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  1. The best thing to do in this circumstance as most passengers have the drinks passage would be to drink and eat the ship out of house and home. And the passengers are stupidly risking life bans from NCL for protesting like that. Though I do like NCL they are poorly managed. On the Pearl's eastbound TA earlier this year they did the irish immigration check in one day in the midst of a norovirus outbreak as opposed to doing to deck by the deck over the course of the trip.
  2. ace2542

    QM2 Captain

    Just came of the westbound/quebec city 14 nights August to September 9th and the captan was Assem Hashmi if I am spelling it correctly a guy from Coventry I believe. Captain Wells was on leave. Not sure if Wells is back yet or if hashmi is still onboard.
  3. If you can't travel on the VWP for whatever reason there is no way to be sure you will get the visa once you apply. If you are denied and decide to apply again you are just sending good money after bad and repeated applications make you look desperate. If the UK was not on the VWP the refusal rates would be pretty high. Refusal rates for Poland, Romaina, Russia and other non VWP countries can be quite high at times for various reasons. Again we don't know lucky we have got it.
  4. Unless you don't get it in which case you can forget about going to America. If the UK wasn't on the visa waiver program a good number of people would be denied visas and probably never be able to visit. Countries in Eastern Europe would kill to be on it. We should never complain about that status.
  5. We shouldn't be complaining the UK is still on the visa waiver program the experience of applying for U.S visas would be very traumatic and costly indeed. The reason they don't do CPB clearance in westbound crossing is probably the speed of the internet and the CPB being able to connect to the computer network.
  6. You can also reduce your waiting time by getting up and being ready to get off the ship at 6.30 to 7am and do the self disembarkation. We did that with no luggage on our cruise to quebec last month and we finished immigration by 7.30am
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-49846063 And they deserve every day of it. They smuggled drugs and lied to countless countries immigration agencies. Their cruising days are over.
  8. No the DJ told us it happened and she got banned off the entire group. A drink was thrown at him and he slipped on the liquid on the dj booth floor and hurt his back and she got the group ban
  9. That is not strictly true. When you get banned off Princess you can get banned off the entire carnival grouping which is Princess, HAL, Cunard, P&O, Costa, AIDA, and Seabourn. The DJ on Queen Mary got attacked a couple of new years eve's ago by a woman in her 60s over the playing of a song and she got a life ban off all above cruise lines.
  10. I never would have guessed that in a million years. I will contact princess and get them to add the millitary benefits though they should be on our file as princess/cunard are both part of carnival group.
  11. What does (YMMV) mean? Please reply in full english not with abbreivations I don't understand what they mean.
  12. My father gets OBC with Cunard from having done national service in UK. So you are saying he will get the same OBC on the emerald princess?
  13. Hi guys we are doing alaska onboard the emerald princess in September 2020. We are platinum with cunard but princess and cunard are part of carnival group so will we get anything onboard princess for our cunard platinum membership?
  14. The prices with a major cruise agency on tv in UK was £7 cheaper than the onboard booking prices for cruise and flight. The onboard team had a major wack in the hotel. I saved several hundred finding my own hotel for the 2 nights in nyc that I wanted hotel has perfect access to subways for things we want to see. Cunard rep said 4 cabins were left on this particular crossing and that availability was covering Cunard and all partner agencies.
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