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  1. I agree. The new captain of the NS gave a very nice explanation of why we missed our port of Key West on 12/21 due to high winds. He mentioned how the pilot said something like 'yes, lets go ahead and go for it.' Then the captain explained how the pilot thought it was fine and dandy, but he the captain would be responsible for any damage/injuries that occurred while trying to get into that port during gale force winds. I feel bad for the captain and officers involved. I'm sure none of them willingly thought 'gee, lets just crash into this other ship,' because unfortunately mother natu
  2. Great review! We just got off the ship yesterday 12/22 and I'll write a review soon. We're late 40's without kids and noticed all the kids onboard were very well behaved. Once we joined a hot tub with two boys, since we didn't want to crowd in the other one with three adults. My husband put his watch on the side of the tub after the boys left. Later, it was gone and we thought it fell over the edge. So we looked but couldn't see it. Anyway, one of the boys walked by later and it must have slid a couple feet away and they came up to us to ask if it was ours. I thought that was so sweet
  3. Thank you. The lady on the phone did say the embarkation lunch is open to everyone, I just didn't say it in my post. Hmmm, so maybe it's a mystery champagne brunch she was talking about. I'm looking forward to the high teas and the new eating spots on this ship!
  4. Thank you and danke for all of the info you're giving us. Has anyone said why the seas are bumpy/choppy, as in is it always this way in December? I remember from our first HAL cruise several years ago, which was in December also, that it was a bit bumpy then too. I read from another review that their Schnitzel is pretty good. When I talked to a lady on the phone from the Mariner Society, she told me that there is an embarkation lunch and a champagne brunch. I've seen you, and maybe others, mention one or two Mariner lunches. If you get a chance can you explain? I'm sure we'll fi
  5. Great to know, thank you for the info. I just realized that you're the Roger of that website with all the pictures :). I used to go to beyondships .com to see pics of cruises and menus and lately have been going to your website for HAL pics.
  6. That's okay, thanks again Roger. I don't know what the silver menu is, but I assume for the MDR.
  7. I was wondering the same thing. It will be my first time there and I'm still trying to find out things to do. See you on board the N.S. next week
  8. Thanks Roger. After looking further into this wine theme cruise, I found that they would have a wine representative at Blend. Good to know about this special dinner at Canaletto! We do have the alcohol/beverage package, yay, so will be trying lots of wine, etc. I know it doesn't include all, but just having the package is nice. I thought about posting this in our roll call for next week, but it's not very active. Anyhow, hopefully you have time to relax and enjoy the cruise.
  9. Yes, you're right about the $300...not 100. I do know the rest.
  10. I just called HAL the other day, specifically talking to someone within the mariner society. The lady told me that excursions, or any extras purchased even in advance do count towards points for mariner levels. It's only second HAL cruise but I found out that for every $100 spent onboard (in advance as well, like the pre-paid excursions, etc.) one will get an extra point/night.
  11. I did read from previous posts and reviews that they just started going up. I thought they'd be up the week of Thanksgiving or right after. Oh too bad about blocking the stage. I just read that CO menus are the same as MDR menus, except for one additional entrée. If that is correct, then the menus for MDR look great. I've been doing searches for menus from MDR on this ship and haven't found any, so it's nice to finally be able to see some, even if from the CO.
  12. Thank you for your ongoing review. We'll see you onboard next week. Hopefully you enjoy your first week aboard. I just noticed on cruise website that our sailing on the 15th is a theme cruise: wine experts cruise, with wine experts from Chateau Ste. Michelle. My hubby and I love to go wine tasting, so that will be an added bonus. Did you already know this or have you heard anything about it. Also, only if you get a chance, can you possibly let me know what night they're serving rack of lamb in the MDR? We'll probably do one specialty restaurant and I don't want to do it the nigh
  13. Thank you for your review! Great pictures. We'll be on her next week, 12/15, when you get off. Can't wait and I'm so glad they put up the Christmas decorations.
  14. Thank you. I think I read your review of the ship as I remember your name. I'm pretty sure we'll love it. If only we could get a suite 😉, but as long as I have a balcony that is good enough. The pictures of the cabins look nice, as well as the ship overall.
  15. I've heard that some people don't like these latest two new HAL ships and I've read that sometimes the service isn't as good. I've also read that the NS and Koningsdam are beautiful, but I read that there isn't a library also. Yes, we'll see. I'm not super picky about every thing and cruises go by too fast for me. I just happen to like newer ships, so am very happy to go on the newest HAL.
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