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  1. So Princess/Carnival is a terrorist organisation now is it? Maybe that should contact Jack Bauer! Have you ever heard the likes of it?. What is next Princess started the Australian bush fires!
  2. Homicide squad? Seriously? Are they looking to charge princess or persons on board the ship or at the corporate level with Murder? IF charged and convicted surely Princess and by extension carnival grouping as a whole including the Cunard Queen Elizabeth will be finished in Australia?
  3. First step ring the NSW Police and see if it is genuine. And what it not be the Australian Federal Police pursuing this sort of thing?
  4. Question: If it is genuine and he refuses to co-operate could he be banned from entering Australia in the future? And would that in turn create trouble entering the USA/Other countries? If the answer to that question is yes. Then send it back because loyalty to a cruise line is not worth that.
  5. How much higher though? You will price a lot of people out of the market that way. And a lot lines and brands won't survive even with the changes you are talking about. But it yeah sounds like vaccine will be around by next easter from various news reports.
  6. First paragraph: You are spending a lot of money changing them ships around with less money coming in. Second paragraph: Do you know how much those shows cost to put on? Millions that is why you see them for a number of years. Cunard shows last 5-7 years and they cost millions to put on from what I was told. You can't just re-write them at the drop of hat. Again money being spent with less coming in.
  7. The demise of NCL for one will put more customers towards the carnival brand. And with regard to the shows what about the performers who will for 45 or 50 minutes twice or 3 times a night be within 2 meters of each other pretty much the whole time plus the dressing room is the size of a cabin. And they can't sing wearing masks. Excursions what about the coaches and the travel time. Building smaller ships when they can't use the larger ones is just draining money away.
  8. How can you adapt? It would be impossible to put on the show in the main theatre in terms of the entertainment team nevermind the passengers. There will not be much in the way of entertainment on the ships. Ports will close or be closed. Sailings with a ships a quarter full would not be profitable especially as I don't see how you can sail with less fuel. Ok the ship is lighter because of less people but not that much lighter. It will cost money to retrofit the buffet into seated restaurant areas. Excursions which are sold onboard will be cancelled. Tendering would be impossible as well Two years with no cruising these guys are all gone.
  9. Then the industry is finished sad to say.
  10. No my job is office based . There won't just one facility making it though in the USA. How many production facilities does pfizer have for instance in the USA? If they never find a vaccine the cruising industry and probably the nightlife industry is finished and Vegas is probably finished as well.
  11. I just seen on the news with Trump promising the vaccine by christmas. They showed a flash of a vaccine production line it is like a race track. There have several lines side by side doing the same thing the vaccine bottles going round the corners like a race track in single file but pretty quick. The line it showed was doing about 5 or 10 every few seconds I couldn't count how many. Whatever vaccine or medicine it was loading up it was going pretty fast.
  12. If the robot machine that fills the vaccine tubes is the size of the table that holds my computer you could probably fit 1000 vaccine tubes on the assembly line the size of this table at any one time. If the contents of that line can be replaced 6 times a minute or every 10 seconds you which they probably can you are looking at 6000 tubes a minute that is 360,000 per hour and 8 million a day if the machines run 24 hours.
  13. So the CDC could leave those Americans on that ship for the rest of their lives?
  14. It is legally very dicey because to my knowledge though I am not american, A U.S Citizen CANNOT be denied entry to the country even if on the no fly list. If they can reach the USA by any means they can enter. They can walk into the country, they can drive up to the border in car, they can row over on a boat. They might get arrested and charged with Treason if they joined ISIS or whatever but they CANNOT be refused unless the citizenship is revoked by the government. Carnival will get sued big time here. CDC as well maybe.
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