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  1. If I have to guess, I suspect it will be something to do with the mix of passengers and the way the original trips were booked. One of the cruises was just us as a couple, the other was a family cruise with our two kids but was actually booked as two separate cruises as we wanted 2 cabins and in order to get two freebies or something like that. It was a bit complicated trying to figure out how to put all the credits against the new one, and actually it looked like we were going to end up having to pay some money out later for the kids cruise, but we would still end up with some money (about the same amount!) still on credit but in different names. I think the bottom line is that you can only put the credits against the named passenger who was taking the original cruise or something along those lines. Anyway, now we received a cheque so the mystery deepens.
  2. With all the talk of having difficulty getting refunds, it is quite funny that we seem to be in the opposite situation! We were booked on 2 cruises this year which were both cancelled by P&O. We discussed it with our cruise agent and in the end we decided to take 125% and transfer it all onto a single cruise at Easter 2021 for the family. This all seemed to be sorted several weeks ago. However today out of the blue we received a cheque in the post from P&O with no explanation other than a code CR2LML. We're waiting to speak to our cruise agent to try to figure out what's going on. The cheque appears to be for around the full amount of one of the cruises we had originally booked, but we never actually requested a refund! So it seems like if you want a refund you have trouble to get it, but if you don't want one you get one anyway 🙂 Anyway hopefully there is some explanation once we get with the cruise agent.
  3. Hi, are P&O ferries part of the same company or group as P&O Cruises? I ask because I've seen several stories in the financial news recently that P&O Ferries are in financial difficulties, including stories about ferries being refused permission to dock due to unpaid port fees, which is often a sign of a major cash flow crisis and impending insolvency.
  4. Hi - I see Serenade was on the move this morning. Any idea where it's going an why? Seems to be heading west from Bridgetown.
  5. LOL what's that movie with the guy with huge scissors for hands?
  6. Best to be safe, but I think you will find that there will be ways that you can still get medication even if locked down, and even if there are not people bringing it to you officially, local residents will help. We had a leaflet through our door from a kind resident nearby who we don't know, offering to do shopping for us and who has managed to get us some milk and bread. All 3 people in our house now have "symptoms consistent with" Covid 19 so we are all isolating for 14 days. My wife (asthma sufferer who is on the verge of having to go to hospital if her peak flows go any lower) started to feel a bit under the weather around 13th March and got fever late on 15th. Myself and step son started with first symptoms this morning (exactly in line with the average incubation period of covid 19). Very kind people locally are helping others. Of course, statistically it's actually just as likely we've got some other random flu like illness like the ones that are going round at this time of year but unless one of us gets tested we will never know for sure. The good side of it is that this would have happened on Ventura as my wife is not the type of person who wants to cancel a holiday just because feeling a bit ill. Wow! Didn't really think of that until now that we would have brought it onboard if that's what it is.
  7. I actually softened a bit here when I realised that one main driver of the continuing panic buying, is that there are many many people in this country who are thinking they are going to have no income a month from now and no way to buy food. Therefore the rational thing for them to do is to buy as much as they can get now even if it means running up a credit card bill that they can't pay - the credit card company can't really come and take that food away again, or at least by the time they could, they will have eaten it anyway. The government should have already moved to say that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, will be fed, even if it means that the government has to give out free food or food vouchers. The government has already moved to stop people losing their homes and their utilities, they need to do the same with food, otherwise it's completely rational for people to go out and buy as much food as they can get even if it means going into debt. They should also temporarily relax competition rules so that Supermarkets can work together to manage the situation. Maybe expect an email from your credit card company in the next weeks reducing your credit limit 😉
  8. Nobody in NHS or government is addressing this information which is circulating widely on social media about the UK having a lot less intensive care beds. There's a bit of a case of apples vs pears hear because I seem to recall that in the UK, we have a system that's somewhat different to many other countries where we have several levels of care ward rather than just "normal" and "intensive care". For example, we have wards called "HDU - High Dependency Unit" which is slightly lower than intensive care. Therefore we would need some credible information from a fact checking organisation - my thought is that if the UK really does have half as many ICU beds as a country "needs", it would have caused all sorts of scandals long before now.
  9. I'm not sure where that is in the official media. What I've seen is that the government and news channels are pointing out the actual facts of the increased risk to those groups, based on the actual historical data, in order to help those groups to know what advice they must follow if they want to reduce their risk. If it was the other way around and they just said everyone will be fine and it turned out not to be the case, wouldn't that be even worse? I'm sure there are a few idiots on social media saying insulting things, but I try to ignore them. Also - if we take a step back and think about it for a second, almost every country in the world, including many countries that are not known for being over-caring about their citizens, has decided to deliberately crash the entire global economy in order to save the lives of (rough calculation based on the quoted data) about 8% of people who are most likely to be at this moment (though not in the past of course) the least economically productive members of society. To me that appears to show that in spite of all the bickering and so on, the vast majority of people deeply love their older family members and don't want them to die prematurely, and most world leaders know that and are not going to risk just standing back and letting it happen in order to preserve the economy.
