 7 day itinerary and I cannot wait. Brilliance looks like such a great ship despite her age. Enjoy the rest of your vacation! Oh, I totally agree about that Char Grilled Palm Sugar Chicken for lunch in the MDR. I ordered that on Oasis for lunch and it was amazing!
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