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  1. Just wondering if anyone has the “Bandaoke” Song List from Celebrity Edge? Sailing with my sisters (5) to honor our Mom’s life & memories. We cruised with her 15 years ago before her passing and we are finally “Sailing & Singing” together again. Thanks in advance for any info shared!
  2. Celebrity Edge ”Bandaoke” Song List Just wondering if anyone has theBandaoke Song List from Celebrity Edge? Sailing with my sisters (5) to honor our Mom’s life & memories. We cruised with her 15 years ago before her passing and we are finally “Sailing & Singing” together again. Thanks in advance for any info shared!
  3. FYI: AARP has the $500 Carnival Gift Cards for sale again...just bought mine!
  4. I was told (Roscar Carnival Funshop) that I can only use Carnival gift cards ONLINE to purchase the CHEERS package at the discounted pre-purchase rate. He said the system will only allow 5 gift cards per transaction and since I MUST PAY FOR BOTH IN THE SAME TRANSACTION the limit of 5 AARP $100 gift cards will only cover $500. If the $500 cards were still available 2 of them would cover that plus you can bring the card with the remaining balance to the ship for onboard cash. I did not try to purchase CHEERS yet; as I am waiting for my 5 AARP $100 gift cards to arrive...very thankful I didn’t buy 10...hoping for the return of the $500 value!
  5. Just got off the phone with Roscar from Carnival Funshop and sadly he confirmed that you can only apply 5 gift cards per transaction...which means if you are buying the CHEERS package for two ($418pp total $936) you can only use FIVE of the $100 Gift Cards and you have to pay the rest using credit or debit. I tried EVERYTHING to get around it like adding to the cash account one day and calling back to purchase CHEERS using gift card & cash balance added from gift cards, but the answer was NO!!! If you want to pay gratuity, excursions, etc you should be ok with the 5 Gift Cards ($100) PER TRANSACTION. Hopefully AARP will resume the $500 gift cards (no more emailing of gift cards) AARP is only mailing cards now which limits time frames before sailing.
  6. Avid Cruiser - First Time on Carnival Does Carnival Cruise Lines ever offer a percentage discount on their drink package like other cruise lines? I am aware there is a discount for pre-purchase, however other lines have often advertised 10% or 20% off. Thank you
  7. FYI...the only drinks that carried the up charge were the specialty drinks in the Champagne Bar $15 Tiramisu Martini made with marscapone :) Though the drinks WERE menu priced above the allowable price; we did not experience additional charges even when requesting Grey Goose in all our martinis. My new favorite drink was the New Fashioned in the Schooner Bar...fresh berries & Grapefruit muddles with brown sugar and Southern Comfort! Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  8. http://eatsleepcruise.com/2017/01/new-harmony-of-the-seas-bar-menus/ Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  9. Crown and Anchor Rep stated specifically today that Grey Goose was considered Ultra Premium and that I would have to request my Cosmo with vodka in the Classic category such as Stoli...she also said things like Patron and Crown Royal were also Ultra Premium! I was VERY surprised...not a fan of the cheaper quality...I prefer QUALITY not QUANTITY:)
  10. Thank you! I spoke to Crown and Anchor 3 times today with my questions. Agents were Very Nice...but one said I must pay the full $13....2nd said only the amount over...3rd said not to buy the package if I like Grey Goose because it would be too expensive...if it's just $1-$3 I'm fine but to invest almost $1000 to be upcharged is a little over the top! Thanks again:)
  11. Help if you can! I will be sailing on Oasis in a couple of weeks and have called Royal Carribean multiple times to no avail regarding possible additional charges for the Deluxe Beverage Package? The new oasis class ship "harmony of the seas" has a drink package which reflects three levels...Classic $9.95 ...Premium $13.00...Signature $15.00 Since the Deluxe Beverage is $55 per day + 18% I called since the online info says $12.00 and under. 5 Different Answers:( to date! Does anyone REALLY KNOW if I have to pay $13 for Premium or just the extra dollar? Someone said they credit $12 but will I be paying 18% gratuity again for each drink on the full $13 or $15? I love my Grey Goose Martinis and need HELP PLEASE with guidance on this cruise...BTW...I'm Emerald on RCI...just getting frustrated at their service right now:(
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