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  1. This is a really late post, but since I'm now recently retired, I'm catching up on things that I didn't have time to do before.The breakfast buffet in Moderno isn't well-publicized so, although it's a quieter place to have breakfast and you can eat on the waterfront, it also means, since there are less people, that the buffet food isn't being replenished as often. I had pancakes that could double as shot puts and the scrambled eggs were like rubber! My parents had a farm in Ohio and as children we were taught to respect any amount of food and shelter we were given. When the MaitreD (sp?) came to our table and asked how was everything, I said, " it's good".
  2. ClevelandCruisin and I are following along...thanks in advance!
  3. Thank you! All the photos I saw of Spice H2O showed people at tables and at the bar, but I didn't see them with any plates of food or snacks.
  4. The reason I'm asking if I am allowed to take a plate of food from the buffet into Spice H2O is because, on embarkation day, my DIL wants to go there and use the hot tub before things get crowded, and I really wanted to do lunch instead, so I'm trying to see if there is a possibility of a compromise here.
  5. Can I bring food into Spice H2O (a plate from the buffet), or is it only drinks?
  6. When I was on the on the Dawn this past January, the $50 per port shore excursion credits ended up being enough to cover all of my daily gratuities. The customer service desk called me the morning of disembarkation and told me to come down and collect the $42 they still owed me! From what I'm reading here, I'm guessing that shore excursion credits are "refundable onboard credits", and will cover the gratuities if you go on enough excursions and have that as one of your promos.
  7. We went to Margaritaville for lunch on embarkation day. WAY too much food! Pictures of the conch fritters, pretzel sticks, and key lime pie are on page 1. I can't remember specifics about the 5 O'Clock Somewhere Bar, except that may have been the one that also has bar seating on the waterfront.
  8. We were there last in March 2018. There were loungers then, and tables. We took the catamaran, that's what NCL offered with the excursion. It was an enjoyable ride.
  9. I did the Passion Island all-inclusive beach day excursion twice and loved it both times. The beach was clean of seaweed, the unlimited drinks were free, and the buffet lunch was very good. A waiter ran back and forth getting us drinks, too (we tipped each time). I liked it so much that I signed up to do it again when we go to Cozumel in December. What have you heard about it that has changed?
  10. I know, I'm biting my nails over this issue. It's totally ruining the anticipation I have for the cruise.
  11. I had the same experience. The "free air" is good for 2 people reserving one room. Add one more room for a family member, and you're out of luck.
  12. Now we're thinking of going 1 day ahead of the cruise. Even if they put us together and gave us either one of the present flights, we wouldn't get to Tampa until 12:30 pm on one, and 3 pm on the other. Sonya in the air dept told me that if we request a "deviation" to arrive 1-2 days early, it's $25 per person and we'll be on the same flight, but I have to do it through reservations. I'm thinking I might go that route. We were first in line on one cruise, and boy, was that nice, exploring the near-empty ship!
  13. Unfortunately, supervisors are no help in this matter. Of course we can all book our own air. But, since NCL is offering free/reduced air in order to lure customers, it should work for everyone who chooses a cruise offering it. We're not a huge group asking to fly together. We're 3 people in 2 connecting rooms.
  14. I was told that a reservation is one cabin, and doesn't include connecting rooms. "On the same reservation" means you're all in the same room. I'm in a connecting cabin with my son and DIL, and we have the "travel with air" clause entered into our combined reservation. My son & DIL are on a flight together and I have a different one. I asked if I could swap flights with one of them since I can't travel alone, and was told by Pam in reservations, "No you can't, you would have to switch rooms with one of them and that would be a cancellation and then a new reservation." I asked what if teens have a connecting room with their parents, are you going to give them a separate flight? She said, "Of course we wouldn't separate teens from their parents." My question then: why is NCL discriminating against disabled, elderly, and any other guests who are also in a connecting room? Any connecting room should apply to all.
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