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  1. I believe the states (dept of health, etc.) have the responsibility to determine if they want to keep this information. This link says the cdc does not maintain a vaccine database: Locating and Tracking Adult Vaccine Records | CDC
  2. I believe any vaccination proof will simply be self certification. Unless folks think that a random piece of paper from a city / town / county / state / province means something. Cruise lines don't have the manpower to do verification. Its simply a legal liability measure and perhaps a coming CDC directive to the cruise lines.
  3. I agree. Booking an unknown product (what will cruises be like?) at inflated prices doesn't work for us. Pricing will be interesting once the FDR Dollars (NCL FCC's and Cruise Next deposits) currently flooding the system wash through. I think last minute booking will be the way to go for the next few years.
  4. I think the Philippine government will put seafarers near the front of the line since the seafarers are a cash cow for the Philippine economy.
  5. I was ready to add seaworthiness and provisions.
  6. Gem Great Outdoors for breakfast / afternoon snack & beverage. Spinnaker lounge up front
  7. If you have an issue booking with the shore side concierge I think I would consider booking two groups and then combining them onboard. My point is to get the number booked as soon as possible.
  8. We use a no service on-line TA that also generally provides 10% off; I also use the NCL MasterCard for another 3% off. In my opinion, if you follow Cruise Critic regularly you may know more about the cruise line than your average TA. When we went to book our first cruise, our (former) travel agent that starts with an A and ends with an A wrinkled her nose and frowned upon NCL and said we wouldn't be happy. She gave us an RCL brochure. She further indicated that she would book NCL for us but could provide no support after booking. I later learned there was a
  9. Sounds like NCL could roll out a new fee style app* to capture these health requirements * with a fee and gratuity added for your convenience. Something has to pay for the ships and reduced capacities.
  10. I agree. My favorite sentence is: The Framework for Conditional Sailing Order states that in case of a positive COVID-19 case, a cruise line must first notify passengers and crew, and then immediately end the future. End the future ? What time do the executions start Do suite passengers go first or last?
  11. My question is: On these simulated cruises, will the ship(s) even leave the dock? They could easily provision the ship, pull the gangway up and "cruise"... while still tied to the pier... next morning "welcome to Miami, please line up to exit the ship and have your key cards ready" (as the staff direct guests off one gangway and back onto the other gangway ...
  12. I think they'll keep some lower category cabin passengers to spread passenger traffic on the ship.... but may cancel some lower category cabins "in the interests of maintaining available cabins for quarantined passengers "
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