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  1. I was on that cruise with you and you did an awsome job setting up the M&G
  2. Betcha those things will be practically empty. I hate when they take away cool spaces
  3. How does the package work at Food Republic. Thank You for any info
  4. The 1st time I was on the Escape, there were umbrella's at spice, but last year there were none.. Am I understanding you correctly, there will not be a Spice H2O on the Encore? What will take it's place?
  5. Hi, I was wondering if there are still no umbrellas up on Spice. The first trip I took on the Escape, There were big comfy chair & lots of umbrellas up on Spice. It was my favorite place to relax.. The next year there were lawn chairs & loungers and no umbrellas. The sun was unrelenting and I really didn't (couldn't) enjoy the space. Thanks for any info D
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