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  1. Have no issue with suite guest or Pinnacle members. Suite guest have paid for that privilege to have priority boarding, reserve seating, special dining and private lounge, these things do not impact the general cruising experience. If I paid for this I would expect to receive the above average service. Its when public areas are used for the detriment of the general cruisers experience that I don't like. If they want to have a special session on the Flow-ride do it at night. One of the most under utilised areas on all cruise ship is their Conference Centre, which can be used an time of day or night and wouldn't effect anyone. I think the way RCI are moving, Pinnacles will end up back in the Diamond Lounge. Really from what I have heard most of them are there for happy hour anyway.
  2. I personally don't agree with all this pay extra programs, because they takeaway from the average cruisers experience. Royal Caribbean seem to think its OK to takeaway from the average punter for the Few for a few extra $$$$$ 1. Flow-riders is crowded anyway, so to take more time away by giving time for $$$ is wrong. Next step is to have to pay for the Flow-rider. (Maybe like internet by the hour) 2. Closing Off Viking lounges during the day so a few Pinnacles can have a private party, there's a conference room for that which want impact any other passengers. 3. Closing of Solariums pool area in the late afternoon, so top tier, Pinnacles can have a private cocktail party, Have it in an inside lounge or Conference centre. All these perks do, is take staff away from giving the larger majority of guest the experience they should expect without having to pay extra. With RCI innervating all the their fleet, with new ideas, everything in the future will cost $$$ to experience. Its start to go back to the old days when it was an elitist adventure to cruise.
  3. Andy love your honest review, Haven't laughed so much Thank you Cheers 🍻
  4. Think it would be a sign of which bag to drop in the water lolll
  5. Waivers aren't worth the paper they are written on , if the operator was negligent.
  6. They do the same on Explorer out of Australia. Usually with the DL and Viking with Dizzy's bar working there's no real issues. Plus its nice to have a few drinks in the "Crown & Kettle Pub"
  7. Sorry Don't know where you get your info, But any cruise Holiday sold through travel agent has to include gratuities, That's why if you buy through cruise line website they do include this fee's and Charges now. That's the Law in Australia, You can buy through other overseas countries and they don't. Travel agents who do in Australia will be find under Consumer Laws
  8. In a perfect world this world this would be the case. But when dealing with people who think it is their right because of their status. It doesn't, and will never happen. Generally if you stand your ground with these people who bully the staff and other guest, They soon back down because 99% of the time they are in the wrong
  9. The Gratuity being included in Australia, had nothing to do with RCI or people removing them. It was because of our Consumer laws. Unlike other country like Canada, US and in Europe. The price displayed has the be the gross price. So that means you pay for the cruise and aren't expected to pay gratuities or other taxes or fee's. Most people who cruise in Australia weren't aware they could remove gratuities or alter them. So there was thousands of complaints made to Australian Consumer Ombudsman , which moved our Government to change the laws in the Cruise Industry. A lot of people who save for years to take a cruise, having to pay this extra charge (when not aware of it) would be a big shock at the end of the cruise. Before you haters or Captain Pinnacles, say they should know, Some of these people, this is the biggest holiday or event they have done. My parents, only did one cruise which they saved up for years. It was a 82 day cruise on QE2 back in the 90's
  10. I think long serving staff on Legend were allowed to take their pick. then the rest were put in a blind auction with all monies raised going to charity. We planned that we will receive our next block on the new "Spectrum" on its maiden cruise to Shanghai. That's if all our ducks fly straight 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆
  11. We received them when we picked up our 3 spin coins at the Casino. They look pretty good quality for a gift, the aluminium plates are quite thick.
  12. We just got of Quantum and all Diamond and above, plus suite guest were given these. Great little surprises Thanks RCI
  13. On our recent cruise on Radiance TP to Sydney. We had a similar issue with the people from the Concierge Lounge. Because the suite passage use this lounge and also because there concierge wasn't serving their needs, At happy hour they would packed out the Diamond lounge in big group taking half the sitting. This is there right to be there and it did have an overflown in the Viking lounges as well. so at peak times there wasn't a seat to be found except in the Concierge Lounge. The other issue is, a couple out of the two parties of 10 would arrive a 4pm, arrange all the chairs for their group. But that's not the worst of it, happy hour stats at 4.30pm and most of these wouldn't turn up till 5pm or after. So in the end we had a group of 7and we just went and sat down in there seats The American pinnacle woman made a big seen, with language of an Vegas street worker. We stood our ground and JD the Diamond lounge Concierge said we were within rights, as there is no reserving of seats and he had, had complaints about people reserving seat. He dealt with it well and wouldn't let them push him around. The Pinnacle said "they would make a formal complaint and would never be seen in there again". Funny two nights later they were all back but would come as a group out of the Concierge trough, to make them selves seen. Which was a really entertaining event every night for the next 5 nights, see them all standing over by the bar with their pineapple badges on. (As an old Cruising friend of mine once said. "Some people have been in the trough to long" and Secondly the Captain doesn't enjoy dinning with them ) Why cant people just be friendly to all, and enjoy the blessing of cursing the world
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