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  1. We were on a holiday cruise last year. No discount. The brunch was nice, but in my opinion not worth the cost. We will be on this cruise with you! Not going for the brunch.
  2. Most of those things have been gone for several years. Some are newer deductions. We also noticed the lack of flowers on the tables in the MDR and the Lido. The lack of activities and communication.
  3. We use Sitx car rental and have had really good service. Shuttle every 15 minutes to their center just a couple miles away. Always reserve a car ahead.
  4. Our first cruise, 1989, was on Alaska Airlines frequent flyer miles! Free. We did have to upgrade a level for a better cabin and had shore excursions etc to pay for though.
  5. If you are so moved, just write and say that you would like to see a listing for Knitters and stitchers on sea days. Use whatever words you like. thanks!!!
  6. One of my fondest memories of cruises with sea days is the friendships and conversations in the Knit/Stitch groups organized through Cruise Critic. I have asked cruise directors and mentioned on surveys that HAL should list activities like this on the daily planner. The answer I get from cruise directors is that it would need to be authorized through HAL and they won't do it. I am willing to be the cruise critic point person for this activity on this cruise but also want to encourage HAL to do their part. To this end, I have decided to make a pest of myself and to ask others to join me in this campaign. Please if you agree with me, join in! Even if you are not a Knit/stitch person your voice could help. I plan to send this email weekly for now and if a reply isn't received will begin phone calls soon. Address emails to Guestrelations@hollandamerica.com (800 599-8256) Here is the paragraph I send on a weekly basis: I would like an answer about this concern. Being a 4*, I have been on many cruises. I especially enjoy the cruises with several sea days. The daily planner lists many activities and opportunities to meet for games etc. I have asked several times to add a meet-up for those of us who knit or stitch. The answer I get from the cruise director is that HAL must authorize such listings, and they won't do it. My question is why? We don't need anything special like coffee service or a dedicated room. We don't need a staff member to supervise. We just need a listing on sea days that we meet at a given time and place. I know there is an interest. On a couple cruises such meet-ups have been organized by Cruise Critic members and they are very well attended. Please tell me why HAL won't authorize such a meet-up. Looking forward to another Prinsendam cruise in March Colleen @ Sequim
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