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  1. I think I might be a zip line snob too😊. We have done quite a few zip lines and found some challenging and exciting and some just so-so. We have also done the ziprider in ISP twice. Both times were a lot of fun. Instead of the typical zip line harnesses your harness on the ziprider is more like a swing seat. It’s a long ride and very beautiful and the seat makes it more enjoyable to just enjoy looking around. Now if you really want an exciting zipline check out http://Www.ziptrek.com in Whistler.....especially the Sasquatch! We did this in July and talk about exciting!!! Have fun
  2. Tell her your interested in seeing orcas. We were the only ones on the boat. Jayleen had reports of humpbacks bubble net feeding and a large pod of orcas. She couldn’t do both so asked us what was more important. We go to Hawaii a lot to see humpbacks and have also seen bubble net feeding several times do we said ORCAS!! So happy we choose them.
  3. We have been to Alaska 5 times...actually I’m in Talkeetna right now! We have done many many excursions. One of my favorite days was a beautiful sunny day in Skagway when we hiked around lower Dewey lake. The trailhead is very close to where the ships dock. We took our time and spent about 3 hours hiking. It was a beautiful hike...wildflowers blooming, the mountains reflecting in the lake. Such a sweet memory Something you might want to consider
  4. Every whale watching trip is different. We were in Juneau last week and booked two whale watching trips. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Saw lots of bubblenet feeding with humpback whales in the morning and an amazing Orca trip in the afternoon We prefer small boats for a better experience. In my opinion...don’t wait to book. Check out http://www.jayleensalaska.com She is fantastic!
  5. We have been whale watching twice in ISP and many more times in Juneau. As much as I really like ISP I have to say our whale watching experience in juneau has always exceeded ISP Just did whale watching in both ports last week and Juneau was by far better. Check out Jayleensalaska.com We had a great time with her
  6. I am shocked you were told this. We have been whale watching several times over the last 14 years in Juneau. Always had a good experience and saw lots of whales. Juneau rarely fails in a great whale watching. Hopefully you can return soon and go out with Jayleen!
  7. Island wings in ketchikan Jayleensalaska in Juneau Both are fantastic!
  8. We had a great whale watching experience two days ago in Juneau. Spent almost an hour with a large pod of orcas......and we were the only boat! Pod included one very large male, smaller males and females and two babies. Our naturalist, Emily said she had only seen orcas breech twice in her life. On this trip the baby orcas breeched so many times that we stopped counting. We had tail slaps and spy hops too! Amazing orca activity. Want to give a huge shoutout to the whale watching company..... www.jayleensalaska.com Jayleen and Emily are fantastic! She only takes a few passengers at a time..her boat handles the waves smoothly and they work very hard to ensure you’re having a great experience. Only boat we will go out on from now on!!!
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