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  1. Wrangell is not on either itinerary- actually, the itineraries are exactly the same, just in reverse. Kaiseki is very tempting but since posting I remembered another reason for beginning in Alaska. Flights home from Alaska are horrible! All are in the middle of the night. Getting to Alaska is fine. Can't understand why the flights are so terrible. So if the ships otherwise are generally comparable, I guess the flight situation trumps Kaiseki.
  2. Trying to decide between these two Alaska cruises for Sept 2022. The Muse begins in Vancouver, the Shadow in Alaska. My first thought was the Shadow because it is smaller but now I am having second thoughts. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. I really have no idea where Mark is or will be, but every Crystal ship we board - there to our delight, is Mark. So, look for him on the Debussy next April.
  4. Thanks very much- I have my TA working on switching cabins to the desired couch by window arrangement. So glad I remembered to think about this- I really find the other arrangement uncomfortable. As my sister in law pointed out- bad feng shui!
  5. Does anyone know for sure whether this cabin has the sofa and desk by the window or by the door? The agent I spoke with swore that all the cabins had the sofa by the window but their cabin diagram suggests otherwise. I really really want to have the sofa by the window and not sure how else to find out. I don't trust the agent because he had a variety of other specifics wrong.
  6. I actually do carry my yellow card stapled into my current passport. And we did hold our collective breaths and get a yellow fever vaccination after age 70- and were fine. As far as whether the current card will work forever for the Covid vaccines- it is not known how long you will remain mostly immune. Hopefully it will be longer than a year as is true for regular flu. It was hard enough getting one set of jabs- having to do it every year would be a nightmare. Unfortunately many medical decisions do not impact only the individual. And while you can accept the consequences of your
  7. Except that mine is for Europe, next spring- April 2022. Have been vaccinated and will do boosters if needed. I only wish that it was for the Bahamas this summer. Have booked a transatlantic crossing so no worries about flights.
  8. The non-refundable fares are due tomorrow with a 10 day grace period- my stomach is still churning a bit but I think we are going to go ahead and have our payment submitted. I mean- what can go wrong? We are out the money if things go belly up. Things seem to be looking up and I do feel less concerned than I did a short time ago. I am covered for everything except financial woes. An additional $700 to cover just this item. Anyone want to help move me in one direction or the other?
  9. We have sailed on Crystal several timesand enjoyed the trips a great deal. But things are looking a bit shaky with the company so we are considering looking elsewhere. Has anyone sailed both Crystal and Scenic? Are they similar or really different? Or any other suggestions?
  10. We have a river cruise booked with the non-refundable fare. It was booked a very long time ago, and the payment date has been put off and put off. We were offered the opportunity to rebook in 2022, which we did. I have not been following any of the financial issues but was told this morning that payment is due on April 5th.We tried to pay this morning and Crystal refused to allow us to. We were told that we could not pay before April 5th. Could someone help me to understand what is going on and if we should be concerned about the stability of the company?
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