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  1. Having seen HH email even World Club Members do not get priority booking over the general public as previous releases have done. Did some get an opportunity to book earlier than the release?
  2. This is fine in principle but we tried to book our first choice of cruise this morning. No cabins available for 3 in the grade we wanted. Have booked another date and had to settle for second choice of cabin. The prices were also increased today from those released to agents last week. Will now have to wait and see if this cruise is cancelled in due course.
  3. I understand these have been available for pre register and we have done so. But to see waitlist implies some cabins are not being released. Cunard have released prices to TA's but not a list of available cabins. We like you have given our TA a nuber of cabins which would be accceptable.
  4. I am a little surprised to see on a UK travel agent's site that even though these cruises are not on sale until 29th September 2020 at 10am GMT, some grade are already waitlisted on a cruise I was looking at. How can this be?
  5. I went on the VP to look at Shore Excursions for January. They are all over the place - everything relates to Bermuda when it states Fort Lauderdale or San Francisco. We made a new booking 2 weeks ago and I note on that voyage the stateroom number is not shown. Why cannot it be more like Princess where a full cruise history is available. We are great fans of Cunard but the technology onboard needs to be brought up to date as per Princess and surely this is a good time to work on it.
  6. When we took the ship transfer to Macy's, we were dropped off at 9am. it was a Sunday and a really nice sunny day. We strolled up to the Met arriving at 10am and left at 1.30pm to get the subway back to meet the coach. It makes sense to concentrate on a small area and not try to pack too much in.
  7. We have done this several ways. Take the bus transfer offered by the ship around $45 return they drop off near Macy's around 9am and return 2.30pm. Or leave the Terminal at head for the Ferry very close by and go to Wall Street very cheap and a regular schedule. We then got the subway to the Frink did some shopping at we were back at the ship around 3pm.
  8. This article was in todays edition of the Sunday Times. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/all-steam-cleaners-on-deck-cruise-liners-get-shipshape-8p308vnq7?shareToken=61c6ea4c20e230a685d6b883fc671f72
  9. Received an email from Cunard earlier today stating 3 crew members onboard Queen Victoria had tested positive on 9th April. We have followed government advice since our return and have not shown any symptoms. No doubt everyone onboard from Port Everglades will have received this notice.
  10. If you are Diamond and on a World cruise you may still be delayed at check in due to the numbers of this level who take the longer voyages. We allow extra time for traffic problems and if we arrive a little earlier so be it. Once onboard we go to our cabin and drop off the carry on luggage, then go to lunch. Please remember on a longer voyage therre is more luggage and it may take a little longer to arrive. Relax and go the see the Regimental Band then unpack before the drill and firework display.
  11. We recently disembarked in Melbourne. Cunard insisted we leave the ship at 8am (they said it was required by Customs) we embarked the coach to the airport at 8.15am and left the port at 8.30pm. By 9.15am we were at Melbourne airport for a 5.15pm flight. Yet in Hong Kong earlier this year we did not leave the ship until 2.30pm for an evening flight which was fine. No tours were offered by Cunard - years ago they did a city tour on the way to the airport which was free. In view of this we either book a hotel day room for a late evening flight or as we have chosen to do later this year extend our stay and book a taxi to the airport from the hotel at a time of our choosing.
  12. A friend on QM2 prior to Christmas had heard possibility of Alexandra or Adelaide for the name of the new ship.
  13. No Cunarder and no Christmas card.
  14. We have World Cruises booked for 2021 as we will be travelling with friends and booked 2022 this week as we required a cabin for 3 and there were few in the grade we wanted. We have also booked another voyage in 2021 and this was booked 2 years in advance again. We have good annual travel insurance so if we had to cancel should be well covered. In the past we never booked so far in advance but then the cruise lines only brought the brochures ot 12 months in advance. Certainly the Early Booking benefits are a great incentive.
  15. Our travel agent booked the cabin we required at 8am GMT today - Queen Victoria full world and rang me before 8.05am to confirm. We had discussed our requirements yesterday and also had a Plan B cabin in mind - just in case, so he was ready with all the information.
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