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  1. If this is correct it will blow a hole right through the middle our 26 night package. Does anyone have any further information beyond the poster?. Where is he getting his information from?
  2. There is talk on the RCL board that it will be? That cruise ships ports in NYC/NJ which would include Brooklyn are not planning to reopen to cruise ship traffic till second quarter of 22?
  3. So there will be a press release on May 1st for us Brits is that right?
  4. Or he could get himself banned off NCL for life with a nice little phone call and draw a line under them and move on with his life.
  5. What is or was Franconia? (I saw it in your signature) 😀
  6. No but I though it would be the pride of America at full sailing due to the ability to have the American staff all vaccinated? How long can they afford to do baby steps for? Or the major 3 groups NCL is probably worst off financially.
  7. If you don't intend to sail with them why you don't you get yourself banned for life as discussed in the other moaning thread about kids ban till vaccination. A good call to the operations centre with threatening foul language and racist epithets should do the trick. That way you can draw a line under NCL and move on with your life.
  8. I understand you are passionate about your kids and rightly so. But there is not getting past that in the latest increase in spread on the Isle of Man - which had nearly gone back to normal no masks etc with strong uptake of vaccine - was caused by children and child care after school pre school situations according to the media. I will counter NCL's argument in one sentence. I doubt there would enough time for Covid to really take hold IF spread by kids onboard.
  9. You could make an argument that a person unable to board a tender should not be on the ship at all.
  10. Or from being shot or killed in a school shooting. Or stabbed to death here in UK. I put that in so I am not just picking on the USA. And FWIW the recent in spread on Isle of Man in UK coastal waters is due to kids and childcare situation.
  11. Perhaps ring the corporate office tell them who you are rant about this and swear very badly at them. So badly you get banned for life perhaps? Using perhaps the f word and the c word and maybe even the n word if the person is African American or other racist type words. That will get NCL out of your life forever. Though that is not something once done you could ever undo once you had calmed down I suspect. But if you really are serious about this not just trolling this board for reaction then get on the phone and do it.
  12. UK is record 10 to 26 deaths every day. 10 deaths on the weekend 26 on this easter monday. Cases down to around 2800 per day with mass testing for the schools. I would say vaccine is working and working pretty effectively.
  13. Why not use P&0 ships to transport/quarantine staff from one place to another?. IF they can obtain vaccine supplies somehow from somewhere could they not simply vaccinate all crew members onboard a ship en route to UK?
  14. P&O could not afford to pay them the UK min wage I think. If this does happen cruise prices will rocket up. Apparently on the all American NCL Pride of America the cost of a cruise is double that of Carnival.
  15. I have never seen it in the NCL shop? And I am not the only one who is incorrectly diagnosing noro. I really do believe I did NOT have noro despite the outbreak on the Pearl 2019. My father didn't get it and he would have. Do they track the purchase of imodium plus? Like when you buy it does the doctor come knocking on cabin your door 10 minutes later or do you get invited to the reception desk?
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