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  1. Wilko do a great mirror, which is easy to pack Wilko Small Freestanding Mirror 0327643 £3.00
  2. Just sitting on deck watching the sunset with a nice glass of wine - bliss.
  3. The sticker stamps were introduced in January 2019, prior to that it was a stamp in a book. There was a great fuss about all the wonderful new prizes after Southampton but unfortunately even by Hong Kong - 6 weeks later not all had come onboard. The library still used the old stamper method if you won the library quiz. Clocks, weather stations and umbrellas. Vacuum flasks still available and binoculars. The wine was ok - I preferred the red to the white. It was on the wine list as well.
  4. We heard back earlier today. Admiral accepts we are covered without paying an additional premium as the house will not be unoccupied as our son will be here 3 nights per week. Their T&C's needed clarification as a family member was someone residing at the property (ie living there), as our son has his own home he does not live with us. I believe having consulted with the Financial Ombudsman also assisted in their decision.
  5. It is nothing to do with age. It is the interpretation Admiral place on 'unoccupied' and 'family member'. I have spoken to the Financial Ombudsman and again to Admiral - a more senior member of staff - they are going back to the underwriters for clarification as we will in effect have a house sitter for 3 consecutive nights per week. I have no objection to paying an extra premium if we were leaving the house unattended but we are not. I will report back when I have further information as it is something that may affect anyone going on an extended holiday.
  6. I am obliged for your responses. It is Home and Contents Insurance I was discussing. Thanks to this forum we have Annual Travel Insurance with the Forces Pension Service to cover our 78 night cruise. For a World Cruise cover is also available for an additional premium. I intend to contact the Financial Ombudsmenr Office for clarification as we shall have a part time house sitter so the house will not be unoccupied for more than a few days at a time.
  7. We are going Around South America in January 2020 - 78 nights. Having recently renewed our home insurance our provider Admiral want an additional premium as we are only covered up to 60 days absence. The additional premium is almost 50% of the cost of the original insurance and we will have a home sitter (son) at least 2 nights per week. We took a similar trip in 2018 but as our son was between homes - ours and his own - we were covered when he stayed a few nights per week at our place. Could anyone recommend an insurer who will cover long trips as we plan to do a world cruise next time?
  8. HAIR DESIGN Bang / fringe trim $17 Comb-out $48 Cut & style short $89 medium-length $99 long $110 Shampoo, cut & blow-dry short $89 medium-length $99 long $110 Shampoo, rollerset & blow-dry short $58 medium-length $69 long $79 Blow-dry enhancements add-ons $38 extra-long $28 super curly $28
  9. Cunard cater very well for special diets. I am gluten intolerant and have only had one problem when a label was misplaced on a gluten free dessert. The staff will ensure there is no cross contamination as the special diets are prepared in a separate area. At the pasta station separate pans are used. Any concerns talk to the maitre d' they will sort out any problems. On one cruise they made special desserts for dinner instead of the usual ones in the buffet.
  10. We were on QM2 earlier this year and found the greater cheese selection in the King's Court each evening. A special area with knowledgeable staff and a different selection most nights.
  11. Do not expect an easy disembarkation in Southampton. There will be a great number of Diamond World Club members on a World Cruise and its sectors. You will be in a long line to get off as we were last year.
  12. You can take wine onboard for consumption in your stateroom. If you take a bottle into a restaurant $20 corkage fee applies. Cunard will allow more than 1 bottle per person. The official policy is:- Bringing alcohol onboard at embarkation: Liquor may not be brought onboard. Passengers are allowed to bring one bottle of wine or Champagne onboard. A $20-per-bottle corkage fee applies for bottles consumed in the ships' restaurants and bars.
  13. Our children have dined with us from being very young. We took a book in so when they had finished eating they could read if they wished..
  14. We did this trip last year, fortunately I still have a spreadsheet of the dresses I wore. Formal nights day 2,4,6,9,14,16 and 18 = 7 formal nights and 12 informal. Only 1 formal on the Eastern Seaboard part. I took 19 dresses 7 long 12 cocktail. This was during the World Cup and several passengers stayed casual throughout eating in the Golden Lion and the Buffet. We took 3 cases and 1 wardrobe case for 3 adults and 2 small cases for overnight and sundries, all went under the bed. It rained in Canada and we needed a jacket but the rest of the trip was good weatherwise and on occasions quite hot.
  15. We are booked for the full trip and noted sectors sold out quickly. Do not concern yourself there will be cancellations and you will move up the wait list as this is cleared. You will find that cancellations will come in all grades not just the Grills.
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