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  1. We sailed on Getaway in December and have previously sailed on Celebrity, the last time on Reflection in November, 2018. The entertainment on Norwegian is so much better. Burn the Floor, Howl at the Moon, Comedy Club, Million Dollar Quartet, plus the Main Theatre were all fantastic. My recollection of Reflection, not so much, unless you are a fan of athletic violinists. We don’t use the pool but always managed to find a vacant lounger with shade on the pool deck and never had any great difficulty maneuvering through the masses. There are eighteen bars on Getaway and we never had to wait too long for service on any of them. Plus Bailey’s isn’t classed as a premium so bonus point from me. Granted, the food is slightly better on Celebrity but we have never had any complaints with NCL’s offerings. We don’t have to cook, serve, wash or load and empty a dishwasher and have never lost weight on a cruise so not an issue. We will be on Celebrity Constellation next week and will take it as it comes and enjoy the cruise for what it is. Just hope the violinist is on another ship.
  2. We were on The Getaway in December and in the most part enjoyed the food and the service. We usually ate in the MDR on any of our past cruises but had four of the specialty restaurants as perks this time and had no disappointments but some were better than others with Le Bistro probably our favourite. We also ate in the MDR, Taste and Saver plus O’Sheehan’s and enjoyed them all. We managed to put on 10 lbs each but maybe the alcohol had some bearing on that. All in all it was a great cruise. Roll on the next one.
  3. Thanks for the review of Turquoise Bay. We have booked that excursion on the Dec. 13th. sailing.
  4. Looked at TA. Nov.2020. BA Balcony. Nov.10th. Price was CAD. $8000.00 Nov. 21st.$8094.00. Nov. 25th. Black Friday Sale. $7460.00. Booked. Unfortunately this cruise doesn’t qualify for Latitudes 20% discount but one lives in hope.
  5. 66 days until Constellation, Dubai to Singapore. 3 days in Singapore then a week in Bali.
  6. We are on the December 13th. sailing with this itinerary. Glad to see a positive review after reading some of the comments on Getaway’s Transatlantic crossing.
  7. Home departure city. Toronto. Dec.11th. for Dec.13th.cruise. Destination. New Orleans. Airlines. WestJet. Republican. Delta. WestJet. Connections. One each way. La Guardia. Outbound. 09:35. Arrive.16:38. Inbound. 13:13. Arrive. 20:41. Paid $50:00. for two. Two days deviation prior to cruise. Tickets. 59 days until cruise. AirCanada have direct flights but figure this has saved us around $1200:00. so no complaints.
  8. Interesting to see Mt. Gay rum for $11:00 in the premium package. In Barbados, you can buy a bottle for $10:00.
  9. We stayed there in October before our cruise and had no problem. Service was excellent and they even arranged a shuttle to the port.
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