  10. That's what P&O are clearly saying, but I'm wondering if it's actually legal for P&O to do that - if the FCO advice means a specific person cannot travel for whatever reason, they have to give a full refund and not only a future cruise - at least that was my understanding from discussions on these threads last week. Further - I would think that even if they can offer a replacement, they should offer an identical cruise at the same price - forcing you to pay more would also not be legal I would hope?
  11. Again that's fine, but for peace of mind, I would like to understand, if the cruise does go ahead in June, but, I cannot go because of the FCO recommendations on health conditions that were put in place after I originally booked the cruise, P&O would be forced to offer a full refund to those travellers over 70 etc. I am not bothered about needing to contact them right away - I just want to know whether my money is at stake if the cruise goes ahead but I cannot go.
  12. OK - we are booked in Iona in late June. My assumption until I got that email, was that if the cruise goes ahead, but the advice for asthma sufferers to not travel was still in place, P&O would be obliged to refund. This morning's email appears to suggest that's not correct but maybe they are just playing chicken with us.
  13. Wait - what is the legal situation here? My travel insurance company told me that if it becomes against FCO advice to trave (e.g. over 70, asthma etc)l, the cruise company must offer a refund as an option. P&O appear to be ignoring this now?
  14. Our cruise agent is telling us that if we convert our FCC into a future booking, it's protected by ABTA. If we just leave it as a credit, it's not. I can't be 100% sure that's correct, but that's what she told us on the phone today.
  15. OK that's fine staygulf. I fully understand your point. However are you then 100% sure that if I just sit tight and do nothing, P&O will refund my money within 14 days? Somehow I doubt it, regardless of what they are supposed to do legally.
  16. I'm sure. What I really meant was that nobody is going to take them to court to force them to automatically issue a refund to all passengers - we will have to insist on it individually, which means that although they should automatically refund everyone, they are not going to do so. I'm not that worried as long as there is no legal deadline for when I have to request the refund by.
  17. Legally you are probably right, but, they appear to be doing the opposite and I'm not sure that anyone is going to take them to court to stop them at this point.
  18. Well if that's true, I guess that also means there is no deadline by which you have to apply for a refund - at any point in future you can call them and ask why you haven't received your refund yet.
  19. If you cancelled it for health reasons that are not related to the current CV crisis, I guess you lucked out there as you are included in P&Os overall flexible policy.
  20. On the face of it I agree, but, there are a few people claiming that if you actually read the small print of many travel insurance policies, it says that your cover is not valid "if you visit countries where the UK FCO are advising against all but essential travel". It doesn't say anything specific about the FCO advising people with specific health conditions not to go on cruises, so, legally you may still be covered. That said, in a situation like that I suspect the travel insurance company would refuse the claims and then wait for someone to take them to court about it - they would argue that the contract implies that you have to follow any and all FCO advice, so I wouldn't fancy chancing it myself.
  21. I assume the parent company is a US legal entity, in which case they can, if they have a short term cash flow crisis but are long term a viable business, potentially declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. This will potentially allow them to write off some, most or all of their debts depending on what liquid assets they have, and then carry on trading later on. i.e. everyone would lose any credits they have if this was to happen. If the economic crisis caused by this gets a lot worse, which it probably will, I wouldn't be surprised if many other countries including the UK pass some kind of law allowing the same i.e. allowing companies to write off all their debts and "start again".
  22. If you don't have enough other spending on your credit card to absorb the credit, I guess you have to call them and ask them to transfer the money back to your bank.
  23. N004 - we received text messages from P&O that it's cancelled but no email yet. Actually scratch that - I received the email but my wife (who was actually the lead booker) has not received it yet. Anyway, does anyone know: 1) How long do you have to request the refund - the email doesn't give a deadline and we have not decided what to do yet? 2) If you decide to accept the 125% credit, I guess that means you don't have to do anything right now? 3) If you have paid through an agent, but you then made additional costs booked directly on the P&O website (excursions etc), do you have to contact on both channels to get your money back.
  24. I'm not Harry, but I suspect that a business model of cruise lines is quite highly based on them spending a good portion of time in international waters and therefore avoiding all sorts of taxes and duties. If they are parked in port, I suspect their costs would be way higher so you would be paying higher prices per night. However I guess the government could waive that temporarily and allow them to pretend to be "at Sea" (and then receive howls of complaint from local hotel owners in those ports!)
  25. According to the P&O website you can already get a refund if you have athma, as it's specifically listed in the FCO website advice. However you'll need to provide evidence of the health condition to get the refund, whereas if the whole cruise is cancelled you won't need to faff about getting a letter from GP or whatever. That's actually a good point which crossed my mind as well. If the cruise was cancelled and the company went bust before they refunded you, you would probably be covered on credit card and/or ABTA. However, if you have voluntarily accepted a credit but not yet booked a specific further cruise, they might try to argue that it's not covered. I'm not sure of the legal situation there but you might face a fight to get the money from a CC company.
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