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  1. Carnival policy, not Australian law. If it was Australian law the RCI and Celebrity ships based in Australia wouldn't be able to offer them either.
  2. Saw Pacific Dawn yesterday with the new paint job.. The stripe isn't too bad, but the "Like No Place on Earth" advertising tag line painted across the stern is a bit much. We've mostly cruised on P&O, but we have done Celebrity & RCI & PO UK too. To us P&O is like an old familiar pair of slippers, great to come back to! You need to have a proper sit down restaurant, I wouldn't want to go on a ship where buffet (in whatever form) was the only dining option. In 21 cruises, nearly 150 days cruising, I could count on one hand the number of times we've eaten dinner in the buffet, and when we have it was usually out of necessity, mostly after a late shore tour. For us the buffet is there for Breakfast and Lunch. Dinner time is restaurant time, either the main dining room or the specialty restaurants.
  3. Interesting reading. We are scheduled to be going to both Komodo Island and Bali on P&O Australia in mid-2015 while cruising from Singapore to Brisbane. While it wouldn't worry me if we don't go to Bali (been there, done that) it would be disappointing to miss Komodo Island.
  4. No, I think it basically because this is the style of "buffet" that Ryndam & Statendam currently have, and the changes to Pacific Dawn, Jewel and Pearl will bring them more in line with the two newer ships when they become Pacific Aria & Pacific Eden
  5. Looking forward to experiencing these changes in June, as we are boarding her for the cruise back to Brisbane from Singapore. The only thing I don't like the sound of is the blue stripe.... I've seen a photo shopped mockup of it, and it doesn't look that great.
  6. No, don't think it's that.. Some of cargo ships that come up to Hamilton wharf are pretty grubby. More likely to be something that would affect her maneuverability in the tight channels in the river and the swing basin at Portside.
  7. It must be something about the ship, as Pearl's been in Brisbane several times in the last couple of months, and each time she's been at the Grain terminal, even when there hasn't been another ship at Portside. Pearl has, however, been up to Portside in the past so it must be something new.
  8. Yes, you'll be able to get that on board. Make sure you take passport sized photo's for each person as they'll be needed for the type of visa you'll require to stay overnight off the Ship.
  9. We did the Hong Kong -> Singapore cruise on Millennium in 2012. The requirement for photo's depends on the Visa you are getting. If you are planning to stay off the ship overnight (ie doing an overnight hotel stay in one of the overnight ports, the Visa requires a passport. If you are just doing day trips from the ship, and staying onboard overnight then no photo is required for the Visa. In either case, the Visa are arranged on board and charged to your onboard account.
  10. You can. We got such good service on our first night that we booked at the same time & table for the rest of the cruise (14 nights), except the nights we went to QSine & The Olympic Restaurant. We would normally book fixed dining, but at the time we booked the cruise, fixed dining was already full. Being able to book in the Select Dining meant we still effectively had fixed dining
  11. Must have gone up with the start of the US Summer season. We were on Solstice in April out of Sydney and it was still $5. Even $7 is worth it. Yummy crepes.
  12. I also assume you mean Queenstown excursion, not Queensland?? :) Cruises from Sydney to Auckland go to Milford Sound first, as you go into the Sound and back out the same way, then head further south to Dusky & Doubtful Sounds, entering from the Tasman and exiting into Fouveaux Strait at the bottom of NZ and then continuing around the bottom of NZ and up to Dunedin on the east coast. So if you're doing the overland tour to Queenstown you'll get off the ship in Milford Sound and miss Dusky & Doubtful sounds. Milford Sound is the most spectacular. of the three, and the beauty of what you'll see going to Queenstown will more than make up for not seeing Dusky & Doubtful sounds.
  13. Yeah, I think we'll wait and see what's available when the Alaskan itineraries for 2016 are released and work it out from there.
  14. We'd like to, but that would make 5 weeks cruising, and we're looking at at least 2-3 weeks touring.. All well and good, but we both work, and probably wouldn't have enough time off available.
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