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  1. Not critical at all & not waxing on either. We’re pretty bored with being shut in here in California and I appreciate the Distraction as well as the clarification. Im only hoping that there will be enough $$ left in the ole X coffers for all of us to get refunds.
  2. Yes. You are correct, K12GUY, . I used the term border incorrectly. I really meant port. At this point, I’m wondering if it’s all for naught anyway. .can I even hope for a refund? *sigh*
  3. US/California citizens here -We're paid in full for a 5 night Pacific Northwest on the X Millennium - 25 April 2020.- Out of Seattle of all places. We would've been flying out of San Jose, Ca. but with Canada borders closed *and* California on lockdown..it all seems rather ridiculous -They're still selling the cruise and it hasn't been cancelled. Would really like to get our money back at this point and T.A.'s only response is to keep watching the Celebrity site. 😐
  4. *So* very grateful that this policy was instituted. We're supposed to be on a 5 day Apr. 25 Celebrity Pacific Northwest sailing from SEATTLE OF ALL PLACES.😷 We planned this as a couples getaway leaving our child with her grandparents. We were initially excited by this idea, but after everything going on, its been giving us an overall feeling of dread to think that we could potentially be separated from her for a much longer period. Thank you Celebrity!
  5. Hi all, Definitely interested this topic as we’re booked on the 5 day Celebrity April 25 pacific northwest sailing out of Seattle.🤔
  6. Jim_lain, I had the same experience trying to check for specialty dining for my 4/25 Pacific Northwest cruise. I can't seem to find a roll call for this sailing either. Never had this happen so close to a sail date.
  7. Hi guys, I put a 24 hour hold on a 5 day Pacific Northwest for April 25 for a sky suite. The price is fantastic. We've never done a suite of any type before, so im super excited if we decide to go for it. Does anybody have any insights about this ship post-drydock? I can't seem to find any pictures or videos. Any other info?
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