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  1. Thank you. The time we upgraded, it was $10 a day, plus tax. So that must have been the "promo". Good to know since Celebrity is offering three free perks right now.
  2. Whats App might work. We used that a few cruises back with some friends, but we all had internet on board.
  3. So....sounds like it'll be $12 per day to upgrade from Classic to Premium...correct?
  4. We've travelled Aqua the last 3 cruises. My husband just about ALWAYS wears a blazer (with a polo shirt and T Bahama slacks) to dinner regardless if it's a Chic night or not, and I wear a dress or another nice outfit (Chico's Travelers slacks and top). On Evening Chic nights, he is in that blazer again, and I wear a much, much nicer outfit. Not a gown though. However, we routinely see men in tuxes and women in gowns in Blu on those evenings. I say....GO FOR IT! Sneak that men's jacket into the suitcase and bring a nicer outfit for yourself! It's fun to dress and look nice, IMHO. Remember you are dressing to please each other, not the rest of the passengers.
  5. Question about upgrading: Does Celebrity offer any promos to upgrade from Classic to Premium, or, if not, what does it cost to upgrade from Classic to Premium?
  6. Thank you for your comments. We are booked at the same Holiday Inn this coming October. No breakfast included in our booking, but sounds like maybe we can get a lower price if arrange it the evening before. That would be ideal for sailing day morning. Love the fact we are spitting distance from the Terminal. Thanks again!
  7. We have two cruises impacted. For one, the current going rate is identical to our booked rate. They added the extra perk, no charge. As for the other, the current going rate is much greater than our booked rate. To get the extra perk, we would have to pay the current going rate, which we did not.
  8. The following is from the Celebrity website. It reflects one's Celebrity status, and the equivalent on Azamara and RCCL. It does not reflect one's RCCL status and the equivalent Celebrity status. You should review your RCCL website to find a similar analysis to determine what would be your equivalent Celebrity status. Based upon other remarks, sounds like it is Elite. That would makes sense seeing that the max status is Diamond on RCCL for a CC member who is Elite or above. Reciprocity Between Brands Equivalent recognition is one of the benefits of being a Captain's Club, Crown & Anchor Society and/or Le Club Voyage loyalty member. It offers loyalty members the opportunity to receive recognition and similar Celebrity benefits with matching tier status–both pre-cruise and onboard–when sailing with one of the three brands. Members of one loyalty program must enroll in a sister program in order to receive equivalent recognition benefits. Points on Celebrity and Azamara are earned cumulatively in both loyalty programs. For example, 20 Club Points earned on a Celebrity sailing will be reflected as 20 points in both Celebrity's and Azamara's loyalty programs. The total Club Points for the member will reflect all qualified points earned. Points earned on Royal Caribbean are earned only for the Royal Caribbean loyalty program. Points of each loyalty program cannot be added together. Points are calculated using the applicable brand's program level accrual system. The following program levels are equivalent for loyalty program recognition purposes: Preview Azamara LeClub Voyage: Preview Classic Azamara LeClub Voyage: Adventurer Select Azamara LeClub Voyage: Explorer Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society: Platinum Elite Azamara LeClub Voyage: Discoverer Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society: Diamond Elite Plus Azamara LeClub Voyage: Discoverer Plus Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society: Diamond Zenith Azamara LeClub Voyage: Discoverer Platinum Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society: Diamond
  9. https://www.celebritycruises.com/captains-club/tiers-and-benefits
  10. We’re on the Solstice for a 12 night cruise ending Nov 8. Could Capt Tasos be leaving in the middle of the cruise? Or am I misinterpreting the spreadsheet? Will we have Capt Alex instead for the entire cruise?
  11. For what it is worth, on our last Celebrity cruise, I attended a discussion with the head chefs, the sommelier’s, etc. where they described how they approach their menus for a particular cruise. Be it at the main dining room or the buffet or Blu or Luminae. They have demographics of all the people who are expected to be on a particular cruise, months in advance. With that information, again months in advance, they said they design their menus to the demographics of the passengers expected to be on a particular cruise. For example, we had a majority of Brits on our SE Asia cruises. So, more than once, especially at the buffet, the main food selections were geared for Brits.
  12. And we were at the river front at 1 AM for the White Nights festivities. Tons of passenger boats on the river and then the bridges open at 1am for several hours. Cool lights, etc. It’s the only time of day when the bridges open, allowing boat traffic through. The bridges stay open until around 4am. This practice runs year round. As we were told, just don’t be on the wrong side of the river from your ultimate designation when the bridges open. You’ll be there for hours until you’re able to cross. Much unlike our bridge traffic in the US.
  13. So happy you waived the Moscow run. When we were in St Pete (on our own, no cruise) even the locals said St Petersburg has more to offer than Moscow (albeit they’re biased, certainly). But so true. Enjoy your time in St Petersburg. Peter the Great wanted his city to be like the European cities he fell in love with and created his city to be the same. The canals and the architecture reflect his vision.
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