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  1. We are still waiting for the refund of our deposit relating to the cruise on Iona that would have departed yesterday and we should be on now !!
  2. Hi Dermotsgirl .... We are feeling very deflated today. We have been thinking of all the familiar things we love about the first few hours on board when the whole cruise is ahead of us ..... The routine of boarding, finding our cabin, checking to locate table in dining room, meeting our steward, having a wander round the ship, attending muster (not our favourite bit but nevertheless!!) sail away along The Solent leaving the lights of Southampton behind as we head out into the Channel. Unpacking !! Dressing for dinner ..... Ooh I think I might cry 😢😢!!!
  3. Hi Dermotsgirl ..... in a different world we would have been aboard Iona with you. We would have travelled round the M25 from our home at the top of the North Downs yesterday, and stayed just off the motorway in a Premier Inn then resumed the journey to Southampton this morning. Should be doing muster round about now ?? When we got back to our room our luggage would have arrived and we would be anticipating sail away and the first evening on board with a glass of wine while deciding what to wear ...🥂!! Never mind ... WE WILL be doing all of this again and hopefully it won’t be t
  4. It’s definitely from P&O. All the details are accurate and on checking we could see that the original “payment” had been deducted but then somehow reappeared back on the card. If P&O had put it through properly at the time of booking, ie a month ago, we wouldn’t have a problem as that would just be bad luck on our part, but to take payment yesterday for something that has been cancelled this morning is a different matter.
  5. My husband and I have just seen the start of this topic and reading Adam Coulter’s article is making us fume !! At the beginning of February, when the vaccine rollout was beginning to gather momentum we decided to take the plunge and book cruise B122 aboard Brittania leaving Southampton on 25th of September 2021. We chose our cabin, paid via credit card and received a booking reference. Yesterday afternoon my husband opened an email from P&O that had been sent at 4.30pm on Monday afternoon saying that they needed to take his credit card details again as they hadn’t processed the pa
  6. It seems like that cancellation is becoming very likely. Let’s hope we hear today.
  7. Yes that is now looking likely isn’t it ??!! That will be good news for us and for you too but I know there will be others who feel differently and will be disappointed. Fingers crossed then that we hear one way or the other today 🤞
  8. Yes we have a very good relationship with our TA. We now have until 13th December to pay the final balance, which incidentally we have no intention of doing. My husband and I both agree that in view of HA, Seabourn) and now you have added Princess) cancelling until the end of March, Iona is very unlikely to sail on the 6th March so we will be asking to have our deposit refunded. As mentioned in my previous postings, we have no desire to go on a cruise where we have no idea what we will be getting for our money 🥴. Hope you are able to wangle an extension with your TA too 🤞
  9. Travel agent has informed us yesterday that we have been allowed a weeks extension before our balance is due which gives us until 13th December to pay the balance on the Iona cruise for 6th March. We have also been informed that cruises have been paused on Seabourn and Holland America lines until the end of March. Are these lines both part of Carnival group as we believe they are? If so it would not be unreasonable to expect that the first Iona cruise in March will be cancelled. Has anyone else heard anything about this either from their TA or from P&O?
  10. Thank you to everyone who replied to my post as above ... we have made the decision not to pay the balance and to try to get a FCC if possible but if we are not able to get a credit against a 2023 cruise we will just lose the deposit. So the decision is made ... thank you everyone for all your help.
  11. Thank you AnnieC. I honestly don’t think P&O are doing themselves any favours in taking this stance. A lot of people are going to feel very disillusioned with their current attitude and won’t forget in a hurry !!
  12. Thank you Ann. We are getting the impression from our TA that P&O won’t budge on this occasion either. I think it’s very wrong taking into account the present circumstances. The lack of goodwill definitely doesn’t make us keen to do further P&O cruises in the future. We will be exploring other cruiseline options from now on !!
  13. Thank you majortom 10. You are right that the loss of circa £250 in the general scheme of things isn’t that much .... I think we are beginning to lean that way and won’t pay the balance if they insist it be paid on 6th December.
  14. Thank you ann141. We are booked through a TA so will have to ask them to negotiate on our behalf. I have to say they have always been excellent unlike the experiences of some of the other posters on here who are less than impressed, so we will see if they can pull any strings for us. I agree that the package we booked and the experience that will inevitably be provided could be grounds for us to have a refund??
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