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  1. Haha -you are probs right. I have declared that I am more than happy with the outcome. Anytime a problem has been resolved you have to move on-or what's the point of seeking resolution? I was super p%^$#d off as it was just something so stupid, but with the help of the more experienced cruisers here, I got a result that I'm happy with ,
  2. Too true! I was honestly devastated over the glitch/error rather than the money side of things . It was such a stupid thing for a company to do without any further investigations. The ill-will that an automated response to an error like that must be huge. Anyway, as I said, I thank you all!
  3. Great advice- thanks heaps! thanks will do!!
  4. Can I just send out a big thankyou to you all!! I followed everyone's advice, kept emailing , kept ringing but to no avail.I then used one of the contacts provided to me for the American execs (Michael Bayer) and was contacted by a staff member who offered me $200 USD OBC! I feel so relieved and grateful for all your help, Thanks Kate
  5. Ok thanks everyone for your help ; I will contact C and A to see how I go. I feel I just can’t deal with RC customer service again as they just won’t budge and don’t care at all. An Australian business would never get away with this
  6. My husband and I were completing our Set sail passes for Ovation later this month for our family of five. Not more than one minute after completion we got an email to say our two sons (aged 21 and 22) drinks packages had been cancelled. The email said because they were underage. When I rang customer service to query this they told me that my sons dobs had been altered by myself and saved, making them 10 yrs younger. I explained this was impossible as both my husband and I were completing the details and did not alter the years. Besides the 22 yr old ( who had a crown and anchor number) had a drink package the year before. Even if we had inadvertently put in the wrong year I would expect RC to check with us before cancelling their drinks packages. Customer service were no help and insisted I had to repurchase the packages at an increased cost of $150. After this cruise I will never sail with this money grabbing line again.couldnt be more disappointed!
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