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  1. I would hazard a guess you are correct! Having said that, I did have the pleasure of talking to a Reservations Rep the other day who has been with Crystal since 2003!! She was even on the 2005 Harmony 15th Anniversary Alaska cruise that we were on! And for the record, I have never eaten fried squirrel, or cicadas, either!😁
  2. I agree, and I think New Zealand will be out too. In my opinion, this changes the odds of the WC being cancelled from 50/50 to 60/40 or maybe even less. Having said that, I think they will wait until they have something more official than a minister being quoted in a points newsletter before they announce any changes. As is often said around here, "Time will tell."🙂
  3. I suspect they have, but won't make/announce changes until it is made official. This would not be the first time in history that a "senior government official" floated a trial balloon and then hauled it back due to extreme negative reaction. It will interesting to see what Stickman has to say about this.
  4. I agree, Patty, if Australia goes then New Zealand will almost certainly follow. That blows a 30 day hole in the WC itinerary and I don't know what they can fill it with. Have never been to Japan, and have no interest in anywhere in China as an option. What is the weather like in Japan in February? At this point, this is a reported statement from the Minister of Finance. I suspect Crystal may wait until the official announcement before doing anything, and with the final payment pushed back to September, they have time. Since we are supposed to be boarding in Perth, I certainly w
  5. Before we found out what it actually was, I used to joke that it was a Norwegian beer drinking song!!
  6. Uhhhhh, no! Especially since I AM the TA. I do not recall, and cannot find, the original EZ Book announcement. Our booking was made in March 2019 long before anyone ever heard of COVID-19, so the fact the Admin Fee still applies make sense. And frankly it would only be an issue should we decide to cancel, which we are not, in part because I don't think the WC will sail "as is" or possibly not at all. But that's just my personal opinion.
  7. She has been with them since 2003 and was even on the 15 year Anniversary Alaska cruise on Harmony we were on, though obviously we never met! When EZ Book first came out I am sure it waived Admin Fees for bookings made after XX date in 2020, so when our 2022 reduced WC booking still had the fees shown I was not surprised. We modified the booking in February this year, but since the original booking date was March 2019, the Admin Fees still applied. I have to agree that a disclaimer of such in the T & C of the current announcement would have been appropriate.
  8. I had the good fortune to connect with a veteran Crystal Res Agent when I called who was happy to go the extra mile to clarify this. In our case, due to the original booking date, and changes subsequently made to the booking, the Admin Fee still applies. I would suggest that for anyone who had a 2022 booking made prior to the original EZ Booking promotion, where the Admin Fee was first waived, have their TA confirm if the fees have been waived, or still apply.
  9. Of course not, any more than any other cruise line ever saw this coming and thought they would be issuing massive numbers of FCCs for millions of dollars of cruises that had otherwise been paid in full and would be non-refundable. In my 17 years in the industry there might have been MAYBE two or three sailings a year cancelled by a cruise line for various reasons, and almost always prior to final payment. With all due respect, we are in totally uncharted territory with zero precedent to fall back on!
  10. This was back in 2015 and I don't recall there being a separate customs checkpoint. We were meeting a Tauck transfer, and when we realized the mistake, the French authorities allowed us to go back into the baggage claim area to the Swiss exit, and our transfer.
  11. Back when they first waived Admin Fees it said in the "fine print" that this did not apply to bookings made prior to XX date. Our 2022 WC booking still shows the Admin Fees, but I can no longer find the original notice on the website, and the current "mouse type" does not mention this either. I have to call Crystal on another matter, so I will see if I can confirm if this is still the case.
  12. Keep in mind the Waived Admin Fees will vary depending on booking date, ie - pre-COVID. We booked the 2022 WC in March 2019, before "the COVID hit the fan", so the Admin Fees still apply.
  13. A little "quirk" about flying into Basel is that the airport is "shared" by France and Switzerland. The result is there are two exits from baggage claim, one into France the other into Switzerland. We ended up doing a brief "visit" to France the one time we flew into Basel!🙂
  14. Heck, I got 12 and I have never lived further south than Toronto!🙂
  15. The other consideration here is the number of devices you travel with. Some who have posted here carry more electronics than you will find on the Mars Rover, 😉 so plug availability is a concern. We carry our Surface, a tablet, one phone and two e-readers. And a charger for the camera battery. With an adaptor for the European outlet, we manage just fine with the outlets available.
  16. On a river cruise you truly only use your room to sleep, shower and change your clothes. The rest of the time you will be on the Sun Deck, or if it rains, in the lounge or the Bistro.
  17. A certain amount of it is just keeping an open mind. Last January on WC20 we did an "Eat Like A Cabo Local" tour in Cabo San Lucas. Our guides took us off the strip to the street food and taquerias where the locals eat. We had some very interesting and delicious food that evening, but we did draw the line at fried crickets!!😲😉
  18. You can do all of the above, or you can just wing it!!😁 A lot of good advice in the posts above. Two things that have worked well for us the last three years; Buy compression clothing bags. They come in various sizes, and once packed, use a vacuum to compress them. You can take all of your clothing etc and pack it in half the usually required space. These do not work well with formal wear or men's blazers/jackets/suit, but pretty much anything else is fine. We use four of them and that gets 90% of our clothing in two suitcases with room to spare. To come home, just ask
  19. Hi Roy. I have mentioned this previously on other threads. The mass market lines, and Cunard was first with this, will only allow dining with others if they are in the same travel party. To do this, the bookings must be cross-referenced before boarding. Cross-referencing cannot be done once onboard. So far, I have not seen anything from Crystal requiring the same. Larry
  20. A number of the mass market lines will only allow dining with others if they are identified as a "travel party". This is done by cross-referencing the bookings numbers and it MUST be done in advance. It cannot be done once onboard. I have not seen anywhere that Crystal has introduced the same policy, but it might be worth it to have your TA check into this, and also cross-reference the booking numbers "just in case".
  21. Actually, the Ponant ships are very good in those seas. We did an Abercrombie & Kent Antarctica cruise on Boreal in 2010. On the way north across the Drake we had 18 hours of 40+ foot waves and almost hurricane force winds and the ship handled it very well. Moving about on the ship was a challenge, and we "levitated " off the bed several times during the night, but never felt in danger. The ships have only seven decks, and while they only displace 11,000 GRT, it is for the most part low on the ship or below the waterline! Truth be told, they are ideal for Antarctica because they are very m
  22. Well this one would certainly be popular with the "cruise to nowhere" crowd, At a steady 20 knots/480 nautical miles per day, it would take bang on 16 days to make the trip. I suspect they would be pretty much out of fresh fruit by the time they got there!! 😁 On a somewhat related note, on last year's WC segment two had to divert to Cabo for a medial emergency. To get back "on track" the ship ran for seven days as fast as it would go, about 27 knots if I recall correctly. Captain Vorland told us afterward it was the longest continuous high speed run Serenity had ever made.
  23. Not when were there, unless you count the enormous Elephant Seal that no one dared get close too!!. Not only were there no seals, but the previously resident colony of 5,000 Gentoo Penguins had moved elsewhere. They now get so much rain, due to global warming, that the penguin chicks were drowning in their eggs before they even hatched! That was what we were told by the scientists at Palmer Station.
  24. Yes, actually. We did an expedition cruise with Abercrombie & Kent several years ago and spent most of an afternoon at Palmer Station! They make the BEST butter tarts!!!🙂
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