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  1. I’m on Mariner September 3, and nothing yet for that sailing.
  2. I haven’t done the excursions in Costa Maya to compare, but my 12 year old son and I enjoyed the Mayan Ruins and Chocolate tour in Cozumel offered by RCCL. They aren’t the big ruins, but we wanted to avoid the long travel time and ferry to the mainland while in Cozumel. We usually do tours via independent operators so I was a bit nervous about the big group tour, but we ended up really enjoying it. We felt our tour was worth the price we paid and would do it again.
  3. Happy to see this about passport processing time. We dropped everything this morning with our local post office to renew my 2 minors passports - easy to get next day appointments here in our small town. Their current passports actually don’t expire until September 2022, but we have quite a few cruises in the months before then so I decided to do it now. We paid for expedited as well since we are just over 14 weeks out from our next family cruise. Happy cruising!
  4. Happy cruise day!! So excited for another live review. Thanks for taking us along.
  5. Been wondering the same about Radiance. We have her booked for a 9 night end of October that hasn’t been available for booking for months. Final payment due end of July so I really hope they make an announcement by then. Of course they usually don’t cancel until after final so we shall see. Already have plan B booked, but really hope our cruise sails.
  6. My last cruise was a quick 4 night on Brilliance out of Tampa Jan 30 - Feb 3, 2020. It was a mother son cruise with my youngest (11 at the time) to visit Mexico for a field trip while we studied Mayan history for homeschool. We had an amazing time but could see the beginnings of the mess that followed. When we checked in for that cruise they asked questions about recent travel to China. We actually spent a day at EPCOT the day after we disembarked and saw a handful of people wearing masks. Since then we’ve had 3 cancelled cruises and I doubt our next several will sail as planned after reading
  7. We originally booked Explorer for December 2020 because of the amped ship and the ABC itinerary. We L&S to December 2021 for obvious reasons and now this....I honestly don’t mind the change to Radiance because we love that class of ships, but the new itinerary is nothing like we originally booked. Only thing making us even consider keeping the booking is the great deal we got on it.
  8. What a mess. We have 2 cabins booked next to each other because our kids are in their own cabin. Hopefully they don’t screw that up when they move us.
  9. Same for my 8 night on Brilliance on June 19th - it now shows 7 night western caribbean out of Tampa. My guess is they moved the ship to Tampa on the system before moving our reservations to Indy. Guess we keep watching for more changes.
  10. I personally love Brilliance, but there definitely isn’t as much for kids compared to the bigger ships. My boys first cruise was on Allure, so it was a big change for my 11 year old to sail Brilliance earlier this year. There were very few kids on our sailing so he never even went to the kids activities. Instead he went to napkin folding, towel animals and trivia during the day and had a blast. He loves live music and looked forward to listening to the music in Schooner Bar each evening after dinner. As for the pool, he enjoyed the small kids water slide (better than no slide) and enjoyed the
  11. You could consider booking a balcony for yourself and the interior directly across the hall for the kids. We have that set up for our cruise next month and our boys are beyond thrilled to have their own room. I’m thrilled that I won’t have to share 1 tiny bathroom with 3 boys!
  12. Another vote for Thenford Grey in St. Kitts. For St. Thomas we love https://www.stthomasadventures.com and definitely get the photo package for $40. We got the most amazing snorkeling and swimming with turtles pictures when we went out with Web a year ago. We’ve already booked with him again for our cruise in April.
  13. If you sail away at 4, most likely yes, you would miss it if you have early dining. I sailed Brilliance twice recently (my favorite ship so far) and both times we left Tampa at 4 and sailed under the bridge around 6:20 or so. It’s an incredible experience and not to be missed. Have an awesome cruise!
  14. We ate at both Chops and Giovanni’s on Brilliance in December and preferred our meal at Giovanni’s. Not that Chops was bad, just our preference. An evening meal without the kids will be enjoyed at either restaurant you choose.
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