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  1. Hi Ryalie 1 Yes, I would say you were EXCEPTIONALLY lucky to have got a refund at all, let alone so quickly and I think someone must have accidentally pushed the wrong button! I sincerely hope you will get your flights refunded but expect a very long wait..... We cancelled several cruises rather than waiting for the inevitable from Costa on at least one or two of them, accepted the penalties and we are still being fo bbed off with rubbish excuses now as this is dragging on and on. Not the right way for any country to be hoping to kick start tourism in the foreseeable future.
  2. Hello Tenpin I am extremely sorry to hear about your declining health and I sincerely wish you, and your wife, all the very best. Thanks very much indeed for sharing that info. Clearly, before this terrible virus hit us all, Costa were acting in a normal and acceptable business like way and refunding as per Terms and Conditions of contract. That is all out of the window now, however, and I think although your circumstances for cancelling were nothing to do with the Covid 19 outbreak, in many ways it was fortunate that you cancelled when you did thus avoiding this protracted unce
  3. Hi all Can I start by thanking everyone, Marcus, Jerseylily et al, for keeping us all in the loop re. any progress on refunds and everyone, Gerry for new info on whatever sites etc. THANK YOU ALL. I am truly tired by all of this, would like my refunds (considerable amount of money for cruises I cancelled and for which I accepted Costa’s penalties so we have donated a considerable amount even though my cancellations were due to Covid and before Costa got round to cancelling any of them) so I can forget about Costa for a very long time indeed, probably forever. Looks
  4. Hello Marcus Glad you stood your ground and they gave way. All of this is very time consuming and, frankly, quite tiring! I hope you actually receive your refunds and if you wouldn’t mind, could you let us know if you do get lucky in that respect, please? I think lots of us are waiting and hoping for our refunds but no one seems to be receiving anything from Costa whether the passenger has cancelled a cruise or cruises or Costa themselves have done the cancelling (at the very last minute in many instances). Don’t know if other cruise lines are any better. I can tell you from exp
  5. Are you volunteering?🙋🏼‍♂️🤠
  6. I don’t think so unless Italians have been first in line? I think Costa may well not survive and they won’t be the only cruise company either.
  7. Hi all I agree with what you are all saying here, sadly I doubt very much that there will be any cruises going anywhere for the rest of this year and until a vaccine is found (tested, produced, distributed etc.)most of us won’t be going anywhere at all even if things gradually start opening up. Health is all that counts at this point. We cancelled all cruises we had in the pipeline and my guess is we are in the same line as everyone who waited till their cruises were cancelled by Costa. They are going to put off refunds while everyone else is paid, IMO, and if there is anything l
  8. Well, I felt I had no option other than to cancel as I was so stressed that Costa were letting May cruises drift on as if they were still going ahead when it was blatantly obvious they were not going to happen and although I had paid by credit card, I think it was a mistake to cancel as I believe I have no recourse with the credit card company if Costa default on refunds. If I had waited until the eleventh hour when Costa cancelled, I think I would at least be able to take it up with the credit card company which is why I hope you are right and that refunds will eventually be forthcoming.
  9. Hmm, I wish I shared your optimism and I certainly hope you are right. A massive class action against Costa Cruises is imminent. The potential financial hit is astronomical. Carnival has very deep pockets despite the massive drop in its share price. However, I think the most likely outcome is for Carnival to sacrifice Costa and rebuild Carnival. The liquidator will probably sell Costa for £1 if you fancy a punt.
  10. Hi Gerry I hate to say this but ‘taken in charge by our account’ is not actually saying they will be refunding you. I hope it does mean that but I have not had much encouragement when I have phoned as it all sounds very vague and they are unable/unwilling to give any definite information regarding a refund date. Neither are you able to speak to their accounts department. I felt I was being politely fobbed off. Has ANYBODY actually received a refund from Costa who booked directly via Costa UK? I would be very interested to know please?
  11. Sorry didn’t mean to be gloomy, apologies. I am so truly thankful we have very happy cruise memories and I am grateful for these. Our cats have always disapproved however of being left while we head off.....!
  12. Lovely to hear more of your reminiscences and thank you so much. Wow! you got off to cruising at a young age and clearly being at sea was in your blood! It is really interesting to hear about how you got started and I imagine like many of us you moved up from more basic cabins to more luxurious ones as time went by? We were actually quite unsure about whether we would enjoy cruising or not, so we chose a fairly basic cabin for our very first cruise (plus we were not so flush at the time either!) and we were then hooked immediately. We quickly worked our way up to more comfort but we were n
  13. In a world full of horrors this video posted by the lady above is truly terrifying. Tragic, unbelievable and completely chilling. Anyone of us here could have been on that cruise. What an amazing woman to selflessly at her own expense self isolate to prevent the possible spread of this deadly virus to other innocent people. I hope I would be equally brave and selfless to do the same in her position, that takes guts when you would just wish to get home. Clearly, others were not willing or were unable to make that sacrifice. Her evidence in the video is compelling indeed. I pray she
  14. Thanks for that info, Gerry, it is very helpful to know that this is not abnormal to how refunds would usually work and that it seems to fit with how all the other cruise lines are operating in this crisis. All those Italians who had cancelled cruises would have had to have refunds processed, of course, and no doubt cash flow has to be managed. I am truly hoping that we will be able to sail with Costa again in the future. However, we all need to get through this first.
  15. PS I was also wondering how Riana is? Hope she can let us know and sending her all the best.
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